The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume8 Prologue

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Hello, it’s me, the defeated Queen!!

Ahh, defeat is such a liberating feeling. I feel free of all responsibility! This is a lovely gift you gave me, brother, so it’s only polite to suck it dry down to the marrow. Okay, time to enjoy my time off!

Brother, has anything changed with you?

Word that a human – and a single individual at that – killed me should have reached the ignorant masses clinging to that puny planet by now. I imagine that is changing some things. Hee hee hee. How do you like the changed world? A world where I, the White Queen, have been defeated should be paradise for you, brother.


Oh, oh, oh???

Is there a thought lurking somewhere in your heart, brother? Is there some hope hidden deep down, even if you deny it on the surface?

Some hope that the White Queen will once again make an appearance somewhere?

That the strongest of the strongest will show up to correct the changed world?

Hee hee hee. I have some good news, brother.

I will not get involved this time.

I will say that up front, but you can take that to mean whatever you want. Am I serious, or am I bluffing? Hee hee. I know I can be so indiscriminate when it comes to you, brother, but…yes, I may have been doing too much for you. If you think I will always pop up where you need me, you are sorely mistaken. I think it’s time you relearned just how rare the White Queen is.

Cry, shout, wail, and plead if you like.

But steel yourself for a reality where I will not appear as a matter of course. Got that, my – dear – brother?


  • The position of the strongest is always filled. But it will not necessarily be the same individual who holds it.

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