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Defenestration of Prague[edit]

I went to check the historical event, and found the explanation to be wrong. The event in question is the Second Defenestration of Prague (the first one had happened 199 years earlier and everyone thrown out the window died), and what happened was that, of the five advisors tried, two were soon found to be innocent and removed from te premises (nothing happened to them) while the other three were indeed defenestrated and survived; the catholic side said that they were "saved by angels" while, years later, protestant pamphleteers said that it was because they fell on a pile of manure. (In any case it was not that three out of five defenestrated survived, but that three out of five were defenestrated and they all survived). It's not clear why they survived, it could have indeed be due to a pil of hay, but I once saw a video of a climbing stunt in Science of Stupid that ended with the guy falling from a most likely higher place directly onto the pavement and he only broke a bone, so...--Kemm (talk)