The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume6 Epilogue

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In the ocean near Toy Dream 35, a large Blue Whale Repliglass submarine waited on the surface.

As the unaffiliated craft calmly stuck its head above the water, someone held a fishing pole in one hand and a satellite cellphone in the other.

“Yes, yes. They were defeated. Azalea and…ugh, The Saint too? I can’t believe this. Even if they were only the hopeful new faces in Bridesmaid, they were definitely the mental support of the group. It might be best to tighten down on the internal investigations to prevent anyone from leaving. The last time I was gone, our base was attacked and 3A was taken. We are critically shorthanded.”

Despite how serious the report was, the person did not sound at all motivated.

But that may have been the correct answer for that person in a white coat.

It was easy to let idealism, willpower, and emotions get the better of you, but would anger over a companion’s death really lead to a good answer? Would letting the blood rush to your head really awaken something inside you? If not, you needed to remain as coolheaded as possible when the unexpected occurred. If that led to a loss of popularity, it was the environment around you that was wrong. In that case, the people around you needed to be actively purged, the fat needed to be cut away, and the group needed to be reorganized.

“Yes, yes. Damn, so it’s too late then. Maybe I should have gone there myself, if this is how it was going to turn out. But, well, I had something else to take care of. Still, though.”

A nearby hatch opened and a small girl poked her head out like a mole. She had braided blonde hair and a slender, slender body of around 10 that was so tiny it looked like it would snap if you touched it. She wore a straw hat and a white school swimsuit and she began doing pre-exercise stretches. Was she planning to dive into the ocean while someone was trying to calmly fish? The white coat person looked back and forth between the girl and the end of the fishing line.

“Well, at any rate, even if we have to give up on those two…we can’t just sit idly by. Let’s begin. We have to, don’t we? Luckily, I still have an excellent vessel in stock, so I’ll head out myself. I’ll make my debut. Bye bye.”

The lab coat person hung up.

They grabbed the top of the straw hat to stop the white swimsuit girl’s stretches. Fish or swim? They each grabbed at the other’s face as they fought over that, but then they smiled and reached a conclusion.

“Let’s go meet Shiroyama Kyousuke, just like I promised. Okay, Olivia Highland?”

“Yeah!! I want to meet Onii-chan right away, Doctor S. Eh heh heh. She returned my lost memories and gave me this chance to meet Onii-chan again. The White Queen really is the most wonderful Unexplored-class, isn’t she!?”

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