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Hey, chendo here from mirror moon. It sounds you guys need an insertion tool more than an ONScripter programmer (since it's an emulator, hence should work fine as a drop in replacement). And judging by how the scripts are, you guys didn't think about insertion (like we did with Tsukihime >_>).

Fortunately, I think the inserter I made for Tsukihime will work with your scripts, assuming that's what you're looking for. Contact me on #mirrormoon on

To be quite honest, I'm completely clueless about that matter, and I have hard time to see the difference among ONscripter encoding or insertion XD. Your help is very welcome, I just hope Sterling01 will notice this (that said, good call to have posted on the forum of Baka tsuki). If anything, I will try to catch you up in the MM irc channel. Thanks again :) Klashikari 10:07, 9 February 2008 (PST)

Hi, Mion of Sonozaki Futago-tachi here.

Insertion tool? Sounds useful, though for our Higurashi stuff Shion & I are just doing the translation/editing within the script itself, and leaving the original Japanese (commented out). Just though I'd say, I did turn down the text insertion job when Sterling01 contacted me, since there seemed to be coding problems in Umineko (as in things that made Onscripter unhappy.) I still don't think that text insertion is the best use of my time, but I'd be happy to help sort out the coding bugs and see where Onscripter might need to be updated to handle new Nscripter features. (As in, I'm fine with being the Onscripter coder, literally.) Higurashi is still my first priority, though. -- 21:33, 9 February 2008 (PST)

Enerccio desu~[edit]

So here all of you ended. Hmm, sorry, for the website (, it's down because misuzu hosting is down too (look at visualnews main page).

For the onscripter thing, there will be need to do hard editing of the onscripter source code, since a lot of function that are used in the umineko 1 (and even more in umineko 2) - image rotating, eyecatchers, watch etc... are only parts of nscripter engine, not onscripter too.

So it would either need to: a) remove those functions - ie editing the game and removing them, which is definitely not a good way b) make all functions with image editing - another not a good way to do, since that would require a lot of images and patch will be large c) edit source code of onscripter to add those functions - a way to go, but that would require someone with high knowledge of sdl and c++ d) hack ncripter to show english text - another way to go but that will require good hacker.

I still have finished edited video for umineko (the one in my youtube account, so if you want it, I can upload it somewhere, if you don't already have it)

Anyway good luck with the rest of series, I am very busy at the moment, so therefore I can't help much anymore. --Enerccio 12:15, 4 March 2008 (PST)

Onscripter updates[edit]

Ah, but I have edited onscripter to handle some of the new Nscripter image commands; it will show the running clocks now. The fixed code is in Haeleth's onscripter trunk. In the future I'll be looking into emulating the other image effects (currently provided via dlls.) --Sonozaki Futagotachi 01:10, 6 March 2008 (PST)

Then it's okay. Still nscripter is upgrading monthly and onscripter is mostly stagnating. For that sound bug, it's actually easy to fix, you just have to replace the value of seplay, seplay2 and dwavestop to good range, since now its off range. Also, intro movie won't play, since its 48000Hz instead of 44100. And don't forget about history mode, which needs to be edited. --Enerccio 03:48, 6 March 2008 (PST)

==> Theacefrehley Here I saw there was many translators at the front page. To avoid trouble, right now I'm doing chapter 4, episode 2. If anyone is translating anything (that is, doing an untranslated chapter, and not correcting the one already done) Please, let me know, somehow (posting here for example)

Don't worry Ace they're only looking through episode 1 for now. Though I've started on Episode 2's TIPS == Sterling01


I've redistributed the chapters to conform with the way they're arranged in the game itself. And I added the OP.--Tobiast88 05:52, 9 June 2008 (PDT)

The chapters for ep 2 are still not ordered right, but I don't have the text files so I can't compare right now.--Tobiast88 08:11, 9 June 2008 (PDT)

Trial version compatibility?[edit]

07th Expansion released the first episode as a trial version for free download recently. Are there any plans to make a patch compatible with this release? 10:36, 26 June 2008 (PDT)

For the time being, we are giving priority on Episode 1, then Episode 2. If we got enough time/manpower, it is highly probable that we will try to adapt the patch for the demo during the retranslation of Episode 2. However, don't take my words as granted, as we are basically on our pace, so I won't make such promise lightly. Klashikari 18:51, 30 June 2008 (PDT)

Umineko 3[edit]

Random question, but how will the C74 release of Banquet of the Gold Witch affect this project, if it will at all? 02:43, 18 August 2008 (PDT)

Great! Great! Excellent job Witch Hunt![edit]

Hi guys!, im less than 20 minutes i have finished playing the second patch of umineko and it was greeeeeeat! with this second release we can have a sneak peek of what is coming, so anyway i wanted to thank you guys for doing this project! ^^

About the removal of the scripts[edit]

It seems that many people had some heated reactions towards this peculiar decision we made. In order for all of you to understand our decision, I will explain in further details why we removed the scripts.

As sterling01 already explained, our primary goal is to actually get some support from Ryukishi07. What people really misunderstood here is: no we aren't asking for permission or whatnot (heck it is too late and especially ironic to ask that only now). By support, we mean some acknowledgment from his part, but especially material we can get from the author himself in order to provide a proper translation for the fans. As explained in the glossary, Kanji can have a lot of readings, unnatural included. As result, in many instances, some words are using double meaning or peculiar reading (the first example to come in my mind is 福音, which we romajized into "Fukuin"), hence for translation’s sake, knowing the reading would be a plus in order to keep consistencies and to provide a better subtle translation. The other possibility from such support is also some original background that were used for the game, but which would be difficult to work on (especially Episode 3 ending scroll).

This is what we call "support": some help from Ryukishi07 in order to provide a better English patch for everyone. We are not trying to tie license and whatnot. We are fans after all.

That said, this support has also another advantage: it would lessen our chances to get in trouble (read: usual legal issues). Despite the game is a doujin, we are still using someone else’s intellectual property. Sure, we do not make profits or use the scripts on someone else's behalf, yet it would be very idiotic and troublesome if we carelessly work on such novel, and then get prosecuted for that kind of fan work. As result, despite we aren't licensing the game or what not (impossible task anyway), it would leave us margin of freedom, which would permit the game to be known to the western market. As we already know about it, it certainly won't make everyone buy the game (let's be frank: the vast majority of the English readers did download the game illegally before we could make that patch for the demo version), yet it would be a nice opportunity to generate "more chance of sold copies" for 07th expansion, but primarily: the game would be known outside of Japan.

Therefore, in order to make us able to gain Ryukishi07's support, it would be preferable for us to take down the scripts. Hosted publicly, it would be quite troublesome as the scripts hosted have the original Japanese script, which would be even more troublesome for the author, as, like we said, the script itself is the main dish, even if reading it would be far less interesting without music, SFX, character sprite and BG. Yet, it would be very silly to push and gamble our luck that far with Ryukishi07 if we leave the script in the wild like this.

Another point is that the Wiki system wasn't really successful for us either, compared to other projects of the same kind. Despite the clear open source of the scripts and our repeated requests of help, we barely got some help of a handful of persons. To them, we would like to express our gratitude. That said, we must admit that it was a failure and that it didn't really give us improvement in our progress. As result, it doesn't really give reason to actually keep the script on the wiki. That aside, the wiki will still be used for what it is worth, and we can use it as a sand box, discussion about standards, typo/mistake reports etc, so it isn't all useless.

Finally, as already explained, the scripts we took down were the rough which weren't considered as a real service. Theace did a digest translation and it is readable, but it wouldn't be really the best option as people would go impatient and read it as it is, and lose interest in the retranslated patch despite it is highly probable that many details and subtle occurrences were omitted in the first drafts. That would be like leaving out alpha on the loose despite we can provide a beta or "gold" release, if you want a silly comparison.

Nevertheless, if you really want these scripts so badly, you can make a request on Animesuki, sending me a PM, with a proof of purchase (something like ebay: the CD case with your username on a paper or something). Yes, it is again a very incisive condition, though we believe that those who actually bought the game deserve such "privilege". For the rest, we won't condone the use of illegal copies, but that won't prevent you to use the upcoming patches. At least, we will be glad that you will enjoy Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

That said, rest assured: we won't use any complex installer at all, the patch structure will stay the same. We will also continue the current type of release: partial patch in order not to leave you in the dark for too long. I cannot provide you a proper ETA for the next patch, but I can hereby say: it will be soon enough, and it will contain chapters 0-8 of Episode 2, which represents the whole first day, 4th october 1986.

If you still have questions, comments, reactions to this decision, please feel free to answer here. Klashikari 07:34, 8 September 2008 (PDT)