Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari:Web Chapter 264

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TL: {My stab at it, can’t let yoraikun and company have all the fun, and I’ve read over 200 chapters thanks to them, so I felt guilty and knocked one out. Note: This isn’t a machine translation, so if you find many grammatical mistakes...yeah, that’s just me...It's also 5:00 am}

“Where to next?”

“That’s right… let’s go to to Firo’s room”

I’d once given a room to Firo. More specifically, my room.

I’d originally thought a PhiloRial barn would be better, but since it's what Firo had wanted, it couldn’t be helped.

Kids seem to want your room. That’s the same everywhere.

That person hasn’t tried to get my room though.

Where there was once just my key, it seems to have multiplied, now would probably be a good time to see what was going on.

We went into our house, and I opened the door to Firo’s room.

“This is….”

Childrens toy’s and bright things were scattered all over the place. It looked just like a little kid's room. Don’t birds usually make nest with straw? Was she making that kind of thing? Well, there was no proof of that.

“I don’t know anything about these eggs lying around” (Naofumi)

“Firo, do you even lay eggs?” (Raftalia)

“Ahh... could they be Motoyasu’s?... No, they could be Melty’s eggs, I dunno.” (Naofumi)

“Melty’s a human girl!” (Raftalia)

Raftalia made a keen observation.

In any case, what Raftalia didn’t know, she didn’t know. Firo and Melty were just that close.

The root cause is probably my fault somehow.

In the end, it all goes over my head.

Though a different person might argue its my fault.

“I don’t know, some might even be Naofumi-sama’s” (Raphtalia)

“You really think it might?!”. (Naofumi)

God, Raftalia who would think that?

Raftalia’s acting like she’s sleep-talking

...From a little before, the number of parents seem to have multiplied.

In any case, it is such a messy room, is it worth investigating, but…

Somehow, it seems high quality ore and decorations are casually lying around.

I wonder where they came from..?

Over there is seems bones are lying on the nest. What were you doing, leftovers?

There seem to be two sides to Firo.

A naturally pure place, and her beast side.

Rather, beast is her true nature.

I’d stopped paying attention a while ago, it would be a good thing if there weren’t any pellets in there though… (TL: word for Owl pellets/droppings used here)

This bone...dragon-ish?

When did Firo reach such a ridiculously high level?

“She’d probably get mad if we take it away, hah.” (Naofumi)

“I think she’d get mad if we ever did that without permission too.” (Raftalia)

“That’s right” (?)



Philo-rial chicks started examining the the intside of my armor.

“What is this?!” (Naofumi)

“Ahh Firo, these chicks of yours, where’d they come from?” (Raftalia)

Even taking his armor off, the chick didn’t come out, his clothes started next and the chick still wouldn’t come out, popping out here and there.

What’s going on with this Filo-rial chick!

“Naofumi-sama, could it be... parasitic?” (Raphtalia)

“What did you say?” (Naofumi)

Those two chicks, could they possibly be inside me?”


The two baby chicks went back and took something from the nest.

Gems, a little bigger than ones fist, came with them.

“What pretty gems. They’re light pink colored.” (Raphtalia)

“Yeah... What are they?” (Naofumi)

“Who knows” (Raphtalia)

We could take them to be seen by an specialist.

Firo’s …Magic stones?


The two monster chicksnow in my hand jumped to the magic stones.

“They’ve moved” (Naofumi)


“Wouldn’t it be dangerous if they found Firo?”


The two monster chicks buzzed and shook his neck.

What are you two doing!

While I was wondering about this, the magic stone in my hand melted then evaporated.


A cloud of smoke billowed up and some kind of vapor flew towards me.

Ah Crap! Watch out!

Immediately after I thought that, the smoke wrapped around me….shining.

“Wha, what was that?” (Naofumi)

“Naofumi-sama, are you all right?” (Raphtalia)

“I don’t feel particularly weird....” (Naofumi)

Reflexively, I quickly checked my status window.

Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary or problematic.

Some kind of magic power seemed to be rising in my chest. Some kind of...What’s going on?

Something kind of like Gaelion's divine protection seemed to have been applied.

In any case, looking at the signs it seems like it’s come from somewhere in Firo’s room.

It probably ran over here.

Seriously, what’s going on here?


“Seriously you-!”

Having that thought, a change in the slave crest for the two chicks occurred.

The shield seemed to glow.

Skill < Filo-Rial: Familiar> Mastered.

Skill <Filo-Rial: Mode-Change>


Is it a game-like kind of magic...?

What’s going on?

It, seems kinda dangerous.

Firo, hurry and come back!

“Raphtalia. Hurry and get out. Firo, come back in.” (Naofumi)

“Eh? Um, yeah!” (Raphtalia)

Everyone needs to get out of here.

Everybody hurried out of the room.

Immediately after that.

“I’m back!” (Firo)

Firo came happily back through the door.

“Welcome back.”

“Hey, I am getting everything that's going on in here, right?”

“Somehow or another”

I don't get this?

Without considering checking where the feeling arose from in Firo’s room, first, what is this Filo-Rial: Mode Change, and FiloRial: Familiar?

“Oh, Master. Fitoria say’s Somehow or another, Fitoria remembers giving that skill, as a courtesy to you from before”

Were supposed to see through something like that?!

Then it’s not necessary to hide something like that, is there?

(TL: As in, why didn’t she just tell me?)

“So, um, Those kids were passed to Husband from Fitoria… They’re made of magic and always there to protect Husband”

“Ahh, so that’s why they suddenly appeared”

“Yeah. Fitoria says they’ve been inside you silently adapting to your magic power.”

“They’re not parasites inside me?”

“Yeah, um ….huh? I can’t hear her voice anymore!?” (TL: Fitoria's voice)

Firo’s ahoge stopped answering.

I knew it.

These PhiloRial chicks ARE parasites inside of me!

”Not if they're attatched to Firo" (Firo)

“Heh-” (Naofumi)

“It seems this magic of Husband’s can be transferred and granted to Firo, so where are they now?”

“Ah, is that’s right” (Naofumi)

“Before, they were in Firo’s room?”


Well, if Firo did find out, it’d hurt, and be itchy, bad...

“Well, we’ve seen your room. Be a little more organized”.


“In your nest we found a cherry pink stone.”

“You found things like that???....Firo had no idea that was in there” (Firo)

“Didn’t know huh?”

“Come to think of it...Mel-chan also mentioned it this morning after sleeping together”.


“Lately, haven’t Mel-chan and husband made this into a kind of baby raising/making house?" (Firo)

Melty, I don't know as to whether or not the things in here are parasitic but, ...Melty, your insignificant life’s struggle...

Some people might say it’s my fault.


In any case, no, that’s why I won’t hold it against Firo.

And in that moment, Firo softly pushed against me and the two baby chicks jumped out and entered Firo.


Raphtalia sat there wide eyed.

Firo’s wings that transformed into human form shone.

An icon for FiloRial: Mode Change popped up into my view.

….It seems to have some sort of numerical pattern.

Default settings such as power, speed, and magic as well as various other things popped up.

For the time being, lets try power.

“Ah, I feel like some kind of power is surging out of me” (Firo)


Ah, so I can tamper with FIro’s settings with this?

Lets put it back to default. Setting off some weird rampage would be a pain.


The two chicks started crawling around inside my armor again.

Damn! GET OUT!

They don’t come out when I take off my armor, and they’re not under my clothes either.

Oh bother, these extra FiloRial things that are stuck attatched on me.

Hey wait a sec, didn’t Firo get some weird power up when she classed up from that weird guy? (TL: Fitoria)

What the hell?

Somehow investigating Firo’s room was a good idea.

I think I’ll give her multiple unreasonable instructions as spite!

“Firo, your room is surprisingly dirty, I want it cleaned regularly!” (Naofumi)

“YEAH!” (Firo)

Somehow happy, Firo started cleaning her room as per my instructions.

The high quality ores and the like we don’t need, so we’ll take to the warehouse; hearing her happily clean felt a little good.

“You know what? I think I’ve come to understand Husband a little more!”

“Is that so”

“I won’t lose to Onee-chan”

“What are you talking about” (TL: Sorry Raphtalia, dense mofo)

“Does Husband want to go inspect the other kids rooms?” (Firo)


I had thought about looking through the village once.

As long as it's not my stuff we're all going to see, its all right.

So after that, we took FIro around the the village to inspect things in everyone elses rooms.

Next we went to the Fundoshi dog… I mean, Keil’s room, and found her diary.

Of course we read it, it was full of things like what delicious foods she ate that day, or who she ate with. It was full of that kind of stuff.

This Fundoshi loving dog… Is this some kind of Kennel in here?!

Next was valley girl. (TL: Taniko)

The demon tree hugger had a very organized room.

All of my monsters were cataloged and organized in books by size, shape, and personality with details written very detailedly on each page.

She loves her monsters the same as ever I guess.

“Somehow, all this seems like a bad thing… I guess everyone’s got a unique personality right?”

“Yeah!” (Firo)

“I guess so…” (Raphtalia)

Next up is Atas and Fohl’s house.

Looking around the house Atla had been sleeping in until recently... it looked really well taken care of.

Atla had been invading my place after all.

Fohl’d been pretty useless with that…

First of all though, that meant this was Fohl’s room.

There’s only a table and an well made bed hapharzardly shoved in the room.

That’s probably because I didn’t tell anyone we were coming by today.

Inside Atla's room it somehow imperceptibly became full of stuffed animals.

There doesn’t seem to be any one special animal that stands out either.

Wait a sec, these couldn’t be Fohl’s belongings, could they?


Rather than Atla's room...now this is Fohl’s room?

I’d seen it before and it gave off a fancy feeling. Pink wallpaper hung on the walls. There’s not much evidence you use the bed.

Something…… seems to be floating in the air in this room.

Like a girl vibe for instance…

“That’s a lovely room. Is this the room Atla-chan sleeps in?”

“No? It’s probably more likely the room won’t be used until Fohl gets back”. (TL: poor Fohl)

“True, Atla is usually always sleeping in the bed next to Husband”

“...In my bed, you said?” (Naofumi)

“Now that you mention it, that’s true. Her and Sadina sleep together”.

“The bed I sleep in is going to smell like Atla and Sadina-nee tonight……?"

Raphtalia’s eyebrows rose a little frustratedly.

Come on now, don’t be like that.

What Atla actually wanted was to sleep in my bed, but pointing that out didn’t seem necessary.

Lets let things in Fohl’s dream room be.

Then… Sadina's room is not in the village.

Her house is in that secret base.

After that would be Imia’s room.

The Lumo demi-human’s created their residences under the village underground.

Despite all the building down there, it hasn’t collapsed even once.

Because the rooms down there weren’t made with camping plant, it was impossible to force the rooms open, and the key wasn’t hanging where it should be.

A room full of clothes drawings. A dressmaking model stood in one corner, serious work already put into the project it displayed.

Ah. Some sunglasses I’d made were hanging in the room.

Sometime later, I’d planned on making a better version of those.

Anything would be better than those improvised ones I’d first made.

Something important like that, I should probably leave to Imia, she’s good with stuff like that.

The other earth slaves all seemed to have some kind of special belongings as well.

Much like Firo’s room, despite cleaning, they were all a bit dirty.

I’ll be careful to mention during dinnertime that I’d checked in everywhere unannounced.