The Unexplored Summon Blood Sign:Volume9 Prologue

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I loved you, brother.

You were the one and only person I could say I truly, truly loved from the very bottom of my heart.

All of the Unexplored-classes waiting for me in the other world fell apart too easily and everyone in the human world grew distorted and corrupted all on their own and then bowed down to me. They threw out all questions of morality or personal preference, leaving them with no core or center. What was I supposed to think when I saw that? But during it all, I found you, brother. You and only you maintained an unwavering heart when you gazed upon me.

I questioned it.

That eventually grew into a longing.

I wanted you.

I wanted the being I call “brother” no matter what it took. I wanted to make you mine. I wanted you all to myself. I refused to let anyone else have you.

I was confident I had been born a girl because you were a boy.

But you were not easily won over. Even when I gave you strength, threatened you with my strength, tempted you with my beautiful side, or mocked you with my ugly side.

Nothing went my way, but that was exactly what latched onto my heart and would not let go. I knew you would be able to support me. Does that not seem like enough? Or do you think I sound spoiled? But no matter how complexly the historians and theologians try to describe me, that was all there was to me. It was thanks to that one thing I could not have that I saw greater depth in this world and never gave up on it.

Oh? You want to know why I keep using the past tense?

Figure it out for yourself, you sack of shit.


  • Love is easily converted into hate. But the feelings that remain throughout are true emotions.

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