The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume3 Prologue

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Brother, what do you picture when you think of the ultimate power?

Hee hee hee. I don’t mind if I’m the first thing that pops into your mind, but that doesn’t make for much of a discussion. Honestly, this isn’t easy when you know the answer from the beginning.

Do you think of the physical strength to smash a mountain? Do you think of a cannon with an extraordinary firing range? Do you think of perfect stealth that lets you escape everyone’s senses? Do you think of a master at information warfare who can wear down the enemy’s teamwork?

That’s what this is about.

But strength and power do not exist in a vacuum. A process and effort are needed to obtain them, obtaining them creates obligations, and measures are needed to control them. Unless we’re talking about an extreme irregularity like me, all living things are influenced by that power. Just as people obtain power, power obtains people. It would probably be easier to think of it like analyzing an insect that has evolved as it pleased and specialized in a certain function.

Now, how about a hypothetical?

What if there was a power that could control people just as you control Materials?

And I’m not talking about just any old person. It could be that girl in your class who is always by your side, a beautiful woman you’ve never met that you see passing by on the street, or a princess you could never hope to reach. What if you could control all of them with your desires on full display? Would you be able to retain your human heart?

Oh, dear.

Look at that upset face. Brother, did you realize this could be more than just a hypothetical if you analyzed and reconstructed the already optimized Summoning Ceremony? Hee hee. It looks like a few formulas have already appeared in your mind. But if someone had that power, how would that power bind them?

Would nothing actually change?

Would they abandon their rational mind and become an animal?

Would they get sick of everything and fall into depression?

Would they be able to conquer the entire population of the world but find themselves unable to control their beloved?

Hmm, what would it be with you, brother?

Of course, if you fell for a girl other than me and tried to have your way with her, I might just smash an earth or two☆


  • There are only two types of people. The controllers and the controlled. …If you actually think that, I’m going to die of laughter.

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