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I think this should be in the past tense. I don't know what tense it is in since I don't have the original book/can't read Japanese. I want to refine the sentences, but I don't want to lose the meanings of them. --Fwiss

Which part? -Zephyrus

Just for minor tweaks:“Hiro can just sit on Narumi’s thigh.” Can it be changed from thigh to lap? “It would be even better if brother could come.” For brother, can it be changed from that to onii-san/-chan or leave it be? Thanks for the translations and keep up the good work. - sleepy920

There are inconsistencies in verb tense, some sentences use past while others use present, which tense should be used overall? --Ramendude

It would be past in narration, I think. And present in dialogue. Kira (Talk) 08:03, 7 January 2013 (CST)