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Heivia's mention about Gabriel is wrong. Be it Jewish, Christian or Islamic sources, the angle Gabriel/Jibril is depicted as a man (for example, in the figure of a man in linen). There's an angel traditionally depicted as female, which is Lailah, but the existence of that angel comes mainly from a rabbinic interpretation from the 1st century AD, and is therefore mainly jewish. AFAIK angels gender was mostly stopped to be spoken about by the time Abraham split what would becomes judaism from the rest of the mesopotamic creeds (only those regarded as "fallen", i.e. the main deities of the other branches, retained that mention), with all those sent as (incognito) messengers being depicted as male. Gabriel as a female comes in part from a misrecognition of Renaissance christian depictions (where any character regarded as "beatiful" was painted based on a female model even if they were male), in part from equality movements and in part from the same gender-reversing that has given us Oda Nobuna and Saber.--Kemm (talk)