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Ending X-01: A Single Soul that Survived[edit]

“…How could I possibly forgive her?”

“How could I possibly understand her…!?”

(Ending X-01 Open 06/13 11:00 “After the War”)

A Single Soul that Survived

There was nothing there.

The bridge connecting the mainland to the large island had fully recovered from the “accidental collapse”, so the scars of the White Queen’s destruction had been cleanly erased. More than 5 years had passed since then. The wandering land had always been changing shape as if the earth itself was moving and the highly fertile tropical plants and trees had grown back. The passage of time had covered the exposed land once more.

So no one would guess that such a tragedy occurred there.

Everyone who knew had died or dived down to the hidden side of the world.


Shiroyama Kyousuke was one such person.

That boy had been the most at fault, had been the most sinful, had gotten the most other people involved, and had lost the most.

Even so, it could have been much worse.

He still had his life, so he had a chance to challenge her again.

He crouched down and set down a flower as an offering.

The wandering land was fully covered in greenery, but he could see the remains of the former Miniature Garden’s structures that looked like ancient ruins. He was near the elevator he had used to escape. Someone who did not know what it had been would never realize what it was just by looking at it.

The world had grown twisted starting from here.

The three major powers had rapidly changed form after losing the truly powerful. Once summoners and vessels learned it was possible to reach the peak of the Unexplored-class, they lost themselves in strange research. And as a side effect, the world’s gears had shifted out of place on the open side and the hidden side.

The White Queen.

It had all begun at that one point.

“…How could I possibly forgive her?” muttered Kyousuke. “How could I possibly understand her…!?”

His voice reached no one.

After saying goodbye to his brief sentimentality, he quietly stood up and turned his back on his memories.

Killing the Queen.

That lost desire was hidden in his heart.

Freedom Award 903, Alice (with) Rabbit, took the plunge into the cruel hidden side of the world.


  • He has received those memories. But some things cannot be forgiven.

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