Ultimate Antihero:Volume 1 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5[edit]

Part 1[edit]

High in the cloudy sky.

In the sky where the light of the living flame disappeared, the figure of the baphomet was gone.

In the mission map, the marker that was assigned to baphomet had also gone already.

All the people on the battlefield raised their voices in great joy knowing that fact.

“We, we did it―!”

“Awesome! So this is the power of a S-rank magician that only ten people in the world can claim to be!”

“Yo―sh! Only the small fries remain! We are going to clean them up in one go!”

With Sumika destroying baphomet, the moral of all the magicians that were on that battlefield were heightened to the max.

With the most dangerous threat removed, the National Defense Magicians gathered their strength and began the extermination of the demon remnants.

The enemy markers on the mission map were vanishing one after another.

The situation at the National Defense Magicians’ side made a comeback in one go.

The troop of demons was routed, they began an escape that was really crude to be called as a retreat.

It was fine already to judge the situation as the National Defense Magicians’ victory.

Shiori who was observing everything from the far sky believed that to be true.

At the same time with that confidence, a transmission from the commander of the seventh division, Hassad, came at the corner of her field of vision.

{Shiori, I believe? My thanks for your cooperation. Thanks to you a lot of the troops were saved.}

Shiori returned a small nod towards his thanks.

{Even though we are still trainee, but we are shouldering the same duty. So you don’t need to mind it. Rather than that, I think the situation has calmed down to the level that that the seventh division alone is enough to deal with it. Do you mind if we begin withdrawing the student magicians soon?}

{Right. Of course. Can I entrust you with the withdrawal’s instruction?}

{…Yes. I will take responsibility for this side, so I’ll leave the extermination of the enemy remnants to the seventh division.}

{Got it. You really helped us today. Thank you.}

With that thanks as his last words, the transmission from Hassad was cut.

At the same time, Shiori sent the sign and route for withdrawing to all the students.

Later, her ghosts should guide them and finish the withdrawal.

If she had worked this much then even Sumika shouldn’t have any complaint.

“The situation is over isn’t it?”

Shiori took a breath and relaxed her body from tension.

After that, she looked at the north sky once again where the threat had gone.

She was looking at the young S-rank magician that was hovering there.

“But even so, there is no other way to say it than ‘just as expected’.”

Shiori who had watched the battle between Sumika and baphomet from the same sky leaked a voice of admiration.

If it was a S-rank magician, then it was only natural for them to defeat a <General class>.

This situation could be viewed with that way. Yet,

To be this strong at that age.

As expected it was unusual.

That strength… reminded Shiori of a memory inside her, of the <Book Burning Corps> that once existed in the <Knight Order Without Borders>.

She might even rival the strength of that elite squad that included Homura when he was young.

(If it’s this person, perhaps……)

―Then, at that moment where Shiori stopped her thinking due to such idle thought, that change happened.

Part 2[edit]

“Haee―, as expected Sumika-chan when she gets serious is amazing isn’t she?”

Far below the sky.

Rozalind nodded in agreement to Anna’s murmured words that were said while she was looking at the sky from between the tilted buildings.

“Yes. There is a magician of the same age as us that is this strong. …We too mustn’t lose.”

“Ain’t that right―. But the withdrawal instruction has come already, this is the end for today.”

Saying that, Anna gave out instructions to her own subordinates that were Rosalind and Ayumi.

“Let’s withdraw. As expected my eyes are pretty tired here.”

After that she turned to Homura that had saved them and expressed her thanks.

“Thanks so much for today, Homura-kun. We narrowly escaped death.”

“Really, thank you, very much-“

Ayumi who was the person that got helped also swiftly bowed her head.

“I said it already. If you want to say thanks just say it to the leader.”

“Well, we are going to say thanks to Hoshikawa-chan too, but Homura-kun had also helped us. ―Ah, that’s right. Looks like today we can withdraw early, Homura-kun, can you eat together with us later? I‘ll treat you today as thanks you know~?”

“Oh? Really?”

Treat. Homura showed a reaction to that word.

Being stuck with the label of [traitor], Homura’s monetary situation where he couldn’t even get a decent job was basically always under pressure.

“If you’re gonna treat then there ain’t any way I’m not going.”

“That’s really greedy.”

“I’ll take whatever I’m given except for disease.”

“Then, let’s go back together. Homura-san-“


Homura returned a nod towards Ayumi’s voice and followed behind the withdrawing three.

No, he was going to follow them.

But his step immediately stopped.


And then, Homura looked up at the cloudy sky with a sharp gaze as if glaring at something.

“What’s wrong?”

Rozalind asked Homura who suddenly stopped walking.

But, Homura didn’t respond to her voice,

“Oi, oi, are you serious?”

With a powerful kick that exploded the ground, Homura flew to the air.

“Wh, what, just what in the world―”

“Looks like he is heading to Hoshikawa-chan’s direction, but, has something happened?”

Anna and Rozalind saw off Homura who suddenly flew to the sky in puzzlement.

Even though the battle had ended already, just what made him that panicked they wondered.

That was what the two were thinking.

But, Ayumi who was opening her mission map by chance in that place was,

“Anna-chan! Rozalind-chan! Look at the mission map!”

―She saw the moment of that unusual event.

And then, the one who witnessed that was not only Ayumi.

“Eh, wha, what, this is”

“Oi oi, what is happening!?”

Commotion was happening everywhere on the battlefield, many agitated voices could be heard.


The reason was in the mission map that they saw.

The sky above the battlefield.

There, marker that showed the enemy position, one, two, three, five, spots of enemy markers were increasing.

The number of markers was gradually increasing with the momentum like raindrops blotting the map, before long new markers that numbered more than fifty were created.

The fact that was indicated by that display, was enemy reinforcement.

But, everyone’s attention was not directed there.

Such thing, was only a trivial matter right now.

What they were staring at, was not the markers that had just increased into more than fifty,

But the marker with remarkably enormous size, that was gradually blotting the center of those markers.


They looked above.

With the same timing, everyone looked up at the sky.

At the end of their sight, the cloudy sky distorted, white lightning scattered, what appeared was―a new army of the demon race.

A gigantic… an enormous golden dragon clad in lightning with size that made one hallucinate that it might have the size of thousands of kilometers, and

Surrounding that dragon, black humanoid demons that numbered more than fifty.

In the back of the mind of everyone that was dumbfoundedly looking up at that, Shiori’s voice that was exuding a little uneasiness reverberated.

{…Emergency situation occurred. The force of enemy reinforcements has been confirmed.

The classification of their lineup, <General class> baphomet―66.

And then… unknown dragon-type gigantic demon―1.

Further the presumed ability of this unknown demon is equivalent to Typhon. There is no doubt that it’s a <Demon King class>.}

That demon would later be named the <Demon King Jambure>, it was the second <Demon King class> demon’s invasion in human history.

“This is, a lie…… right?”

“Even though just one baphomet… is impossible already.”

“Again, will that thing, start <Walpurgis Night> again……!”

Everyone that were in this place had witnessed and knew about <Walpurgis Night>.

Just how much unreasonable strength a <Demon King class> demon possessed.

It was like looking at a giant comet that was falling to the earth.

A symbol of ruin that they couldn’t do anything against, that they could only laugh.

A part of the people there had their fighting spirit taken away thoroughly, they dropped their weapons and fell to their knees.

However, just who in the world could blame them?

With this, enormous coiling golden dragon that covered the whole sky as their opponent, just how in the world a human that was at most only two meters high could win against it.

And then―as if to laugh scornfully at the humans, Jambure lifted its long neck,

It opened its enormous jaw.

Instantly, bluish white light surged out from under the golden scales that covered Jambure’s whole body,

{High magic power reaction on a level that is impossible to measure from the enemy <Demon King class>! All hands, escape as far away as possible!}

Almost at the same time with Shiori’s warning, a beam that was bundled from several million lightning was fired from Jambure’s mouth.

breath of lightningDivine Breath that stole all color and dyed the world white surged out in a straight line heading right below Jambure, towards the S-rank magician that defeated baphomet, and everything that survived at the battlefield below.

“A, …….ah,”

Facing the approaching burning white, Sumika that was just right below it couldn’t even escape.

She was swallowed by the pressure of <Demon King class> that she witnessed for the first time from really close.

That was why she could only accept that destruction in the air―

Ultimate Antihero V1 c51.png


Her body was thrust away by Homura who ascended vertically from the ground.

“Ho, Homura-san-!”

Sumika reflexively called that name.

But Homura didn’t even look at her, he thrust out his left hand at the approaching Divine Breath, and deployed a barrier of pentagram <Ancient SealElder Sign> so huge that it completely covered the whole battlefield. It blocked the demon king’s attack right from the front.


Raising a howling voice, Homura wringed out all the power he possessed and maintained the barrier.

The Divine Breath that was obstructed by the pentagram barrier had several lines of light scattered from it and pierced the ground.

It blew away abandoned buildings, gouged the land, evaporated bodies of water, and blew away the sacred mountain that was visible from afar right from its base. [1]

A power so great that it changed the terrain of the earth itself.

But against that abnormal pressure, Homura bit his teeth and pushed back,

―He somehow held out against the attack.


“Chih. …As expected, picking a fight with a <Demon King class> with <Aureole> attached is a bit troublesome.”

The compensation for that was heavy.

“Homura-san! Yo, your arm is……-!”


Sumika beside him and Vel, the two of them screamed.

Homura’s left arm that blocked the Divine Breath was hideously burned, the majority of that arm was turned into black charcoal.

His flesh melted, and his bone was exposed in some places.

It was a heavy injury to the degree that even recovery sorcery might not be able to heal, but Homura,

“Aah, don’t mind it. It’s not really a big deal.”

Homura bluffed while his forehead sweated from enduring the pain.

“The, there is just no way it’s not a big deal…!”

{Master, why didn’t you use me as a shield…!?}

“Aah geez, you guys are noisy. It ain’t the time to prattle about things like that y’know.”

After yelling at the restless two, Homura looked up straight at the sky.

Correct, right now is not the time to say that it’s hurt or it’s painful.

The second invasion of a <Demon King class>. Right now such a thing was truly happening.

Then, there was only one way left to oppose this.

Just like there was no way to defeat Typhon but one.

“―This is as far as I go, huh.”

With a small voice, Homura leaked out those words, he then asked a question to Shiori that was far away with mind transmission.

“Shiori. Has the permission for limited release come?”

{No. It still hasn’t come yet. Otou-san and also Kinugasa-san are hurrying it, but looks like those guys are reluctant.}

(Well, I imagined already that it’s like that though.)

“…Really, what a bunch of hopeless old geezers.”

With his eyes quietly getting angry, Homura made a single decision inside himself.

The demon king floating in the sky was already entering the preparation for the second Divine Breath.

He guessed its preparation was longer than before was because this time it was gathering just that much power.

If it kept like this then he wouldn’t be able to defend against the second attack.

He had a way that he didn’t really want to do, but life that was lost now couldn’t be replaced.

“Shiori. I’ve got a request.”

Part 3[edit]

The matter about the appearance of Jambure that was presumed as <Demon King class> near the Tokyo life sphere, was immediately notified towards Orion Tower that was the center of the <United World Government> located in Detroit life sphere, the Five Great Leaders that were doing a meeting for the <One Year Plan> just before this stayed in place for the countermeasure meeting against the newly appeared demon king.

However that meeting was only a meeting in name.

Five years ago. The time when there was still more than a hundred countries in this world.

Even by mobilizing all the magicians and the armies of those countries that numbered more than a hundred, they still couldn’t win against the <Demon King class> demon.

Things that humanity could do against this threat were particularly non-existent.

They could only lament the situation.

“What a thing to happen…! Just in five years, a new <Demon King> class appears again……!”

“Even so, it’s great that we can have five years until something like this… maybe it’s better to say that I wonder…”

The image of Jambure was projected in the hologram above the middle of the round table.

The president of America, Joseph Franklin, and Britain’s prime minister, Leti Cline, that were watching that made a heavy sigh.

In contrast the one who raised his voice was the secretary general of China Republic Union, Wan Tairon.

“O, oi! The hell are you doing just getting dazed like that! <Evil God User> is there right! It’s fine if we just make that guy fight!”

“Ah, right. That’s right! The one that can oppose <Demon King class> is only him!”

“If I remember right the petition for limited release already came right?”

“Then quickly approve that limited release ―”

“It’s unnecessary.”

“ “ “Eh?” ” ”

Suddenly, a heavy voice remonstrated the three who were talking so vigorously that they might have bitten their own tongue.

It was the voice of the highest leader of the Holy Path Church, Innocentius.

“Your grace!?”

“O, oi oi! Just what d’you mean by that!?”

“If, if it goes like this then Tokyo life sphere will be erased from the map you know!? Do you understand that!?”

“Whether that place is erased from the map or anything, is there a problem? It’s nothing more than an erasure of those heretics in Tokyo life sphere. Isn’t that fine, even if they are erased right now.”

Innocentius said out those cruel words with a calm voice until the very end.

And then as if to support that opinion, Soviet’s supreme ruler, Gregorio Rasputin, that hadn’t opened his mouth until now continued after Innocentius.

“In the first place there is little benefit for us even if we let Japan remain. It’s obvious that they will be a hindrance for the <One Year Plan>. Perhaps this is a good move for them to be destroyed by the new demon king altogether with the <Evil God User>.”

“That’s…… perhaps it’s just as you say.”

“Bu, but if the <Evil God User> dies, just who will take care of the <Demon King class>!?”

“There is no problem at all regarding that matter. The <Messiah Creation Plan> has already ninety percent complete.”

“ “ “――–!” ” ”

Hearing Innocentius’ words, the expressions of the three people other than Gregorio were colored in shock.

That was only natural. It was because the <Messiah Creation Plan> that was said just now, was a project of absolute secrecy that had importance rivaling even the <One Year Plan>, a plan to create a pawn that was loyal to them possessing a power that rivaled the <Evil God User>, so that they wouldn’t need to rely on the <Evil God User> forever.

“Tha, that plan was already, advancing until a stage that can be implemented!?”

“Indeed. The <Messiah> has already awakened.”

“O, ooh!”

“Therefore, there is not a single problem at all. Rather, this demon king’s invasion is a great fortune for us. A new demon king that destroyed the messiah before. That demon king will be destroyed by our Messiah. And with that, this time, we will become the rulers of this world, both in name and reality.”

“Magnificent-! If the <Messiah> has already reached that stage, certainly the <Evil God User> is unneeded!”

“With this we can discard that annoying man.”

The good news that Innocentius brought about excited the atmosphere of the place.

Then they didn’t need to do anything regarding this case with Jambure.

After they made sure that Homura who was tied by <Aureole> got killed, they could depart for the battle with ease.

The moment the opinion of the Five Great Leaders was settled like that―it happened.

{As always, you guys are thinking of good-for-nothing matters.}

Suddenly, a voice filled with contempt resounded inside the room, noise was running from the display that was projecting the figure of Jambure.

And then at the next moment, at the display that was projecting Jambure’s image until now―the figure of <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura was reflected.


“<Evil God User>!? Ho, how can you be in this screen…!? Besides this voice is…!”

{There is an expert of magic power transmission that can do as she pleases with magic power communication network throughout the world at this side y’know. I got her to take over the transmission system of Orion Tower for a little.}

“……So it’s that experimental body.”

The solidness of Orion Tower’s magic power transmission mechanism was number one in the world.

To so easily take it over, was something even Homura couldn’t do.

But in this world there was only one person, a human with transcendental proficiency that far surpassed human standards for this kind of thing.

Realizing about that existence, Innocentius warped his face in annoyance.

And the looking down at that Innocentius from the display, Homura continued his words.

{Well, it doesn’t matter what you guys are sneakily doing there, but right now is an emergency situation. You guys understand my reason accessing this place right? Currently a <Demon King class> has appeared besides Tokyo life sphere. It cannot be dealt with if not with me as the <Evil God User>. That’s why approve the limited release of <Aureole> quickly. The contact from Kinugasa should have come already.}

Homura threw that demand at them with a disrespectful tone.

The one who responded towards that demand was Joseph, who talked while wiping the sweat at his forehead with a handkerchief.

“Ah, yes. Right. Of course the contact has come. But the limited release of <Aureole> is an absurdly big decision even for us. By a certain degree, the <Evil God User> is feared by the people even more than the demon king. It’s unimaginable just how great the disturbance that will run among the populace if that power is released. We need to pile up deliberation on top of deliberation, there is a necessity to make a comprehensive decision by including every factor. At the very least after one more hour…..”

Homura scoffed at Joseph’s mumbling reply.

{Hah. Don’t give me an answer with your aim that transparent. ―If you bastards have that kind of intention then I’ll say my piece too. I’ve got no more intention to let somebody die in front of my eyes for the second time. That’s why if right now you bastards are sayin’ that you won’t release <Aureole>, I’ll use my own power to bust out <Aureole>.}

“There is no way you can do something like ―”

{You think I can’t?}

Saying that, Homura who was above the sky far away from Detroit life sphere intentionally flowed his right hand with power.

The suffocating pressure that usually surrounded his own body as if he was inside the deep sea.

He wielded his power intentionally trying to shake off that pressure.

That moment― the planet trembled.

As if creaking,

As if cracking,

Along with the sound of fatal destruction that brought about terror just by hearing it, the earth shook.

Against that shaking, Joseph felt sweat gushing out from his back.

(Co, come to think of it, <Aureole> is, a magic that is using the power of earth itself to continuously seal his power.)

‘Then―could this shaking possibly be’, a chill that was near conviction ran through his body.

And then after that,

{I, i-i, it’s a disaster president!}

Due to an urgent transmission from the top secret facility underground the South Pole where the installation of <Aureole>’s seal formula was built, that chill was immediately confirmed into fact.

{The pressure from the <Evil God User> is suddenly raising, it’s in the process of surpassing the endurance of <Aureole> underground the South Pole-! I, if it keeps like this the power will be unrestrainable and blow away the <Aureole>-! P, please give the evacuation order! Presidentttt!!!!}

It was a transmission filled with fierce alert sounds accompanied with explosive noises.

And then the voice of the person at the other side of the transmission that was at his wits’ end, made all members of the Five Great Leaders convinced.

Homura didn’t tell a lie or anything.

That he was able to tear off the collar of the <United World Government> by his own will anytime he wanted.

“That’s, impossible……!”

“U, unbelievable. Then just why didn’t you try to get free from the seal all this time until now!? Even when you fought my army, ain’t you able to win even more easily like this!”

Tairon, who previously attempted to kill Homura by throwing the army that he had at Homura and instead had the table turned on him, awfully asked with all blood leaving his face. Against that question Homura,

{That’s obvious. ―That’s because I myself understand, just what kind of existence I am.}

Without hiding anything, Homura made clear his own thinking.

Just how much terror an existence like him that possessed power outside of the norm would cause for the people.

Homura understood really well about that matter.

And then, he also understood how such reaction was correct, something that couldn’t be helped for a living creature.

For that reason, he pretended to be controlled by the <United World Government>.

The leaders of their own society, had put under their control the existence that possessed an unknown power.

It was for the sake of the weak people who couldn’t feel peace of mind unless they convinced themselves like that.

After all Homura himself didn’t wish to thoughtlessly threaten the people.

{But that too is depending on the situation. It’s fine at time when I have leeway. There is no need to release the seal for every single time I’m just playing around with you bastards. But―this time is different.}

The enemy was a <Demon King class>.

The power as the <Evil God User> was necessary to defeat the enemy.

Without it he couldn’t win.

If he couldn’t win―he couldn’t protect.

That was why, Homura asked―no, he threatened once again.

{After understanding that I ask once more?

Am I gonna bust off the <Aureole> like this and crush your honor to dust.

Or are you gonna release <Aureole> temporarily and order me to exterminate the demon king as the <United World Government>.

―Which one are you gonna choose?}

It was a forceful voice filled with killing intent.

“U, understood. We will acknowledge the limited release.”

The one who answered was Innocentius whose forehead was oozing sweat.

“Your grace! Is that fine!?”

“It’s fine. However the limited release will only be 30%. The time is 50 seconds.”

Hearing those conditions, Homura readily consented without any hesitation.

{That’s enough.}

And then the transmission was cut one-sidedly with his business with them finished.

At the same time, an oppressive silence wrapped the meeting room.

“Your grace……”

“…It can’t be helped. Letting that man rampaging as he pleased right now will affect our cohesive power.”

Innocentius emphasized to Joseph with an expression of anguish.

“However be thorough in the information manipulation. Until the end, insist that from the start we are the ones that give the order to that man.”

“Ye, yes…”

Joseph’s answering voice also didn’t have any dignity.

The feeling that was currently enveloping him was powerlessness.

They who until just now were thinking of the distribution of territory of the dismantled countries from the <One Year Plan>,

These Five Great Leaders who were holding the world in their hand,

Were they this powerless facing only a single kid that was at most just 17 years old, such thing was running in their minds right now.

However, after a while that feeling of powerlessness changed into selfish hatred that burned inside their hearts.

For a mere brat whose birth place was not even known, to dare to look down on they who were great rulers, it was something unforgivable.

Without fail, before long they would without fail teach that brat his place in this world.

Innocentius buried his nails into the sofa and ground his teeth.

Part 4[edit]

{Homura. The approval for thirty percent limited release just came.}

At the same time when Homura cut the transmission, that approval reached Shiori’s side.

“Geez, wasting our time like this.”

After hurling that abuse, Homura focused his consciousness through his whole body.

And then, he felt the ten curses that continuously bound him.

He obtained the sensation of the disappearance of three curses among those ten.

The feeling of oppression that constantly wrapped around his body as if he was in the bottom of the ocean was slightly mitigated.

“Limit 50 second. Seal formula of TenthMalchut, NinthYesod, EighthHod, limited release―confirmed.”

Instantly, winds of darkness color surged out from Homura’s whole body.

It was deep, black, with thickness as if it would completely coat the world itself, the magic power of Homura.

It was an aurora of darkness so thick to the degree it overshadowed even the lightnings of the dragon that were shining all over the sky.

During an instant of an instant, that aurora wrapped Homura’s body and completely recovered his charred left hand.

It was far off from his full power, but right now it was enough if he could use just this much.

Correct, after confirming his own condition,

“From now on I’ll exterminate all of you.”

Homura glared at Jambure that was floating in the sky.

{█ █ █ █ █ █――!!!!}

Homura’s magic power suddenly swelled up an order of magnitude higher.

Perhaps holding a wariness towards that fact, as expected the baphomets that were standing by around Jambure didn’t stay quiet and moved all at once.

They flapped their wings of bat and rushed at Homura.

Their number was 66.

It was a sight of a great number of baphomets descending down from the cloudy sky.

The sight was a nightmare that was more than enough to drive the premonition of the Apocalypse day of destruction in the bible into the minds of the humans watching it.


The expression of Sumika who was flying besides Homura paled from the descending despair.

However Homura was not shaken in the slightest,

“It’s fine.”

He just gently said words to calm Sumika, and waved his recovered left hand straight to the side.

That instant―a starry sky was created behind him.

No―it was,

“This is, don’t tell me… Photon Bullet!?”

The one who was shocked was Sumika who remained in the air nearby.

Correct. What was formed behind Homura was not a starry sky, it was just something mistaken as a starry sky―a swarm of no element first grade sorcery・Photon Bullet that numbered far more than ten thousand in total.

Photon Bullet・Mode Genocide.

“Shot them down.”

Together with Homura’s command, the created swarm of light bullets that looked like a starry sky were shot all at once.

And then they broke the sound barrier the instant they were shot, intercepting the baphomets that were descending down through the sky.

The baphomets didn’t even have time to evade and attempted to defend from the barrage using sorcery barrier, but it was entirely pointless.

Although it was only thirty percent, the sorcery of Homura whose original power had been liberated wouldn’t be able to be stopped by the barrier of <General class> level.

The barrage of meteor that emitted dark aurora easily pierced the barrier as if tearing through wet tissue.

The baphomets were turned into beehives.

66… 42… 30… 18… 4…

The markers of baphomets on the mission map were disappearing one after another.

And then each time a single marker vanished, the remains of a baphomet that had been turned into a ragged cloth rained down.

“A, amazing…..”

“Those baphomets who are that strong, are falling like leaves.”

“Just a first grade sorcery, can have this much power?”

The people who were watching that scene from the ground were looking at that spectacle in mute amazement.

And then Ayumi, who was among those people, became aware of the true meaning of the words that Homura murmured in a small voice at the afternoon today.

{Well the truth is, it’s inefficient at the time you use something like guided missiles though.}

(…Certainly it’s like he said.)

In the first place the idea of a tracking bullet was an idea born from the premise that the opponent could dodge.

Homura thought.

For starters, there had already been a problem with that premise.

It was quite irrational to chase an opponent that could evade.

Against an enemy like that, it would be better if you made them unable to evade from the start.

It would be better to hit everything on the battlefield leaving nothing left with bullets as many as the stars in the sky.

By doing that a premise that the enemy could evade or anything wouldn’t occur. There would be no way it could occur.

―After all there was no gap to evade or any place to escape, none at all.

Before long the reaction of all the baphomets had vanished from the mission map.

The one-sided extermination as if crushing ants was completed in less than 20 seconds.

What remained in the sky was only the <Demon King class> Jambure.


As expected from a demon king, it wasn’t defeated by a first grade sorcery.

However, as expected even a demon king felt the danger to itself from the scene that happened under its eye.

Together with a howling rage, Jambure gathered the power of lightning that it had stocked in its whole body at its throat, it once again was going to fire that Divine Breath that changed even the terrain.


“Homura-san, please be careful! That breath is coming again!”

“I told you don’t panic.”

Correct. There was no need to panic. Why was that,

“Ain’t no way I’m letting it do that for the second time.”

Instantly, Homura’s figure vanished before Sumika’s eyes,

At the same time, Homura’s figure appeared before the eyes of Jambure who had lifted its long neck.

The two’s position should have the difference in altitude of about a kilometer.

Did Homura move with a speed that the eye couldn’t catch?

The answer, was different.

―The truth was he had [vanished] before [appearing] again.

Dimension element and time element of fifth grade composite sorcery・Imaginary Number TransferTeleport.

What was sealed from Homura because of <Aureole> was not just his magic power.

Not to mention his physical ability, even his thinking ability was constantly burdened by something like a grave fever.

But, right now even though it was only thirty percent, his original thinking ability―in other words his calculation ability was returning. For Homura who had recovered his power to that extent, including all kinds of factors, like the burden to the body when breaking through the sound barrier or speed decay due to air resistance when he moved normally, in his calculation was inefficient instead.

Dismantling his own existence until the unit of imaginary numbers once and then reconstructing his existence back using quantum teleport at the chosen coordinates, he could move far faster and efficient with that method.

And then the greatest merit of this Teleport, was the 100% guaranteed chance of taking the enemy’s unguarded moment after closing the distance.


Facing Homura who suddenly appeared before its eyes, Jambure couldn’t react.

Homura who used Teleport to appear before the shining jaw of Jambure that was leaking out lightning, rotated his body vertically just like that, ―and kicked the lower jaw of Jambure hard.

That blow was severe without compare.

Against that single strike possessing a heaviness that couldn’t be imagined from that small body, Jambure’s lower jaw was launched up and collided with its upper jaw forcefully.

And then now, it was exactly when Jambure was going to discharge the Divine Breath, so―

Suddenly, that beam that changed even the earth terrain lost its way out, producing great explosions inside Jambure’s mouth.


Lightning burst inside its mouth, torn open its gums, evaporated its tongue, smashing its skull into pieces.

It didn’t manage to kill the enormous demon, but it was a fatal enough wound.

Jambure screamed with a roar that reached even beyond the horizon, it began to fall to the ground from the sky while writhing. If it hit the ground surface like this, the impact would surely inflict large damage to this demon.

But that must not be let to happen.

If this enormous body that covered even the whole sky crashed to the ground, the people below wouldn’t be safe in the aftermath.

Until it fell to the ground―it had to be killed.

That was why Homura closed his eyelids, and chanted.

…What he spoke was the soul of language exchanged with the abominable evil god that would make one hesitate.

Look up now the really high place of blue sky

The seething stars shine brilliantly in blasphemy announcing the engraving of fate to thy

The walking person riding the wind o god of the great white silence

Break the eternal admonishment and stand up tear up the sky and come here

Every stick and stone altogether for the sake of mowing down with thy power

That soul of language resounded at the cloudy sky in an instant that didn’t even take a second, however it was let out from the mouth like a nocturne with soft and slow melody.

Each time a single melody reverberated, the color of the sky turned deeper.

The ash-colored clouds that covered the sky turned muddy black, tinged with lightning.

Even the light of the sun that pierced through the cloudy sky and illuminated the ground was perfectly blocked, a darkness that was equal with the dark of night fell onto the land.

Anyone that was on the battlefield obtained a single premonition from the sudden change in the world.

―Something terrifying was going to happen.

Even something like <Demon King class> wouldn’t compare, a terrifying existence was coming closer, that kind of premonition.

And then, among those people, there was only one person―a person that didn’t merely have a premonition but a conviction.

It was, Sumika.


The girl hugged her shoulders from the chill that attacked her whole body, her breath was taken away.

The girl knew. What kind of thing those exchanged words were directed to.

The girl also had a chance to come into contact with a part of that power before. She had used it before.

The person riding the wind on foot. The god of the great white silence. The walking death. The person that subjugates the sky―

Feared in many names, the evil god <Great Old One>.

The true name of that person, it was―

Ultimate Antihero V1 c52.png

“Rage madly. ―<God of Raging Storm> Ithaqua!”

The instant Homura announced the hidden true name of the god in the correct sound scale,

―The thunder roared and the black sky split.

Part 5[edit]

At that time, all the people that were looking up to the sky saw that.

Ten black fingers that carried even deeper darkness than the black clouds covering the sky, were thrusting out from the clouds.

And then, the sticking out fingers took hold of the clouds, before they slowly pushed open the clouds to the left and right.

As if opening up a curtain, the sky was torn open until beyond the horizon.

The split open heaven and earth. What was peeking in from there was the universe of another world.

The stars shined bright in ominous light, the spreading black had no end in sight as if it would swallow everything.

And then―

In the middle of such a universe where everything was insane―it was there.

A gigantic… an absurdly gigantic size that made one didn’t even understand if the concept of size could even be applied to it, of a corpse clad in black cloud and wind.

The spots that appeared to be eye sockets were filled with darkness even deeper than the black clouds, twin green stars were inside those spots while shining clearly in radiance like a pair of eyes.

This was exactly the true appearance of that person. [2]

This was not an avatar through a grimoire like that time with her <Grim Bullet>.

This was the true appearance of the person riding wind on foot.

“A, aa……!”

Here and there, the magicians that were looking up at the sky fell to their knees on the ground.

The appearance of the evil god that ought to be feared, froze anyone with dread.

That fear was beyond compare even with that time they saw Jambure, even the desire to live that was only natural for a living thing was erased from them.

If they could, they wanted their heart to just stop beating right now immediately.

Such wish was seriously floating in their hearts.

They held an unshakeable conviction in their mind from that grotesque god’s appearance.

This thing, was absolutely not a person that was on their side, such conviction.

This was an existence that was overflowing with absurd evilness, and malice that was hard to describe, to the degree that the imagination of diminutive humans like them couldn’t reach, to the degree that even those demons called <Demon King> couldn’t even compare.

But, there was an existence here that such wicked people were submitting to.

“Do it.”

With a word of the <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura, he ordered the evil god <Great Old One> behind him. Thereupon―


With his word, the evil god that appeared by splitting the sky showed a movement.

It made a fist while making a voice that sounded like bellows, it pounded at the falling Jambure.

The fist of wind and cloud swung down like a hammer from the tear of the sky, striking at Jambure.

Instantly, Jambure’s gigantic body froze.

The freezing happened one after another from the part where the wind and cloud formed by Ithaqua touched.

The golden scales that were frozen broke into powder due to the rampaging gale, torn off from the flesh, and taken away into the universe of another world.

After the scales, the flesh was next. After the flesh, the bone was next. The freezing moved starting from where the part was touched, and then crushed.

Finally―faster than Jambure’s gigantic body could impact the ground, it went into the universe of another world.

The demon king died, the god left.

At the far above sky, with his scarf fluttering like wings, who remained was only the <Evil God User>, just him alone.

This was, the happening that occurred in slightly less than a minute.

Part 6[edit]

The moment the figure of Ithaqua couldn’t be seen.

Homura felt his body was wrapped in a pressure like sinking into the deep ocean once more.

Passing over the limit of the limited release, <Aureole> operated once more.

“Just 50 seconds. That’s a great work if I do say so myself.

Murmuring that, Homura put away <Liber Legis> into a subspace using sorcery.

A weapon was not needed anymore.

Only the markers of allies remained on the mission map.

After all Ithaqua had also taken away the slightly remaining demons on the ground while he was at it.


Suddenly, a voice called out to Homura after the battle ended.

The one who called out was Sumika with her expression strangely tense.

“Hm? What’s with you, making that kind of scary face.”

“…Is the story just now true?”

“Just now?”

“About how you purposefully have your power sealed, is that true?”

Homura remembered from being asked that.

When he was in communication with the Five Great Leaders, she was right beside him.

“…Well, so you heard that because you are at the side. Keep it secret okay. After all it’s gonna be troublesome if it gets leaked out.”

There would be no meaning at all to put up a false show if this secret was completely exposed.

That was why Homura requested this earnestly to Sumika.

But, Sumika’s expression became even more tense from Homura that was like that.

“Why are you doing something like that!? Such a thing, to suppress your own power by yourself…! It’s just doesn’t make sense! Even though if you fought with your full power right from the start, then… you won’t be hurt like that!”

She was watching the fight from up close.

Homura’s arm was hideously burned with the majority of the arm turned into charcoal, she had witnessed that painful sight.

And also his expression that endured the pain.

For that reason she couldn’t come to terms with it.

If at that point of time he could destroy <Aureole> with his own power, then he should be able to defend against the demon king’s attack without having to bear a heavy wound, yet he didn’t do that by his own intentions.

Homura, hearing the question of the girl that was like that, he gave the same answer like when he was questioned by the Five Great Leaders through the transmission, just why he didn’t tear off his collar if he actually could do that anytime.

“’Cause if I was just left alone freely, many people are gonna piss themselves in terror.”

“Isn’t it fine for just something like that! It’s not like they are going to die from that-! Besides Homura-san is the person that has saved humanity once, aren’t you!? Just where is the need to be considerate to those people who cannot believe Homura-san despite all that to the degree that you have to expose yourself to danger!?”

Sumika declared that there was no need for all that.

However, Homura’s opinion was different.

“…I also get what Hoshikawa is saying. But, a scary thing is still scary.”

He directed his gaze to the ground.

Just what was Homura looking at? Sumika followed his gaze. And then―she noticed.

The many looks of terror, directed at Homura from the ground.

Those who were directing such looks at Homura, were exactly the national defense magicians whose lives were supposed to be just saved by him.

“That’s… if Homura-san didn’t fight they all would be killed, yet why…”

“It’s not really something strange. Not everyone is strong like Hoshikawa or Chikori. The ones that look at me yet don’t piss themselves are the extraordinary ones. To fear the existence that transcends your understanding is the correct reaction as a living being after all.”

―They had seen it.

The hard to describe grotesque shape of the evil god, that one would hesitate just to say it.

That was exactly why they were scared.

Something like that wasn’t supposed to be the ally of humanity.

There was no way an existence that could freely control something like that could be someone upright. That was what they thought.

“That’s why, telling them to [get used to it] is really pitiful right?”

“But, then… won’t you being misunderstood forever then-“

“Doesn’t really matter. Not like I want to be praised or idolized by anyone. …Besides, you guys are weak after all. Everyone will get killed if I’m not protecting them.”

He already had enough, having someone die in front of his eyes.

Exactly because Homura had lost a lot more than any other person, that such a thought was strong in him.

That was why he would protect.

He didn’t look for sympathy or praise.

He didn’t even think of wanting such things.

It was fine even if he was hated. It was fine even if he was feared. If he could just save even one more person with his power then―

That was Homura’s reason.

“…However, that’s… as if, it’s as if you are a slave isn’t it…-“

“Even if you said that you cannot understand no matter what, I don’t get any other reason than that, so I got no answer more than that y’know.”


Sumika’s expression showed that she still couldn’t accept it, but there was nothing else that she could ask or speak of anymore.

When Homura said that and finished up the talk,

“Then I’m gonna go back to the academy first. After all no matter what I do right now, it’s only gonna make them frightened.”

He left everyone else and flew away to the academy’s direction by himself.

His back became more distant with slow speed.

Looking at that back that was not accompanied by anyone around it… Sumika thought.

(…What a lonely person.)

And then, what a sad person, she thought.

For him, there was no one equal to him.

Whether enemy or ally, there was not a single one that could rival his strength.

Standing alone bearing the term of the strongest―the Ultimate One.

For Homura, everyone other than him was equally a weak person.

And then, because of that he tried to protect everyone.

No matter how much he received absurdly unreasonable treatment, he tolerated everything because they were weak and so it couldn’t be helped.

(Aah, so this is what that means.)

In that moment, Sumika understood the meaning of the words that Shiori said to her this afternoon.

{I love him you know.}

{Though I hate him almost as much.}

{Well, sooner or later you too will understand. If you are beside that man, you will understand even if you don’t want.}

She couldn’t understand what Shiori meant at that time, but right now she could understand clearly.

(This is not just aspiration. As I thought… I love Homura-san.)

And then―for that reason, she couldn’t forgive him. She was so angry to an absurd degree.

To accept being feared like it was only natural, accepting it like it couldn’t be helped.

Carrying out great exploits that should be extolled while not wanting for any praise at all, he sacrificed himself to protect the weak.

Such thing… that way of life of him that only got burdened with loss.

She liked him yet hated him.

It was because she loved him that she loathed him.

In the end, that was surely the meaning of the words that Shiori said.


(Then… I’ll――)

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. I think it talked about Mt. Fuji here.
  2. The person here refers to the evil god. Don’t know why, but the evil god in the raw is often referred to with the word ‘person’ rather than ‘god’.
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