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Firstly, thank you Ryuno for writing such a brilliant story. I have read it several times now and loved it every time, and the quality hasn't dropped at all with this chapter. But I have to say, ouch. Really, ouch. That ending was just heart-wrenching, You've painted a horribly sad image in my mind now! I hope the story gets happier with the next chapter. I don't want to see Ryo cry!

  • Hello, Duckofdoom. Thank you very much for the compliments, I'm glad you enjoy the story. When I wrote that particular part, I had to take a moment and sit away from the computer to rest; it felt... too real, you know? Even though I had it planned since I was writing chapter 2 of the first novel, it still hurt. Thing is, a conflict like that... any more and I ruin the following chapters. I remember when I leaked spoilers because they were so far ahead you couldn't tell what I was talking about, but now I have to hold back or ruin stuff for real. I wonder if that's a good sign. - Ryuno