The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume5 Prologue

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Just as memories and records are different, what is remembered and actual history are not the same.

In the constant struggle against decay, mud is added to the wall to fill in the details while maintaining the original structure. This creates changes that often gloss over the negatives. Those changes accumulate bit by bit. Even if two people who shared the exact same past compare their experiences, it is no use. In fact, the human mind is easily swayed toward group psychology, so their memories lose accuracy even faster then. Just as people can be so drawn in by their impression of a convenience store robber’s knit hat that they say they do not remember what the robber looked like despite having a knife pointed right at them. And humans are quite dense when it comes to a convenient sense that something isn’t quite right. Brother, you know that quite well after seeing the silly worshippers rolling around in my palm, don’t you?

For example, when you recall the past, you are not actually diving back into that era. The hands of the clock continue to move in the present even as you reminisce. They move ever forward.

That is the truth of this story.

Now, brother, let us lament that lost time. And let us move forward even as you check over each item on the list.

Looking back is boring.

I know my brother will not come to a stop while indulging in the past.

What happened at that time and in that place?

What change will occur in you in the present as you ponder that information?

This is a thoroughly destroyed story that no longer exists as a book or as electronic data. And it is also a phenomenon related to the very foundation of the current world.


Let us discuss that bygone era of the Secret War.


  • Recall the past. But as you do, time in reality continues ever toward the future.

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