The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume9 Epilogue

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It was known as the Antlion Pit.

The world police of Government used that prison to hold criminals who had committed serious crimes using Materials. That was another side of South America’s Devil’s Island where Azalea Magentarain was staying.

The shrine maiden twins were deep, deep underground, but even there, they doubted they had seen the true horrors of this facility. This was only the visiting room. The reinforced glass separated two entirely different worlds. Their circumstances and feelings were completely different, so food made in the exact same kitchen would taste completely different.

Meinokawa Renge and Meinokawa Higan.

One had long black hair and one had long blonde hair. They pressed their cheeks together to listen to the same phone receiver.

A man in the prime of his life held an identical receiver on the other side of the thick glass. That summoner wearing an oxygen mask was well-known in their field.

He was known only as Doctor S.

“Are you running out of questions to ask me?”

“I see, I see.”

“I will say I am impressed you managed to track me down after I was passed from prison to prison a few times. That coincidental luck of the draw may even be superior to Kingdom F’s outsourced intelligence agency. While I will not say no to spending time with such lovely young ladies, there is honestly not much I can tell you about Kyousuke. He succeeded on his own and spread his wings on his own. I have no responsibility or fault there.”

“I see…”

“What is he doing now?”

Doctor S grinned and leaned toward the reinforced glass.

He was addicted to thrills.

He knew the fear was there, so he wanted to view it from a position of safety.

“I created a precision-guided missile, but he threw out that perfected weapon and became a rogue weapon flying uncontrollably around the world. He’s still screwing things up to this day, isn’t he? He’s broken at the most fundamental level, so it doesn’t matter what you build up from that foundation. That’s why he will never gain anything no matter how hard he tries.”

“Higan.” The one twin called the other’s name. “Hold the receiver for me. Then cover your ears and shut your eyes. Don’t open them again until you count to 30 in your head. Can you promise me that?”



It may have been Renge’s ability to make demands like this that made her the “older” twin sister.

Higan obediently did as she was told, so Renge found her to be a truly wonderful “little” sister.

Meinokawa Renge grinned and rolled up the right sleeve of her shrine maiden outfit.

She was showing off her strength.

“What are you doing?” asked Doctor S.

There was no point in answering. Not when it would be faster to just do it.

She was a Joruri Method, giving her strength beyond the human limits.

She shut off her limiters and sent her fist crashing through the 5cm-thick reinforced glass and into the scummy face on the other side.

An incredible crash rang out after a short delay and then a shrill alarm began blaring.

“My god!!” shouted the large black guard in the room.

(I wasn’t really designed to do that. Yeah, my shoulder’s cartilage is fried. I need to get some maintenance done by grampa once we’re back home.)

By the time Higan widened her eyes in surprise, Renge had already pulled her arm back like nothing had happened. She stood nonchalantly next to her sister.

“W-w-waaaaaaaaaahhhh!? R-Renge, what did you just do? His oxygen mask is broken, his chair fell backwards, and he’s foaming at the mouth. What happened!?”


That 5cm glass can stop a bullet, can’t it? Did you pull out a rocket launcher or something!?

“Good, we’re back to normal.”

Renge secretly clenched her fist in triumph. It did not occur to Higan that her sister might have broken through bulletproof glass with her bare hand. She was so glad her sister was so pure.

There was no point in sticking around, so she turned around and left the visiting room.


She winked toward her sister who frantically followed after her.

“Listen, Higan. It doesn’t matter what exists beyond the gods. There are some things you can’t forgive no matter what clever justifications and arguments people come up with.”

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