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Ozone? Can someone double check this in the original text, ozone is even MORE reactive than ordinary oxygen, not to mention ridiculously poisonous. It also has the tendency to explosively revert back to O2. Even if it's accurate to the original text I'd suggest a pragmatic interpretation, say she simulated a fuel cell and reacted the oxygen and hydrogen to water, absorbing the energy as electricity rather than releasing it as heat. Hydrogen rockets run rich so all the oxygen would be used up with H2 left over, preserving the rest of the plot points.

Throwing in my two yen: I'm not familiar with the properties of ozone plus hydrogen, and am now somewhat curious about which situation is correct, but I request that if {the original text is found to be incorrect} that it be left unaltered with a translator's note at the bottom instead, mentioning the [sic] nature of it. Notes mentioning certain Campione historical inaccuracies come to mind. It's welcome to know what mistakes authors have made, but it's undesirable to think one is reading the translation of an author's story and actually be reading something different from it that liberties have been taken with. (*happily rereads some parts of this narrative*) - 00:39, 9 October 2012 (CDT)