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Stalled.gif Project Status:


This is an automatically generated tag maintained by Cloudii and Simon that will be placed on all project pages every month via bot. It is meant to help readers identify projects that are inactive/active so they do not need to ask as many questions regarding activity.

Refer to this document for the master list.


Active - (No Tag) - Last update occurred within the last 3 months (approximately)
Idle - (Tagged) - Last update occurred within the last 4-6 months (approximately)
Stalled - (Tagged) - Last update occurred within the last 7-12 months (approximately)
Halted - (Tagged) - Last update occurred 13 months ago or greater

To the best of our knowledge, completed and caught-up series will not be tagged

Can I remove the tag?[edit]

If a project is abandoned, caught up or completed, the tag should be removed.

If your active project was tagged by mistake, you should contact Cloudii so it will not be re-tagged next month.

How to Use?[edit]

Add the following code to the top of the Project Overview Page: