The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume5 Epilogue

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Defeat the Queen.

Protect the Queen.

As those two sides battled, that pure white being smiled.

Humans never changed and everything was the same as back in the Miniature Garden, but that was exactly what made him so adorable. She was delighted to find enough remained for her to feel so nostalgic.

Somewhere and at some time, the White Queen brought her hands behind her back and slowly reminisced.

And then her eyes focused on reality.

She had only been looking at a single person from the very beginning.

“My name is Mary Ann. I am my brother’s sword and shield and I have been promised the love of the one who named me. So I will utterly destroy all who would harm him!!”

She had once made that oath.

No one’s name had been written in blood on a contract made of parchment, but the Queen still thought that was where it had all begun.


Even so…

She had learned something right at the brink of annihilation. She had found a powerful, powerful cause worth protecting even if it meant violating a taboo. She had found a far too noble light that made her want to protect it even if that meant the destruction of the world.

That was why she was here.

She had singlehandedly won that hellish war, slaughtered everything and everyone, and protected that small life.

She had not cared if it meant her own annihilation.

And when he found her stained with so much blood, that boy had shaken his head.

Of course he had.

She had taken far too many lives for him to simply accept her love.

She understood that much.

Even as insane as she was, she had still walked by his side for a time.

She would not act like he was indebted to her.

She knew that boy would not hesitate to say she should have let him die.


No matter what…

“All I want is you.”

That voice reached no one.

Mary Ann.

The boy had once given her that silly nickname and it was now hidden in her heart as she too made for the battlefield.

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