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Opening X-01: The Path to Doomsday[edit]

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The world was collapsing.

But viewing the cause as a chronological series of events would only lead to confusion. It would be easier to shuffle the events around to better organize the information.

Shiroyama Kyousuke and the White Queen.

They constantly fought, bickered, and worked to kill each other.

For example, Guard of Honor, a group of White Queen worshipers, attempted to infiltrate Toy Dream 35. In this incident with a name taken from those who lead the Queen’s parade, Shiroyama Kyousuke worked with the Meinokawa Sisters, Renge and Higan, in the fierce fight to defeat Azalea Magentarain and the White Queen who lurked behind that girl.

“This has to be what everyone really wanted to do!!”

When it comes to events related to the White Queen, we must not forget the criminal group that attempted to create a world without death. In that fight centered on a ghost known as the Rainy Girl, Kyousuke worked with his classmate known as Librarian while throwing himself into a deadly battle to stop Student Council President Benikomichi Fuuki and Summoner Yasuzumi Hayato of Telomere’s End and their organization.

“That is not what I meant.”

Speaking of criminal organizations, Kyousuke was once hired to protect a facility from those who were targeting the world police of Government. He made a contract with a vessel named Isabelle in the process and she had been altered to give her that talent. They fought against a vessel girl working to retrieve her friend from that Anthill Project and Summoner Biondetta who had a connection to Kyousuke’s past. The confusion only grew due to a glove-shaped gadget known as Girl’s Backdoor.

And at the end of this battle, he was given an audience with the Red Lady, one of the Unexplored-classes known as the Three. That Unexplored-class was known for giving accurate prophecies and she gave him the following oracle:

“You can never defeat the White Queen.”

At a Summoning Ceremony weapon’s show, Pandemonium made an appearance as the key to a conspiracy by the Deltaston Family which had infiltrated all three major powers: Government, Illegal, and Freedom. Kyousuke traveled between two different temporal viewpoints – the past and the present – sometimes bickering with the White Queen and sometimes fighting alongside Himekawa Mika, who looked just like his teacher Shigara Masami, while he challenged Max Layard and Incense Expert Ellie Slide.

Afterwards, he was given an audience with the Wicked Green Woman of the Three.

And a piece of the truth was revealed. The members of the Unexplored-class were the very laws that ruled the territory in which the gods lived, but the White Queen had singlehandedly defeated them all and had essentially chained them to her while she dragged them around. Thus, killing the White Queen was not possible using the current laws and relying on the Blood-Sign Summoning Ceremony.

“I value freedom above all else. In that sense, she is in the way.”

But then Kyousuke did not hesitate to rely on the Yellow Gills of the Three.

His goal was to use a dream to replay his own past in the underground lab known as the Queen’s Miniature Garden and search for hints to defeat the Queen.

After receiving some success in that, he rescued his old acquaintance Biondetta from a prison transport vehicle and agreed to a contract of revenge. He asked for her help in killing the White Queen.

At the same time, Azalea was also rescued from imprisonment by the The Saint and other Queen worshipers.

“No reason. It just so happened to be Tanabata, so I thought coming home would be a good idea.”

Toy Dream 35 received multiple visitors during Tanabata.

One was Sekurtiti, the central figure of a group of grave keepers and priestesses with their origin in Egyptian Mythology. Another was Azalea, the leader of Bridesmaid, a group that worshiped the Queen. The last was the monster with Government Award 1000: Elvast Toydream. They fought an intense battle over the Founder’s Gallery left behind by the original Toydream who led that global entertainment company.

The gallery’s guardian was Aika Toydream.

The Founder’s Gallery was the very apartment building she lived in.

“Onii-chan, do you know the story of the World’s Happiest Girl?”

After finding an answer vis-à-vis killing the Queen, Kyousuke and Biondetta visited Houbi Village, home of the Meinokawa Sisters, to execute their idea. Their goal was Aoi, history’s first artificial vessel. They needed her help to create a vessel strong enough to withstand the strongest Unexplored-class.

They were opposed by the elites of Bridesmaid, Olivia Highland (a vessel Kyousuke had worked with in the past), and Doctor S, his own father.

In the end, he freed Olivia from the Queen’s bonds and worked with her to summon the Colorless Little Girl, a new Unexplored-class embedded in the other world for the sole purpose of killing the White Queen, and successfully defeated the Queen.

But the White Queen somehow resurrected herself and said the following:

“What if killing me caused some critical damage to the Colorless Little Girl?”

Olivia’s homeland of Eastern Europe’s Kingdom F was at risk of destruction.

They were opposed by the Stars and Stripes who had the world’s strongest military.

And that opposition was inflamed by the Toy Dream Company that was supposed to give dreams to children around the world. Kyousuke and Olivia began fighting to stop the spread of the war-supporting Blue Film and to eliminate the justification for war.

In the process, they were occasionally attacked by the Colorless Little Girl who had gone berserk.

In the end, they managed to stop the Colorless Little Girl in a brief chance for dialogue, but that enraged the vessel supporting that Unexplored-class’s existence – in other words, the White Queen. She mercilessly tried to kill Kyousuke.

Then someone appeared to protect him.

It was a summoner who had supposedly died long ago in the Queen’s Miniature Garden. Freedom Award 3000, Shigara Masami, appeared before them as a Divine-class.

“Queen, you are weak.”

And for some reason, Shigara Masami took the White Queen’s side.

Kyousuke, Biondetta, the White Queen, and Shigara Masami took their separate paths to pursue Shiroyama Kyousuke’s roots.

They found a small house in a rural city.

Doctor S, his wife, Kyousuke, and his little sister had lived there.

At the end of a cruel experiment, Kyousuke and his sister had been forced to fight to the death. The White Queen had not known restraint and she attacked his little sister in order to protect him.

The entire distortion was concentrated on that one act.

The White Queen represents a dangerous love and Shiroyama Kyousuke desired a family’s love. Their paths could never cross and they had chosen a path of unavoidable conflict while constantly aware of each other’s presence.

“When I’m reborn, then I’ll take your side, Nii-sama.”

And that cleared the path to doomsday.

On one side was a certain boy and the Colorless Little Girl, the Unexplored-class containing the soul of his dead sister.

On the other was the White Queen who had surpassed her limits to outdo her existing position as the strongest.

“I’ll kill you!!!!!!”

“I’ll kill you!!!!!!”


The time had come to settle everything.


  • A critical error has been detected. Diagnosing system…
  • Responding to emergency situation by rebooting in safe mode.
  • Shiroyama Kyousuke and the White Queen’s relationship is beyond repair.
  • They have clashed in the outdoor plaza of the rural city shopping center named Multiple.
  • Shiroyama Kyousuke has Meinokawa Aoi and Biondetta and the White Queen has Shigara Masami.
  • The Colorless Little Girl is aware of this battle.
  • A dangerous love and a family’s love. The two of them have begun to clash over those incompatible feelings.

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