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Chapter 3 – Queen of The Sword[edit]

The evening sky squashed the setting sun, trying to shatter the remaining fragment of day into the mountain road extending from the wilderness. Pools of red were splattered by the kneeling Chris' legs, as though they were blood left before the setting sun perished.

Armors ripped off people's arms, broken spears, twisted bows, countless corpses, fresh blood moistened all of them.

—So I am the only one to live yet again, huh......

Chris extended his hand and pressed it against his forehead. The insignia emitting a pallor glow gave off a slight heat. With his other hand, he picked up the huge sword sunk in a pool of blood.

He dipped his fingers into the blood leftover from a vault of blood and wiped it on his forehead. Every time he stood alone in the wilderness covered with corpses, he would always repeat the same ritual. It was his humble wish, hoping for the beast on his forehead to settle down after drinking the blood, sating its thirst for slaughter......

The only thing that the ritual brought was a hopeless emptiness. That was because the thirst for slaughter of the beast on his forehead would not be satisfied with fresh blood; the thing that it devoured was other people's fortune. Thus, the feeling that doing so every time would let the beast on his forehead move while sipping the blood was only his imagination in the end. Even so, he still sank his hand into the sea of blood again and again.

The mercenary squad that Chris was in was completely annihilated. The mustached captain, lying on the ground not too far away, was covered in sand and mud, the color of his body almost the same color as the land. Even flies were already present over his dead eyeballs.

He still could not escape in the end, while the battle lasted until twilight. The instant that the new moon rose, the beast on his forehead awoke. He did not know how many enemies he had killed. There was no sign of anyone moving, he was the lone person to survive. Only him.

He raised his head to look at the new moon that had risen just now. Night wind blew, while he allowed his body to be immersed in the chilly wind that was like rusted steel.

There was a not too serious sword wound on his abdomen, but large amounts of blood still oozed out of it. He felt that the blood that the beast on his forehead swallowed was currently pushing out the blood in his own body, causing it to flow out from the wound, wetting his shirt drop by drop. He knew that the wound was not fatal, and hated it because of it......

—Since I don't wish to kill, why do I still have to hover among battlefields......

—Since I don't wish to kill, why do I not just hide at a mountain where people are scarce, dying there by myself......

They were questions that he would always ask himself each night when the new moon rose. However, he firmly banished such a thought at that moment—he thought, his actions might have been unrelated to the beast on his forehead, and he definitely enjoyed the pleasure of devouring the fortune of other people from the bottom of his heart, willingly getting controlled by that desire. In other words, the beast on his forehead was actually himself from the start.

All of a sudden, countless roars and metallic sounds of vigorous collisions rang out. Chris turned around and saw a few sparks dancing on the horizon. Arrows with sparks alighting on their tips interweaved, dancing out a bright trail. The triangular flag waving in the air was the flag symbolizing the guardian knights of the celestial king's army.

Leaning on his sword, Chris supported his numb legs and stood up from the ground.

—Should I hurry there?

—Should I hurry there and pile up more corpses.......

The mercenary squad that Chris belonged to was a pawn planned to be sacrificed from the start. Chris understood that. They were surrounded by enemy forces the instant they entered the battlefield. The forces of the National Union surrounded them, and thus vanquished them. The tactic used the mercenary squad as bait, gathering the enemies, eliminating them after surrounding them with the forces of the celestial king's army that was much larger than the enemy...... That moment, the cruel smile of Archduke Cornelius surfaced in Chris' mind......

—You wish to kill me with a method like this? Are you not somewhat looking down on me......

—You should have sent me to a grimmer battlefield...... You should have done that......

Chris lived again, while his employer died. If he just stayed in the place full of corpses until the day, it didn't matter no matter where he wanted to disappear to. However......

Chris stepped forward, moving upwind to the place filled with the smell of rust and wails.

That's right

Let us devour their lives

The beast on Chris' forehead muttered, causing him to climb onto the slope made of sand. He stood at the top of the hill, feeling the sounds of the battle brought to his face by the wind— a sound wave made of roars of soldiers, vigorous collisions of metals and scattered clatters of hooves pounded on his face— hot, dark blood strongly surged in his heart. The numerous torches before him gave off a bright radiance, lighting up the surrounding armor, lances and swords; warhorses that were hit by arrows, prancing around in pain. The earth was silent. The earth resounded with noises. Chris was led forward by the acrid stench of blood.

—Hmm, what is this?

Chris did not see the silhouettes of horses of the opposing army. Only a sea of purple flags could be seen in the darkness. If so, who was the celestial kings' army that hired him fighting with? Piteous neighs of warhorses interweaved with panicked wails of soldiers, ringing in Chris' ears—

"Salt sprayer!" "It's the Salt Spraying one!" "Soul reaper—"

The Salt Spraying Soul Reaper. After hearing the name, Chris hurriedly rushed over to the center of the battlefield. The densely packed formation of the spearman crew was quickly broken by the opposing party—

And Chris saw it— on the battlefield, a silhouette that looked like white flames came into Chris' view. The vicious flames of white danced nimbly, cutting through the rain of arrows. At the tip of the white flame were actually clothes— something like the robe of a shrine maiden moved along with the wind when she danced in an altar. Among the pure white sleeves that fluttered like feathers, crimson hair danced as though it was on fire. The dull, piercing lights that looked as though they were tearing flames apart were the trails drawn out by the huge sword in her hands.

—A woman?

Facing the scene, Chris could not help but shudder— it was a girl. The girl waved the heavy sword that had height similar to hers, and danced gracefully in the rain of arrows, angry shouts and the whirlwind of swords.

TnJtRnK v01 040.jpg

"Release the arrows! Release the arrows—"

Among the screeched commands, a rain of arrows fell once more. The girl waved her sleeves before the arrow rain, allowing the huge sword in her hands dance quickly in the night skies. It was like the trails of the movement had a strong attraction. It was as though the densely packed arrows that drew out sharp arcs in the air were attracted by it, flicking away from the wind made by the large sword.

Chris could not help but bate his breath. In his eyes, the girl did not even blink when facing the formation of archers. In the next instant, the girl had already dashed into the enemy's base where a weak point had appeared, and viciously slashed with her sword. Quite a few bodies of spearmen and soldiers died in a foreign land among the splattered blood.

As though the white flames that went into a frenzy was going to engulf the whole battlefield, it whirled into the crowd of armored soldiers with astonishing speed, completely annihilating them all.

The girl's distance to Chris gradually shortened as she continued to move. That was when he saw that the girl was not even wearing armor, but the assault of blades and spears could only fruitlessly slash her sleeves......

—It seems like the rumors are true......

The Salt Spraying Soul Reaper on the battlefield— According to rumors, anyone who saw her would get a curse of death, which caused people to tremble at the mention of her. She walked on the battlefield alone, single-handedly vanquishing numerous troops, while the rumors were left by the soldiers in a trance who luckily survived an encounter with her— the said soul reaper was actually a woman wearing a white shirt, having red hair.

That was when Chris found out that all of it was true.

At the moment when he reached the pole bearing the purple flag, a large enough number of corpses to form hills was already surrounding it. The blood in the air turned into mist in the night, while the white shirted girl stood there, leaning on her sword.

A torch that had fallen onto the ground illuminated the girl's face under her sweeping red hair. Her extraordinary beauty caused Chris to fall into a daze for a moment.

Droplets of blood stained the girl's cheeks, the radiance of flames blazed in her round, black eyes, strong resolution was drawn on her thin lips, appearing to be poignant and peerless because of her awe-inspiring appearance.

On the muddy ground, the flames on the torch continued to burn, while the folded flag and the girl's red hair continued to be swept along the cold, biting wind. Under the pitch black skies when all had stopped, the girl looked at Chris, her black eyes glaring directly at him.

"......So you're the envoy of fate sent to end my life?"

The girl's voice was more innocent then Chris had imagined, being unmatched with her frail, dreamlike beauty that seemed like it would fade any time. The words that she spoke caused the flames on the ground to flutter— and Chris's heart as well.

—This woman...... What is she blabbering about?

—This...... Shouldn't those words be said by me? Are you not the Salt Spraying Soul Reaper?

—You're the soul reaper, so shouldn't you be the emissary of fate sent to kill me......

"You are called Cristoforo, right— Your face and the sword in your hands, they are the same as I had foreseen."

Her words caused Chris to gasp— He had never told his name to anyone before. He always thought that his full name was known only to his deceased mother.

"Why...... Do you know my name?"

"You were the one who told me...... No, I should say that you told me after you killed me— And after that, your sword pierced into my heart, and then you started to weep."

Chris felt a chill on his back, making a guarded stance as though he was hugging his sword in his lap. While she— the girl pulled out her huge sword from the ground, calmly raising it before her. It could not be discerned whether she was in tears or laughter from the expression on her face. Looking as though she was having deep regrets or was trying to suppress the anger hidden in her heart, she bit her lips, causing her lips to appear red in agitation.

"I cannot escape from this night no matter what I do...... Even now, I can only see the fate of myself being killed by you. While you— did you not come here just to kill me?"

—She-She already knew that I would come?

Chris held the hilt of his sword with trembling hands, trying to recall the rumors that he heard just now, the rumors spread by a meager amount of survivors who once stood before the 'Salt Spraying Soul Reaper on the Battlefield'— Before her, spears and arrows cannot even scratch her, she does not wear any armor, but cannot be harmed by anyone, as though the movements of the weapons were all in her grasp......

As though she knew everything from the start.

Chris lifted his sword. The insignias on the back of his hands and his forehead continued to release heat, as though 'something' hidden in his body was boiling out from his skin.

—Should I kill her?

—Should I kill this girl?

—Should I kill her, eat her flesh, drink her blood and continue to live......

—Yes, eat......

—Devour her...... Devour all of her fortune— Devour her......

The beast murmured in Chris's ear in a low voice, infusing power into his hands holding the sword.

That moment, the white flames standing on the hill of corpses shimmered, and the flaming red hair twirled in a circle— In a flash, white light dashed into Chris's field of view, and he saw the white-shirted girl with red hair appear before him.

Chris hurriedly lifted the huge sword in his hands, but was viciously blocked by his opponent. Swords clashed, creating sparks in the strong collisions. What was left on Chris's hands was a weight as though it was going to chop off both of his hands at the same time.

"How can I—"

The girl disdainfully spat out the words with a convoluted expression:

"How can I be killed by a person like you who are deluded because of power like a puppet, not even knowing what you are doing!"

A serious chill suddenly descended on Chris's back. He hurriedly focused all of his energy on his hands, pushing the girl's sword away and pushing her away as well. The radiance from the three insignias on him emitted a weak glow in the night. Just before the blades of the two clashed once more, their eyes met for a short instant—

Visible flames of anger could be seen in the eyes of the red-haired girl.

—I...... am deluded by my powers, not knowing what to do, like a puppet...... Chris's mind was still pondering his opponent's words.

"......Do you know about me? Even the brandings on me?" He asked.

"Did you not say them yourself, you told that to my corpse after killing me!"

The girl lifted the huge sword in her hands to block Chris's assault, while the strength of the parry almost dislocated Chris's hands.

"I do not care how many people you are planning to bury with you— If you really wish to die, you should just cut your throat. Why do you appear before me, and why do you block my road!"

The thick blades met again, creating sparks in the darkness.

"A person like you— A person like you, why don't you just look for a woman somewhere to replace your mother, hiding by her side forever. Is that not the best!"

The red-haired girl started her next assault in her cries. The huge sword in her hands slashed on the ground to create a trail, slashing in the direction of Chris's abdomen from below. Chris blocked the attack with his sword in the nick of time, but stumbled because of the power of the attack.

"Why do you come to battlefields! I did not see for only one time, and I did not see you pierce that sword into my heart for only one time! I could dissolve the other premonitions of death, but why is it that I cannot change the fate brought by you—"

The swords emitting cold light assailed Chris at both of his sides like a whirlwind. Chris was slashed, but he forcedly parried the astounding power by kicking at the soil below his feet and going backwards— He definitely could not increase the distance between him and his opponent, or he would definitely be shredded to pieces by her sword...... Chris supported his body with his knees bent, fending off the slash from above, and dashed towards the girl.

A strong force spread from Chris's shoulders to his ribs. He and the red haired maiden crossed blades, and glared at each other in the distance that they could feel each other's breath face to face. The girl's profound pupils reflected Chris's features.

"You repeatedly appear in my mind, causing me to be unable to escape your eyes!"

Hot breath came with her voice, and the breath condensed into droplets of water on the sword, causing the cold, metallic luster to fog.

"Why do you come, why do you block my road—"

The burning sense of the insignia caused Chris to be unable to refrain himself any longer. The roars of the beast covered the girl's questions in his mind.

—Eat her!

—Devour all of the fortunes of this person!

Chris's forehead was reflected in the girl's eyes, a totem-like insignia emitted a dazzling light.

—She knows about me!

—She keeps looking at me......

—If so, for her, I must......

"......What is your name?"

Chris's question caused the girl to furrow her brows.

"Tell me your name!"


"Because— Is this not the first time we have met!"

The girl forcefully pushed with the large sword in her hands, pushing Chris outwards as well. Her astounding strength of her arms caused Chris to shudder, but he still made a stance, preparing to meet the next attack. While...... His opponent did not continue the attack. The girl stuck the large sword into the ground, standing there without moving while leaning on her sword. The killing intent in her eyes was already non-existent, and what took its place was a confused expression that was like flickering flames on a candle.

"......You...... You did not say something like this......"

Her voice sounded like a panicked, helpless child who was lost and looking for her mother.

"You...... You wish to know my name? Why? You had never asked me that before, never......" The girl said.

"What do you care!"

Chris's anxious voice passed through the whistling wind, faintly spreading into the girl's ears— As she kept silent while biting her lips, Chris knew that she heard it.

"You're not a soul reaper, right? You probably have a name, tell me if you do!"

Chris finished his words in one go, making a stance again while lifting the sword in his hands, swallowing his saliva that was mixed with sand at the same time.

"......You— You killed a lot of people that you don't know their names of! You never asked their names!" Though her tone was strong, the confusion in her heart could still be discerned from her voice, "If so, why—"

"Because you were waiting for me!"

Chris's words caused the girl's expression to freeze.

—In the past, I only had my mother. Even so, even mother left me in the end......

—I originally thought that there will no longer be any bonds that can tie me in this world anymore. However......

—However, this girl...... She was always looking at me, awaiting my appearance......

"I was not waiting for you!"

The girl pulled out the huge sword, swinging away the sand on it. She retorted as though she in desperation.

"But I am waiting for you!"

Chris's words caused the girl to be dumbstruck; her lips opened slightly but no words came from them.

—Perhaps....... The words resounded in Chris's mind— Perhaps, I am just running in the battlefields for the encounter on this night......

—Perhaps, I did it just to meet this girl here...... And then eat her.

The girl's lips fluttered, as though she was in a panic because of an inability to speak anything appropriate, and she finally resolved herself in the end—


Chris stared directly at the girl's face. Her voice echoed in his ears, while the clearness of the voice caused him to fall into a daze. The girl— Minerva shifted her gaze in embarrassment,

"What is with your expression, did you not ask me for my name!"

"Ah...... Mmm, I think your name is very beautiful......"

His words stunned Minerva for a moment, and she lifted her sword immediately blocking the slight blush on her cheeks.

"Ugh, What— What idiocy are you speaking!"

—This...... Yeah, what idiocy am I speaking......

—Between us...... One of us must die in the end, and we cannot continue to speak together like now......

Minerva's body leaned forward, and sounds of fluttering could be heard after she flung her white sleeves— In an instant, white flames appeared before Chris once again. Her sword, pieces of steel had long reached a height equal with Chris's gaze, viciously pounding on him with force.


Only once had Chris conversed with the beast living in his own body......

When he left the village that he had grown up in, the first mercenary squad that accepted him had been a team led by an old soldier whose face was full of wrinkles and had only one eye left. Less than a hundred people were in the squad, and all of them were old soldiers. Chris treated the others coldly, but was quite popular in the mercenary squad, being taken care of by the others like a cat that didn't follow people too much. In addition, most of them thought that Chris was a child who couldn't hear or speak.

In the mercenary squad, he passed a few nights of new moon without incident, and nothing that could be called unfortunate had happened. That had been because Chris escaped from the camp each time, and was brought back afterwards, and not many battles happened. However, the old mercenary captain noticed Chris's sword skills.

'This child seems to have a talent for being a mercenary!'

'Not only having natural talent for using the sword, his short stature exposed strong killing intent as well!'

'This guy has an expression that says 'Even if I don't have a sword in my hands, I'm gonna bite you to death as well!!'

'He'll become a great swordsman!'

The captain was quite good at reading people, and cruelly predicted Chris's future as well. The first time that Chris appeared on a battlefield was a battle in defense of a city. His original job was to send spare weapons to places in the city, but he unknowingly stood on the city wall while holding spears. He killed quite a few enemies by throwing spears, causing them to fall down from the wall. Because of his agitation, he did not notice the calls by his ears at all.

One night, the claw-like new moon rose into the pitch-black night sky. As the enemy forces destroyed a dam by the rivers, a flood destroyed the city gate. That moment, the only survivors were Chris, the captain and some other tens of people. The remaining eye of the old captain was pierced by an arrow, and he collapsed, while Chris subconsciously snatched the sword from the captain's hands with his glowing right hand. He did not remember anything about the battle after that......

When he came to his senses, he was already in wilderness. His surroundings were completely drowned in water, just like a city of water, while the rocks that jutted all around created short shadows under the faint moonlight.

When he turned around, he saw that the city that he had been guarding was in a sea of flames. The scene caused him to kneel down on the ground in confusion, blankly staring at it for quite some time. The pitch black night sky was roasted into a charred red because of the flames. In the end, Chris could not suppress the suffering that the scene brought him, and noticed the sword he held in his hands that he had snatched from the mercenary captain when he lowered his head. The sword was stained in blood, while the differing degree of dryness showed that they were blood from different wounds.

— You devoured all of them......

That moment, a voice suddenly rang in his mind.

—You devoured all of their fortunes, drank all of the blood that flowed from their bodies and lived on alone......

Chris stabbed his sword into the ground, his hands sinking into the river water that covered the whole land while suppressing the hot sense of disgust welling up in his throat— One time, Chris's village sank in a sea of fire as well, so was it possible that such a situation had happened once again? He did not know how many people he had killed, but the only person who survived was him......

—Yes...... Devour all of the people around you......

—Let you— Let me eat them all......

The beast in Chris's body said happily. After that, it answered Chris's questions for the first time.


Chris looked at his reflection in the water,

"Who are you...... Why do you live in my heart?"

It did not answer. However, the insignia on his forehead glowed as though it was laughing— As though it was right over there......

—I am the insignias on you...... It said— I will stay here forever, devouring the fates of everyone that you encounter......

Then I...... Should I do as it says, sucking away the blood that flows on the people that I meet, then continue to live alone...... Forever, alone...... By myself......


Chris opened his eyes. A beautiful face paler than the new moon appeared before his eyes. The girl trembled slightly. She bit her lip, and her eyes were drooped, while the crimson hair before her chest hung just above Chris's throat.

Chris felt the chilling touch of metal by his cheek, and realized that a huge sword was just by his face, and understood that he was actually lying down on the ground. While the girl by his side— Minerva, she leaned on the sword by his face, kneeling down on the ground with one knee, her face hung before him.

Chris stood up while dragging his numb right hand, the sword in his hands far lighter than before......

—That's right, my sword had already......

—Been broken......

When Chris' sword had met Minerva's, he deflected his opponents attack, but after some collisions for a few more times, it was actually broken by his opponent from the guard. Minerva had continued with a full-force collision, causing Chris to faint in the strong assault.

—But why....... Am I still alive?


Minerva's words fell onto Chris's throat, burning his chest.

"Why are you so weak......?"

Her voice choked, tears of unwillingness almost gushing out.

Chris did not understand. Chris did not have a chance to defeat his opponent before him even though the beast in him was active because of a craving for blood. However, the power that allowed him to live on alone in countless battles before him completely disappeared from his arms at that moment. Currently, he did not have any remaining energy to defend himself against his opponent's attacks.

He turned around to look at the back of his hand, and swallowed secretly— The illumination of the insignia disappeared......

—The beast's craving for blood disappeared? On the dawn before the night of new moon, its hunger for the fortunes of the others had already been sated? Such a thing has never happened before......

"Why, it should not have ended like this— You-You should have killed me!"

—This person...... What is she talking about?

—Shouldn't you be the one to kill me......?

"......You can see the future?" Chris asked.

In an instant, Minerva widened her eyes, and her eyes narrowed once more, and she pouted, "......I can see everything...... In the changing matters in the universe, only you continued to stop on this night, ending my life...... I changed everything, but I could not escape from only this no matter what......"

Minerva raised Chris' face with her hand. Coldness came from her fingertips, drawing the warmth from Chris bit by bit.

"I hear a voice...... A filthy voice...... The owner of the voice seems to be inhuman— What is with this?"

Minerva looked as though she wished to speak of the bitterness in her heart when she spoke,

"—Eat, the voice said...... Tell me, whose voice is this!? What kind of person are you? I can even see a bloodstained jaw, and then—"

Chris felt the fingers at the side of his head loosen......

"And I cannot see death anymore— Disappeared, why!?"

Chris did indeed feel what she said. That was the roar of the beast, a voice trembling in joy after its fangs were wet with blood.

"You should be bearing the fate of killing me, that is your fate. Why did it turn out like this!?"

"......I think......"

At the moment when Chris spoke, he felt like his voice was like a rapier that stabbed into his heart, but the feeling was indescribably sweet,

"I think, the fate that you spoke of was probably devoured by the beast in my......"

Hearing those words, Minerva's eyes that were like pellucid black jade clouded over. Shadows of confusion came from the depths of her profound pupils.

What is with this......?

Chris did not understand. The meaning of the existence of the beast that lived in him should be devouring the fortunes of the others, so that he could live on alone. On the day when he had left the village that he lived in, the village chief said so as well, and the beast in him said the same— Perhaps, the beast could devour the fate of one who was destined to die, letting the person live on......

—Whatever...... Chris thought— This is fine as well......

—If so, I can just close my eyes and sleep.

—Just let her eat me, and continue to live on......

Chris closed his eyes, awaiting the sense of the chilly blade that had a hot sense of passion to pierce through his body.

......However— *smack*— What awaited him was a clear smack and a burning sense on his cheek. After that, a numbing pain spread slowly on his cheek.

"What are you joking about!"

Minerva grabbed Chris's collar, pulling him up from the ground. Chris opened his eyes, and saw Minerva, whose face was slightly red in agitation. After that, he was slapped once again.

"Do you really wish to die so much!"

Chris did not answer her questions, and just nodded as his collar was held. Tears filled the maiden's eyes, almost gushing out. The depths of her heart seemed to be in conflict, and were shaken by certain energy. That moment, her face that sank in pained emotions emitted a peerless beauty.

—Why......? Is she crying?

—The person that she wishes to kill is just a filthy beast......

—I am a beast, and I have no other choice but to treat such a beautiful girl as food, eating her to live on, is it not?

All of a sudden, Chris's face was attacked, causing the back of his head to bump viciously onto the ground. He saw the broken sword in his hands fall onto the ground as he loosened his grip because of the impact. He raised his upper torso with the resolution of death and faced Minerva. However, she had already sheathed her huge sword into a scabbard made of leather pads that was tied on her back, completely ignoring his wish.

In confusion, Chris lied down on the ground again, looking at the red haired maiden beside him.

"Stand." She said.


"Don't you mind and just get up. I am going back to the camp. You are my prisoner, and I am going to bring you back."

"Kill me."

His abdomen was attacked. Her kick caused Chris to roll on the ground in pain, coughing for a few times.

"You lost. You have no right to ask me what I am going to do to you."

That moment, words that he had not said to anyone these years surged in his throat. However, the words disappeared after a moment.

"......Why are you doing this?"

After a while, he finally spoke in a hoarse voice, "What can you do even if you bring me back?"

"I want you to be my slave."

"You know about me, right— About it?" Chris touched his forehead. "It can devour the fortunes of the others. The people who stay by my side will face a cruel fate. So...... Just kill me—"

"You should have been the one to kill me!"

Minerva's angry shout covered Chris's weak voice.

"But you devoured the fate that had been set. If so!"

She took one step forward, and another, and extended a hand to Chris,

TnJtRnK v01 056.jpg

"You must obediently stay by my side, devouring all of my destiny of death! If you are going to devour, you can only devour my fate."

All of a sudden, Minerva's voice overlapped with his mother's words in Chris's mind......

—There can only be me in your eyes.

—Eat my flesh.

—Drink my blood.

—And live on......

Chris decided to stay by her side, eating the premonitions of death that descend on her. If so, no other lives would be devoured by the beast.

—However, can I really protect her? Can I do it......?

—And I, must I continue to live on for this goal......

A gust blew on Minerva's red hair that was like flames, covering the new moon on the top of his head. Her wet eyes could be clearly seen even though she was against the light.

—Can I continue to live on for her......?

—Such a situation......

"Such a situation...... How long is this going to last?"

"Until the clan of the celestial kings are annihilated." Minerva said.

Chris could not help but gasp after hearing that.

The profound eyes of the girl seemed to be even deeper that time, as though they fell into boundless darkness.

Chris suddenly understood that the girl had actually walked alone in a night more dangerous than he had encountered, until she had met him at this place and this moment.

—I...... I did not make it in time to save mother. No matter how many people I killed, how many fortunes of the others that I devoured, I could not save her......

—But I met this girl. If so......

Chris held the hand extended towards him, Minerva's hand.

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