The World God Only Knows:Volume 2 Heroines Memo

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Heroines Memo[edit]

TWGOK 02 016.jpg

Akuragawa Shino.

Type: Careless miko.

Job: Demon exterminator.

Birthday: January 2nd.

Blood type: O.

Height: 174cm.

Weight: 52kg.

3 sizes: 94.61.92.

Things she likes: Purin, children.

Things she hates: Centipedes.

Recent troubles: I like children, but children are often scared of me.

Memo: Sexy miko. Ample at the top, and has a great figure. Rather dignified, but not mindful of her appearance at all.

Pure in personality, open-minded, highly disciplined, but a mature woman who’s somewhat understanding.

Also a person who can really take care of children.

Able to do anything from cooking and washing clothes to rituals. So careless it’s almost an exaggeration.

So careless that all the good things about her could be voided.

Took action because of her sense of duty against ‘demons’,

But still had some fear inside her.

Looks rather unapproachable,

Gives a clear-cut impression.

But those who talked with her would know that this isn’t the case.

TWGOK 02 017.jpg

Fuse Aoba.

Type: Rainy girl.

Job: Genius Girl.

Birthday: May 18th.

Blood type: A.

Height: 153cm.

Weight: 42kg.

3 sizes: 81.54.79.

Things she likes: Places where no one is around.

Things she hates: Places where people are around.

Recent troubles: I’m still alive.

Memo: Short-haired girl, small chested and slender waist.

Petite in size. A beauty who would give a refreshing feeling, but had no interest in her surroundings and is casual with her attire. However, the reason why she’s so dazzling is because she’s a born beauty.

Buys all her underwear and clothes at the supermarket.

Basically has no interest in other people or herself.

This wasn’t because of circumstances, but something natural to her.

No emotional ups and down, not really good at studying or sports.

She would be able to show off her tremendous talent if she tried.

However, these things never became her motivation.

From the way she’s not interested in reality,

Maybe she’s similar to Keima?

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