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1. shouldn't it be Lævateinn?

2. Wait what? Was this in the Ruby TextFurigana or something?

SonodaYuki (talk) 15:00, 21 October 2014 (CDT)

1. Yes.

2. I'm renaming it not because of Japanese reasons but because I felt that it was a better title for the calendar. But I'm always looking for constructive criticism on the naming of arcs.

--OH&S (talk) 04:30, 27 March 2015 (CDT)

Version History[edit]

Version 2015[edit]

List of Changes

  • Completely redone in Microsoft Excel.
  • Replaced clunky and confusing text boxes with Key Event Markers and streamlined off-calendar event list.
  • Updated calendar with new events and corrections in Brief Notes page as well as previously unincluded SS events.
  • Added markers for anime and manga current dates.
  • Updated visuals and aesthetics (colours and formatting) for calendar.
  • Renamed Arc names to more simplified ones.
  • Resized row heights for calendar giving preference to story-relevant months.

Index: Old Testament

  • Misaka's Birthday - May 2nd
  • Liberal Arts City Arc correct end date is September 5th.
  • Imagine Breaker story occurs in first 10 days of September. Placeholder date is September 6th.
  • Rename Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc to Orsola Aquinas Arc (simplified title)
  • Necessarius Special Entrance Exam takes place after Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc and before Miracle of Endymion. Placeholder dates are August 11-12th.
  • Rename Tree Diagram Remnant Arc to Remnant Arc (simplified title)
  • Queen of the Adriatic Sea Arc actually ends on September 27th (correct date). Marker for current manga date placed.
  • Rename Queen of the Adriatic Sea to Venezia (simplified title)
  • Women's Dorm SS2 takes place afterwards
  • Rename Women's Dorm to W. Dorm SS2 (simplified title)
  • Move Mother SS2 to October 2nd (for sake of neatness)
  • Move ITEM; Ninja SS2 to October 4th (corrected date going by Railgun manga)
  • Rename Document of Constantine to Avignon (simplified title)
  • Rename Battle Royale to Dark Side (more appropriate title)
  • Rename Love Letter SS: Rainbow Spectrum to Love Letter Competition (correct title)


  • Add "VS Study" to Silent Party (Climax).
  • Rename Rainbow to Rainbow's End (reflect Railgun chapter title)
  • Rename Level 5 Negotiation to Negotiation (reflect Railgun chapter title)
  • Ch 70: Promise - DOLLY's sister is rescued on September 25th
  • Ch 71-74: Dream Ranker (Prologue) - September 26-27th.
  • Ch 75-76: Park Incident - October 4th.
  • Ch 77-79: Dream Ranker (Bust Upper) - October 5-6th. Marker for current manga date placed.


  • DA Arc takes place between Liberal Arts City and Tree Diagram Remnant. Marker for current manga date placed on September 7th.

Index: New Testament

  • Rename Return Home to Return (simplified title)
  • Rename Hawaiian Invasion to Hawaii (simplified title)
  • Index NT:SS takes place between Ichihanaransai Arc and Magic God Othinus Arc. Placeholder date of November 20th.
  • Since no information is given about the length of the Ichihanaransai, I'll make a standard assumption that it was only for one day and remove the "Ichihanaransai Continues" entry.
  • Placeholder dates for Agitate Halation are November 18-19th.
  • Placeholder dates for Magic God Othinus Arc are November 22-24th.
  • Placeholder dates for Mental Out Arc are November 27-28th.
  • Super-crossover Arc takes place between the Mental Out Arc and the Dianoid Arc. Placeholder date of November 30th.
  • Dianoid Arc takes place on December 1st.
  • Magic God Invasion Arc takes place on December 3rd.

--OH&S (talk) 10:01, 11 September 2015 (UTC)

Version 2020[edit]

List of Changes
OT: Index

  • Made it obvious that the end of Remnant blends into the beginning of Miracle of Endymion
  • Removed gradient fill from Miracle of Endymion as the event can’t have occurred outside of that date range
  • Updated Index III Anime Current Date marker

NT: Index

  • Updated for NT22 Reverse with the Kamijou Arc label
  • Placement for NT22 Reverse’s end is the latest that the event could end going by info from GT1.

GT: Index

  • Updated for GT1 with the Christmas Eve Arc label
  • Added GT Months of Activity colour as triangle in December label. Ratio of maroon to yellow area is 12:1 and will update with each new GT Volume.


  • Darkened fill on Jail Breaker Arc.
  • Updated Railgun T Anime Current Date marker.
  • I’ve been made aware a while ago that the Kuriba Ryouko event potentially occurred right after the Bust upper event going by Mikoto being tired after a late night. I might update this later if the anime makes it clear enough.


  • Renamed Himegi Matsuri Arc to Nectar Arc
  • Updated Accelerator Manga Current Date marker
  • Updated Accelerator Anime Current Date marker

Astral Buddy

  • Added dagger to Astral Buddy event to direct viewer to further explanation below the calendar.

Dark Matter

  • Added Dark Matter manga event to calendar; occurring on same date as Necromancer Arc.
  • Added double dagger to manga event to direct viewer to further explanation below the calendar.

Side Stories and Non-manga events

  • Added smaller labels to all side story events indicating their source.
  • Renamed all Index SS2 events.
  • Renamed Uiharu SP -> Uiharau Kazari with Index SP label
  • Renamed Dawn-Coloured Sunlight -> Stiyl Magnus with Index SP + Dawn-Colored Sunlight labels
  • Renamed Railgun OVA SS -> Railgun OVA
  • Changed colour of gradient fill for White Alligator
  • Renamed Index NT:SS to Index with r-s: notes label
  • Renamed Misaki SS to Misaki with Figurine label

FILL Table

  • Added row Genesis Testament Months of Activity
  • Added row for A Certain Scientific Accelerator
  • Modified Row for Index/Railgun Joint event

KEY Table

  • Added row for Accelerator anime marker

One-line Cell

  • Gave it a light-yellow coloured fill

Major events Table

  • Removed mention of Sisters Project being terminated. Aug 31 key date now on one line.
  • Renamed VS. Roman Catholic Church Major Story Arc to God’s Right Seat Major Story Arc as it just makes more sense. I’m taking some liberty here by having OT12 as the start of the arc as it just makes more sense. Moved event marker to September 30 as it 0930 has always been the start of the God’s Right Seat Arc to most fans.
  • Renamed Fall of Academy City event to World Rejecter event.
  • Added event for Coronzon arc
  • Added event for start of Genesis Testament.
  • Current Major Story Arc has tentative name: R&C Occultics

Explanation Table

  • Reorganised information in table and removed redundant statements
  • Detailed explanation of events not covered calendar
  • Explanations of Astral Buddy and Dark Matter manga events


  • Added logo from Japanese translation of calendar
  • Updated Index logo with higher resolution image with correct aspect ratio

Calendar is correct for Table

  • Added row for Dark Matter manga

Border messages

  • Updated messages.

--OH&S (talk) 07:30, 14 February 2020 (CET)