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Chapter 2-2 - May 29, I obtained his contact number[edit]

I'm a high school girl and a rookie voice actress, currently strangling my classmate who is my upperclassman and a Bestselling Light Novel author.

This is my predicament at the moment.

Sensei's face is right beneath mine.

He's showing a peaceful, relaxed look.

I don't understand why.

How do I look in sensei's eyes?

Surely, I guessed.

I was showing a panicked look.

It happened on May 29th.

This isn't really a joke.

To be honest, it's a crisis.

In this crisis, sensei's identity might be revealed, and I might end up not being the only one who knows sensei's secret.

I had an ominous feeling when Miss Satake spoke to sensei, no, walked over to talk to him.

And that premonition actually came true.

Surely it was because of me that sensei would read the edited part of 'Vice Versa', since I did such a thing.

So I caused a crisis for sensei.

"I'm! Actually, I'm a big, big, big fan of 'Vice Versa'! I read them all! I really am looking forward to the anime that's about to start in July! Erm...if it's convenient...can i chat with you as a fellow fan of "Vice Versa'? How about the school canteen? Actually...I was considering chatting with you once the tests ended!"

After hearing Miss Satake's words, I--

Intended to stand up.

I wanted to stand up, grab sensei, and drag him out of the classroom before she said anything bad.

But I couldn't.

I couldn't do it, and I didn't have the right to do it.

Thus, all I could do was to act indifferent to whatever sensei did, slip my textbooks into the bag, and watch over him.

What would sensei do?

Would he reveal the truth?

Or would he try to fool his way out with words, like in the infirmary?


I had these thoughts, and saw sensei dart out.


I nearly called out. Good thing I held it in.


I didn't know where did sensei's agility come from?

I was curious as to what Miss Satake would show on her face after being left behind?

Of course, I too felt that she was pitiful.

Miss Satake and I love 'Vice Versa'.

But I can't say the truth.

No, I won't.

In this world, I love 'Vice Versa' more than anyone else.

Miss Satake didn't seem dejected at all. For a moment, our eyes met.

"Ah, he got away."

And then, after muttering these words, probably directed towards me, she returned to her seat, picked up her bag, and left the classroom.

After that, I spent more than ten minutes at my seat.


After returning home, and until departure, I kept wondering about the problem caused by Miss Satake.

I don't want to think of my classmate as a 'problem'--

No, this is a problem.

A huge problem.


Don't want sensei to be taken by Miss Satake.

That day, on the train, I raised this incident.

I 'pretended' to be happy, so that sensei wouldn't realize how dire the situation is, but deep inside, I'm very uneasy.

What I'm most scared of is sensei saying,

"Let's tell MIss Satake the truth, and have her keep this secret. She's a fan, and will probably do so. Let's have this as a secret between the three of us."

Appearance-wise, I feel that Miss Satake's pretty unpretentious.

As long as sensei tells her the reasons and have her 'to keep the secret no matter what'.

She'll probably keep this a secret until graduation.

But with that, the number of people knowing sensei's secret will surely increase.

She'll definitely keep talking to sensei in class.

It's one thing if they're guys though.


So I quickly rejected sensei's ideas.

I lied, showcasing some really terrible acting.

I had become capable of saying such lies so nonchalantly.

And after that, sensei came up with a stupid idea.

He thought of the most conservative method, to 'keep on avoiding Miss Satake'.

For me, this is the best option.

The problem here however is, how long can he keep running.

At the very least--

I hope sensei can keep running away until I'm able to apologize and ask for the truth.


So i think I won't run away, that I'll face it head on.

But even so, I can't just ask on the train,

"Why aren't you mad even though you nearly got choked by me?"

So I decided to summon my courage, do something I never did.


I got sensei's number and mail address.

I felt that I had succeeded, improved.

I sent a greeting to sensei, trying to probe into how he would respond. No matter the reply, I would keep it for eternity.

But sensei had to leave his seat immediately, as he received a call from the editorial branch.

I felt that if I had asked this on May 8th, things would not have been so troublesome, but I sensed that even if it's a small step, I am progressing. So i thought as I suddenly had an urge to sleep.

Like last week, I realized this week that once my tension eased, I really felt the urge to sleep.


Miss Akane quickly leaned her face over.

"It seems sensei will be taking a long time, so why don't you head over to the windowside seat?'

I was probably taken aback.

"You worked hard today, and I think you can sleep. That should be a lot better than 'wanting to force yourself to talk, and making the situation awkward'."

With her usual pretty, piercing look, Miss Akane said so,

I felt relieved inside, sensing that she really understood me.


I did not remember if I had dreamed.

Miss Akane pinched my cheek to wake me up, and the train parked at the terminal platform .

The smartphone in my hand vibrated.


With the fastest speed I ever attained in my life, I looked towards the screen.

"Same here. Please take care of me. If there is anything, please contact me! Do your best for the After Record tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it!)

I stared at the little screen for several seconds.

"Now then, shall we get off the train?"

Miss Akane said gently.

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