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“I see. Thanks for your hard work.” > ご苦労 (gokuro)

“Ah, good work~” > おつかれ~ (otsukare)

Thanks for all your efforts. Today was rather tiring wasn’t it” > お疲れ様です (otsukaresama desu)

“It wasn’t a big deal. Good work today as well, Miyuki” > ご苦労様 (gokurosama)

--Any more detailed/refined ways of expressing the different nuances are welcome--


There was even feeling would laughed yourself loud and politics is pretty sinister-looking even the habit of two appeared one after another or expected normal beautiful girl unconscious admission since. )

There was even a feeling of wanting to laugh or cheer, since his entrance in a loud voice, beautiful girl is also habit trait also has hit two people and the next, and that was why it unconsciously expect ordinary girl. )


(Was mid-late himself. )

(The second half. Was himself middle)

Apparently there is a section missing after the report to the Big Three, its included in the PDF version, but is still missing here. Bilagaana (talk) 01:51, 28 November 2012 (CST)