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Test 3[edit]

The two <<ReZEL>>s that surround the unknown machine from both sides finally seem to have given up on contacting wirelessly. One unit points its beam rifle at the one-horned mobile suit, and the other unit grabs it from behind and starts to pull it.

Daguza Mackle didn’t see the ‘transformation’ when it was reported through the wireless network, and feels somewhat disappointed as he takes off the binoculars for normal suit use from the helmet. He feels that the bandage that’s wrapped around his left wrist is way too troublesome as he lands in the large space gateway that links space to the <<Magallanica>>’s port. Three people wearing ECOAS suits are using a camera to shine on the unknown machine.

He exchanges words with one of them, Alpha squad’s leader, commander Garity. Garity asks in surprise, (Commander…! Your wounds…?) Lieutenant Commander Conroy then asks in shock. It seems that they heard that he is alive, but didn’t expect him to be able to move. In fact, the head nurse wanted him to rest silently, but his mental state right now doesn’t allow him to lie down propely. Daguza doesn’t look over at Garity who’s trying to close in, and asks emotionlessly, “What’s the situation?”

(The enemy units retreated. There’s no signs of reinforcements for now. The <<Magallanica>> has already broken through our suppression. Our reinforcements are searching for the ‘box’ in the command post. Including the two passengers that were lost in <<Loto>> no. 1, we lost 3 men, and 4 people are wounded at varying levels.)

Though the reporting tone is rather calm, but Conroy’s expression is telling him that he’s one of the injured. The poker face is ineffective on this second-in-command who followed him for many years; Daguza averts his sights and asks Garity, “What’s the situation with the casualities in the colony?”

(It seems that we can handle the air release. For a hole that size, it’ll take at least a month for all the air to flow out.)

Before that, the aid from the neighboring colonies will reach, and the Anaheim Electronics company that’s on the moon will have some countermeasures. It’ll be a headache dealing with the media, but they will just hand this over to their allies behind the scenes in headquarters and the men in suits. Daguza sighs lightly, and his flank starts to hurt again. He waits patiently for the pain to subside. He managed to keep his life due to the ECOAS’ special suit, but he knew that his left wrist is fractured, and there are cracks on his ribs. He’s lucky that it’s zero gravity, as he doesn’t believe that he can pretend to be alright if there’s gravity.

“Seal off the <<Magallanica>>’s gate and prevent travel between colonies. The media may slip in. What about the <<Nahel Argama>>?”

(The ship’s not damaged; they’re now moving the confiscated items.)

“Tell them to hurry up. It seems that the ‘Sleeves’ haven’t gotten what they want. Tell them not to slack off.”

(Understood.) Garity answers and enters the gate. Daguza glances aside and watches him leave. (Will they still attack?) He hears a voice and directs the stare under his helmet aside. Conroy looks back at him with a meaningful stare, and behind him is the space that’s floating with small debris.

“Yes. They’re aiming for this. Once they know that we have taken all the things here, they’ll definitely target the <<Nahel Argama>> next time.”

After saying that, he gives a signal through his expression. Conroy moves towards Daguza. Their helmets are touching each other, and they’re talking through the vibration in an ‘intimate talk’. Daguza cuts off his communicator and whispers, “What’s the situation with the search for Cardeas Vist?”

(It’s still going on, but it’s likely…)

“Is it true that our guests from Anaheim got to the command post earlier than us?”

(Yes. It seems that there’s a secret passage that wasn’t recorded in the battle data.)

They sneaked into the <<Magallanica>> from the port while ECOAS was rushing in. Normal Anaheim employees won’t do such a thing, and can’t possibly do it. Let alone Alberto, the leader, the people accompanying him were likely specialists in that field. He already had this feeling during the meeting in the ship. “We’re the bait…they’re aiming for the ‘box’ too.” Daguza sighs.

(It’s possible. I hear that the higher-ups have some disagreements regarding the strategy this time.)

The people who want to use this chance to get the ‘box’, and the people who just wants to prevent the ‘box’ from being passed. When Cardeas, who intended to release the ‘box’, got eliminated, the two parties will have achieved their aim, and the battle for it will involve the higher-ups—the army, Anaheim Electronics, Vist Foundation’s complicated links, the monstrous and savage world—“Really…” Daguza sighs and looks at the moon that’s as large as a tennis ball.

“We got involved in some stupid family squabble, and we ended up making such a mess.”

The battle that happen out of a sudden cause many losses. They lost their subordinates, and the enemy escaped. The commander has to accept the sacrifices of battle, but it’s not worth exchanging this for a ‘box’ with unknown contents. I’ll repay this properly to you people, Daguza swore in his heart.

The ‘Laplace Box’ will not be handed over to the ‘Sleeves’ or Anaheim. ECOAS will get it and show the monstrous higher-ups what they’re made of. It’s just an empty self-satisfaction, but there’s no other way to repay the souls of those who sacrificed their lives. Parts have only the courage of parts—

(All the intel the ‘box’ were all wiped out. From the timeframe, it doesn’t look like Anaheim or the visitors took it. We nabbed some of the workers here, but we don’t know what’s their level of understanding…)

“We still have that here.”

Daguza points his chin out at the front and says this. The white mobile suit with the horn is being grabbed on the arms by the two <<ReZELs>> into the port. Behind the visor, Conroy frowns.

“It’s developed here, so it can’t possibly have nothing to do with the ‘box’. Let’s investigate slowly.”

That’s the reason why he immediately ordered that filming is to be carried out once he heard the news. Since they’re expecting Anaheim to interfere, ECOAS has to get intel on this white mobile suit on their own.

On hearing Conroy’s affirmative response, Daguza separates the helmet and opens the communication device. The speaker inside suddenly lets out a roar, (WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!), and then, he sees a man wearing a worker’s normal suit.

The stout profile isn’t an illusion created from the thickness of the spacesuit. It’s the largest obstacle Anaheim sent, Alberto. Daguza stares at his face silently. Alberto nearly flies out into space, and only manages to stop with Conroy grabbing him. He stares at the pure whit armor of the mobile suit that’s reflecting the moonlight and looks over, yelling, (WHO THE HELL IN SITTIN IN THERE!) that fat and thick face seems to be bulging.


(We’re doing so now, Mr Alberto. Please calm down.)

Alberto shoves aside Conroy’s shoulder that’s pressing down on him and stares at the white mobile suit. Daguza notices that there’s dried blood on the chest of his suit.

(That…<<Unicorn>> isn’t an ordinary mobile suit. Who…who activated it…)

His expression and voice don’t seem to be worrying about the company’s assets; he looks like a kid with his important toys stolen. Daguza thought as he stares at the dried blood stains. The unknown blood stain remains on Alberto’s chest like a mark. Alberto glares at this mobile suit called the <<Unicorn>> with a bloodshot expression. His eyes are showing affection and hatred. It’s an emotion Daguza himself can’t distinguish, and he feels a chill.

Test 2[edit]

The body that’s soaked in the dense liquid starts to float up slowly. Banagher opens his eyes and sees the port of the <<Magallanica>> shown on the full-view screen.

And countless of stars.

The limbs feel heavy, and the body became a limp block of flesh, like all the nerves on the body were snapped. Only the pain at the temples brought about a sense of physical reality, but he still has no strength to move his limbs even though he’s in zero gravity. His limbs were very heavy, and he’s completely fatigued; it felt like he was scooped up from thick oil.

That’s right, when the words <<NT-D>> were shown, he was dipped into a dense fluid. Time became slow, the limbs became heavy, and the enemy’s actions look like they were slow-mo replay…and then, what’s next?

He didn’t know. Lying in a limp manner on the linear seat, Banagher looks at the display board. The words <<NT-D>> disappeared, and the screen shows a pattern that can be read as <<La+>>, blinking steadily at a breathing rate.


Behind the words were stars that won’t blink. Banagher again loses his consciousness and start to sink into a deep sleep.

Just a test[edit]

(That’s really a failure on your part, Suberoa Zinnerman.)

The voice echoed throughout the narrow bridge of the <<Garencieres>>, bringing the bitterness of defeat into the heart. Marida, who left the cockpit and returned back to the bridge without taking off her suit, sees the face of commander Angelo Sauper.

(You were unable to get the <<Laplace Box>>, and didn’t manage to save the princess…such a mistake isn’t like you. How do you intend to make up for this loss?)

Wrinkles appear between the eyebrows on the forehead, where the fringe was randomly combed back. Angelo’s white and neat-looking skin is coupled with an honor guard’s uniform that was decorated with buttons and gold braids, giving off the presence of a middle century noble. His age should be about the same as Marida, but it’s hard to associate with him, whether it’s because of his arrogant tone or the strong sense of ego and bringing this kind of aesthetic over to the battlefield. Or rather, this man reflects the current revolting look of the ‘Sleeves’—the reborn Neo Zeon’s trend of dressing up.

“It was all an accident. We can only wait for the princess to contact us and wait silently.”

We’re focusing on actual duty and don’t care about appearances at all. Zinnerman was only showing such politeness on the surface. At the operator's seat, where it’s impossible to see, Flaste is pointing the middle finger. The <<Geara Zulu>> Gilboa pilot floats outside the window as it moves with the ship, and its mono-eye looks left and right. GIlboar and Marida are exchanging patrol times with each other. But since the enemy has no intention of pursuing, the only problem right now will be the response of <<Palau>> itself. It’s possible to see Gilboa listening closely to the communication channel from the outside.

Including the members who died after getting back to the ship, the crew of the Garencieres lost 3 members, and they also left ‘her’ alone. This isn’t just a simple mission failure. Marida already feels the gravity of the loss without Angelo adding on, but her master’s still alive. His back profile continues to remain seated on the captain’s seat, and the gruff voice continues to echo throughout the bridge. Marida starts to feel that her nerves are becoming more relaxed as she smells the body odor of cologne and tar. She continues to stare emotionlessly at the roaring Angelo.

(Do you want us to wait around and not do anything…!?)Zinnerman didn’t do anything as he waits silently for a chance to talk back, but another voice was faster, (That’s enough, Commander Angelo.)

Angelo’s expression changes and immediately straightens his body before retreating out of the screen. A bright red thing appears on the screen that’s showing static, and Marida feels that her calm nerves are tensed up again.

The figure in red uniform slowly moves to the front of the screen, and the thick blond hair sways about, falling on the mask that covers his eyes and forehead. His eyes look over through the filter.

(I hear that the enemy who caused Marida to retreat…was a <<Gundam>>. How interesting.)

KSGU2 221.jpg

Though it’s impossible to see his eyes under the filter, he must be looking over. Everything about him, from the weird appearance of his masked face to the mocking attitude were all overwhelmed by his overbearing existence. The reborn Neo Zeon’s leader, called the ‘Second coming of Char’, uses his own presence to overwhelm everyone and controls the mood. Marida can’t help but clench her fists and look over at the bewitching red filter.

(Maybe I’ll sortie. <<Garencieres>>, continue to check on the movements of the Federation Fleet.)

Full Frontal merely gives such an instruction. “Yes.” Zinnerman answers and adjusts his posture,

“I’ll risk on my life to make up for this failure.”

He added this line for emphasis, but Zinnerman’s eyes can’t shake away the suspicious look in them. Full Frontal doesn’t know how distant both of them are as he smiles and says, (There’s no need to keep remembering your mistakes.)

(Once you own up and improve on it, that will be enough. This is the right an adult has.)

The face under the mask is smiling, and that chilling smile seem to give the impression that his face is the mask itself, and causes goosebumps on Marida.