The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume2 Prologue

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I don’t mind discussing hypotheticals, you know?

After all, reality is so strict it leaves no room for fun and it’s hard to find anything to excite your heart.

Being stuck in a solidified hierarchy of power and unable to move from the peak is difficult in its own way.

Now, now. It’s time to have some fun with wordplay, brother.

Let’s say you had the world’s worst method in your hand.

What if there was someone before you who can only be saved by using that method?

If you just want to do what’s right, you would surely choose to let them die.

If you just want to save anyone who is suffering, you would surely take on the burden of that worst sin.

How valuable are the rules made by man?

Each of those rules was built up and civilized to hide the truth behind misunderstandings and differences in interpretation, and as a result, they grow further and further from the essence of why they are necessary. For one thing, the very idea that staying true to justice will make people happy has never been proven or assured by anyone, right?

By the way, which one would you choose, brother?

I already know the answer, though☆


  • It is sad when people die. Yet all civilization is built on the assumption that people die.

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