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Can an imaginary almighty being limit itself by turning impossible deeds into possible? That question became a sparkle, Greek fire for philosophers which hadn’t been extinguished by any satisfying answers.

Thomas Aquinas said that the question was just a misunderstanding of God’s qualms.

Rene Descartes just ignored the problem, believing that omnipotence is absolute.

Augustine of Hippo simply accepted that God couldn’t do something which makes him not God.

Isaac Asimov, using the unstoppable force paradox as example and relativistic theory as argument, deemed the problem as logical fallacy of pseudo-question.

I wasn’t satisfied by any of these answers. The problem was of the kind which couldn’t be solved through pure discussions, after all. It needed something more.

Let me explain. People already thought that some existences were almighty and omnipotent. Let’s take fire, natural forces and lightning as examples.

In first case people just needed to observe and use something besides their bodies to overcome the bestial fear of heat and flames.

Natural forces were understood to some degree only when mankind was able to look outside its small box.

Lightning was stripped of its almighty qualms after a simple experiment, performed by Benjamin Franklin.

That was where a way to my not-found-yet solution, which (not) coincidentally was similar to Laplace’s demon, lay. Observing, looking outside the boundaries and experimenting. Quite simple, wasn’t it?

However, I needed to find miniatures to reenact one of paradox’s variations about unstoppable force and immovable objects. I already had one or, rather, one of them was already residing in me, though.

The problem was in finding the other half of solution. Uncountable days flew and flew in my careful, yet fruitless searching for candidates. Was the frustration from my efforts the reason for establishing link with my Shugoshin? I still don’t know if it is the case.

Fortunately, the remaining piece of riddle was eventually found in one peculiar student who somehow managed to steal my heart. A cunning liar with crystal-clear heart and cloudy mind, that was my image of him. His actions, his modus operandi were simple, yet I felt that there was something more to that. And his Shugoshin didn’t prove me wrong. The feeling which appeared in my mind when I’ve seen him in that form told me that the key part of my experiment was really him.

And so, I needed time and preparations to finally solve that riddle which wasn’t included in Freud’s books. With great anticipation I took my phone off the table, slowly, and in order, pressed its buttons and made the call which would be one of last touches in preparations to my experiment.