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Usage: {{Furigana|Text|Furigana}}

1 : Text (the written text).

2 : Furigana (the reading of the text)

Possible other options:

[3] : font-size of Furigana (default: .8em)

[margin] : px size of the gap between Text and Furigana. (default: 11)

[spacing] : letter spacing between Furigana (default: normal)

[okurispacing] : letter spacing between Okurigana (default: normal)

[color1] : color of Text (default: inherit)

[color2] : color of Furigana (default: inherit)

[fontWeight] : thinner/normal/bold/bolder/100-900 (font weight of Furigana) (default: inherit)

[okurifontSize] : font size of Okurigana (default: 1.0em)

[okurifontWeight] : thinner/normal/bold/bolder/100-900 (font weight of Okurigana) (default: inherit)

[fontStyle] : italic/oblique/normal (font style of Furigana) (default: inherit)

Author: EusthEnoptEron

administrated by larethian; contact larethian or any supervisor and up for required changes