The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village:Volume5 Notice

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Manual command for the current Package detected. Outputting progress report.

Please review the details.

The virtual plans have been successfully constructed using Jinnai Shinobu and Singer Song Liar, the digital song composition and side story self-creation software. The overwriting of reality will begin at 2030 hours. From there, freedom of choice will be erased from the world. Like the neck of an hourglass, all possible human choices are sure to arrive at the end point of the “Sale of Japan” scenario. At that point, the possibilities will expand once more.

The scenario’s end point was confirmed upon the completion of Plan 1 “Personal_apocalypse”, but the nature of the Package allows for unpredictable fluctuations on the way to that point. Please pay careful attention so that the fluctuations do not produce any losses and please begin Plan 2 “Rail_song_jail”.

Welcome to the changing world, Administrator.

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