Ultimate Antihero:Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2[edit]

Part 1[edit]

An envoy from the demon world.

The visit of Elfiena that introduced herself as the Queen of the fairy race.

That notice immediately reached the Japan government that managed the Tokyo life sphere with a shockwave along it like lightning.

The prime minister Kinugasa Yoshinori who had continued to haul this dying country all this time since the <Walpurgis Night>, immediately put out a gag order in regards to this situation, and then, through Onjouji Kai he gave the instruction to the 101st trainee platoon so that they led Elfiena to New Tokyo Sorcery Academy without coming into contact with anyone.

And then, not even a hour since that, Kinugasa himself rushed to the New Tokyo Sorcery Academy.

The ones who welcomed Kinugasa, who jumped out from his official vehicle as if he was abandoning a crashed vehicle, were two people, Onjouji Kai and Kamishiro Homura.

“What a panicked arrival. It makes your tailored suit messed up y’know.”

“Ha, haha, I’m really in a panic here. …After all this is not an evil god, but for a demon of all things to come proposing political negotiation, this is the first time in the world.”

It was something that was truly misunderstood throughout the world, but evil god and demon were different from each other.

Both of their ominous appearance that surpassed humans’ understanding had many points in common, but if the existence of evil god was described in Japanese language, the most appropriate word was [space alien].

They had lived in this world long before humans, the existence that was ruling over this plane, even though their existence itself was not of the earth, most of them had their origin from any of the end of galaxy.

Therefore, no matter how ominous they were, but till the end they were still an existence of this world.

However, the demons were different.

They were invaders that came passing through the dimension from an adjoined alternate dimension called the demon world, their origin was not of this world.

In other words they saw this world as nothing more than an object to be devoured greedily.

―The gap between demon and evil god existed in this point.

A century ago, <The Crawling Chaos> that introduced itself as <Man of Darkness> came into contact with the representative of mankind who was ruined by Baphomet, the magician Aleister Crowley, his reason for handing over <Liber Legis> also mostly originated from this.

For them, too, who were glorified as [god] that reigned over this territory as ancient ruler, the present condition where outsiders stepped into their world as they pleased and then acted like they owned the place was unpleasant.

Correct. …For the evil gods, in actuality they had the warped reason that [the only ones who could make sport of mankind was just them], but even so, although imperfect, they had a reason to cooperate with mankind.

However, ―the demons had no such reason.

Such reason supposedly didn’t exist.

But on this occasion, for the first time in human history, a demon of the demon world attempted to make contact politically.

In Kinugasa’s heart who had to deal with this situation as a country’s representative, he was filled with shock and impatience, there was also confusion in him.

Truthfully, he didn’t understand at all how he should treat the other party.

It seemed that the other side said that they wanted to form an alliance, but was that the truth?

In the first place, was the introduction as the queen of the [Fairy race] even true?

―Rather, wasn’t it better to just kill her immediately right now…

Even with many thoughts crossing his mind, but because this was something without precedent, he was unable to decide which was the best way.

(Sheesh, thinking too much is your bad habit, Kinugasa Yoshinori.)

Kinugasa scolded his brain from thinking all over the place.

Trying to solve something that had no precedent before using one’s own experience itself was a mistake in the first place.

(First her title as the queen of the [Fairy race], I guess that’s not fake. If that’s not true, then her coming to the human world will only become a stupid meaningless action that just asked to be killed.)

As expected no one would do something that stupid.

Then if she was really a queen, putting aside everything that could possibly happen, he first had to meet her so that they could start somewhere.

After coming to that clean decision, Kinugasa asked Onjouji.

“…So, where is the demon that introduced herself as the fairy race queen right now?”

“It seemed that before she crossed over to the human world from the demon world, she was swallowed by a kraken and got trapped inside its stomach all along. She said that she wanted to rearrange her attire before the negotiation, so I lent her the bath of the academy. Because of that we need some time before the meeting.”

“Tha, that’s truly…..”

Truly like a human, was what Kinugasa honestly said.

He didn’t even think that the demons had a culture of bathing.

Further, to want to arrange her personal appearance before a negotiation meant―

(By any chance, perhaps this is someone that unexpectedly can be talked to…?)

Kinugasa harbored such expectation inside his heart from this unthinkable common point with humans, but right at that moment.

The door at the back of the official car that Kinugasa rode was,

“Hah! Just a vulgar demon trying to put her clothes in order you said?”

Along with a hoarse jeer, the door opened with a force as if it was kicked open.

And then a man with a large body like a bear came out from the door of the official car that was kicked open.

The man was wearing a white suit adorned by golden buttons all over it, making it seem like he was shining.

The large man with muscle mass that could be perceived even with his body covered with a thick suit was―

“It’s extremely overstepping itself for a monster to act like a human. Drag her naked right now and throw her into a cage. That’s what is fitting for a demon.”

The secretary general of China Republic Union・Wan Tairon.

In essence, the man was one of the pillars of the <Five Great Leaders> that ruled over the present world, he was also one of the S-rank magicians where only ten existed in the whole world.

And then there was one more person following after that giant body, his figure appeared from inside the official car.

“Haha, well isn’t that fine, secretary general Wan.”

A medium built man that was wearing a deep blue suit.

It was a dandy with his vibrant blonde hair, and his white teeth that sparkled even more than his hair as his characteristic.

“The demon’s appearance is really painful to look at even at the best of times. Our eyes will rot if we don’t at least let it rearrange its attire.”

He was the president of the large country United States of America that once reigned over in the position that could essentially even be called as the supreme ruler on the earth, Joseph Franklin.

Homura bluntly made an unpleasant expression from seeing the figures of the two.

“Hey prime minister. You brought over some really troublesome bunch ain’t you.”

Kinugasa too was in a position that really could understand that grievance of Homura.

Doing something like a diplomacy with the demons, just from that it would become a fact that could worsen the position of Japan.

Kinugasa himself wanted to keep this a secret from them and took care of it behind closed doors.

However, the timing was too bad.

“When I received the notice, the timing was just when we were having the regulation conference about the <One Year Plan>.”

This was just a bad luck. It couldn’t be avoided in any way.

Especially when the other party was the <Five Great Leaders>, there was no way that he could take leave from his seat to accept the notice.

They had the conceit that they were exactly the order of this new world.

And in regards to that order, there was no way that they would tolerate anything to be hidden from them.

“…Besides, Homura-san and the other members of the 101st trainee platoon coming into contact with an existence of humanoid nature that seemed to be a demon had been caught by the satellite of some country, so… There is no way to hide this.”

“Ah… Now that you mention that, that’s right huh.”

Homura’s expression turned into a late realization from the rebuttal that Kinugasa whispered into his ear.

He forgot that he was constantly put under satellite monitoring.

“That’s depressing. Maybe I should just shot all of them down by pretending about some kind of incident soon.”

“Pl, please be gentle about it if you can…-“

When Kinugasa’s expression paled for real from that joke of Homura,

“Oy, you there. What are you bastards mumbling at each other over there? Aa?”

A harsh and rude voice cut in their conversation.

It was Wan Tairon.

Tairon grasped the shoulder of both of them unreservedly before separating them and entered between the two.

And then he held up the collar of Homura―

“By any chance you bastards, are you thinkin’ of doing something. Aa?”

After hanging up Homura’s body with one hand, he brought his face closer while baring his eyes threateningly.

That rudeness was just like a hooligan.

But, ―the coercion that resided in his eye gleam was in different magnitude compared to a mere hoodlum.

Inside the yellowing, stagnating, murky eyes.

The dull light shining slipperily there was―[madness].

Seventeen years ago, he was a dictator that made rain of blood all over the continent under the name of revolution in order to solidify his own ruling body even more. Because he was a man that killed a lot of humans in a number that couldn’t even be compared with the average demon, he was able to emit this coercing pressure that could even surpass a bladed tool in reality.

That eye’s power could even make most people quiet.

It was not something that should be able to be praised, but this man was unmistakably possessing a dominating aura of a [supreme ruler that had reached the extremes].

But even that dominating aura was,

“It’s not like we’re thinking of anything like that y’know.”

In front of Kamishiro Homura it became nothing more than a paper tiger.

Homura was not moved for even a bit against Tairon’s eye gleam.

“Rather don’t get your mug so close to me. Your breath stinks, geezer.”

He lightly brushed off the thick arm that was like a log constricting his collar.

This casual treatment made Tairon’s voice shake.

“You bastard, it ain’t the place of a chained dog to put on an air here. …The other day that senile gramps Innocentius swallowed your bluff whole and released <Aureole>, but I ain’t got tricked here. Thinking of it calmly that’s just something impossible. Just the magic power of a human surpassing the magic power of this star, that’s bullshit.”

“Ain’t that right. Though I think I remember someone that got ready to piss himself from that. That yellow eye looked like it was gonna pop out you know. Looked really cute on you. Can you imagine your face at that time eh.”


Homura’s ridiculing and laughing gaze made a vein protrude out throbbingly at Tairon’s forehead.

“This big mouthed shitty brat… Then let’s just try talkin’ again after I cut open you bastard’s neck right here!”

Tairon’s temperament raised in proportion with the loudness of his voice.

But in inverse proportion to that, Homura’s tone was lowered down in an amazed voice.

“Even though I just crushed more than half of your country’s army you are already starting something like this again, what a fanatic geezer huh. Just stop it. You are gonna lose anyway, this is just a pointless waste of life whether for you geezer or for me, most of all the air of you geezer are gonna be pitiful in front of your underlings like this.”


Tairon grinded his teeth in frustration.

But even so he didn’t go as far as grabbing his hand at Homura.

No, he couldn’t do anything like that.

One couldn’t become a king of a country with just violence.

Laying out trickery with the cunning like a fox was also this man’s nature.

That was why, although he put on an air, he wouldn’t brave the risk.

Homura too understood that, so he was merciless at Tairon.

Like that, Joseph who couldn’t just watch the two who were being like that made a deep sigh.

“A fine adult won’t get provoked by a kid’s talk. Please calm down Wan-kun. We are not coming here in order to have this kind of quarrel. We are the representatives of the <United World Government>, therefore as the consensus of mankind, we came here in order to face the new threat.”

“…Chih. I got that even without you tellin’ me.”

Tairon said that reluctantly while drawing back his threatening attitude.

However, surely, inside his heart he was actually relieved.

With his character, it was hard for him to draw back the threat that he let out himself.

He acted violent. That was because he understood how to personify his own dominating aura.

That was why, he was waiting for a third person’s interference as a chance to withdraw his threat.

…Really, what a small man that was too cunning.

After Homura glared at Tairon being fed up from the bottom of his heart, he looked at Joseph behind and said.

“Oi you geezers. I’m gonna be present at the discussion too.”

Both of them opened their eyes wide in surprise from that sentence.

“Aaaa!? You bastard, what are you sayin’?”

“There is no need for that right? Haven’t you heard for yourself from the demon that introduced itself as fairy that its business is to [form a friendly alliance with mankind], that’s the report that Kinugasa-kun received isn’t it? Then for you who has no connection at all with [mankind] to be present is unnecessary―”

“Shut up.”

But Homura forcibly cut down the objection of the two with a sharp voice.

“ “-……!” ”

“This is my decision that I decided myself. You two got no right saying this and that about it.”

From the start he was not looking for permission or anything.

Homura was just telling them straight his decision, to that the two ground their teeth in frustration.

These men who were standing at the top of their countries were at their wit’s end.

And then Homura didn’t even pay attention to them anymore.

He walked ahead by himself,

“Then, gentlemen, follow me. I’ve opened the board chairman’s room as the place for the conference.”

After that, Onjouji’s voice called out to the three visitors.

And then like that the three people were showed into the school from the guest gate,

“Aah, dirty shoes are strictly prohibited. There are slippers for the use of guests over there, so please change into that.”

Before Tairon and Joseph who were going to enter still wearing their shoes got warned.

Part 2[edit]

A little before the arrival of Kinugasa and the others.

Both Sumika and Chikori moved through the school in a stealthy way and guided Elfiena to the public baths in the female dormitory that had been reserved by Onjouji’s request.

“This is the public bath that we are always using you know~”

With a rattling sound, Chikori opened the door noisily and then she pulled Elfiena’s hand to enter into the bath.

The public bath of New Tokyo Sorcery Academy was designed in the style that matched the appearance of the academy that looked like an old western castle, its size was vast enough for students of two classes to use at the same time.

“My, how lovely! This is the first time I see a hot spring this big!”

“Is that so? Right now it’s being reserved, but usually there are several dozens of people using it at once so it feels cramped though―”

Chikori started to run in pitter patter while saying that, then she took hold of one of the showers that were lined up beside the mirror.

Then she twisted the shower knob as much as she could and hot water burst out nicely on her head.

“Aah―. My body is sticky all over from the sea water so this feels good~♪”

“Hot water come out from that kind of place…”

Elfiena blinked her green eyes looking at that happening while murmuring in wonderment.

(I wonder if there are no showers in the demon world by any chance?)

It was not something impossible.

It was hard to imagine the demon bunch to build scientific culture that was similar to humans.

Sumika who was standing beside Elfiena thought so,

“E, err…”

As if to support her thinking, Elfiena was beginning to get nervous in front of the shower.

It seemed that she understood that hot water would come out from the shower head from looking at Chikori’s action, so she was following what Chikori did, yet from there she didn’t know what to do next.

Elfiena shook around the shower head left and right, then she took a peek inside it, while in the end she tilted her head with a confused expression, wondering of the puzzle.

“…If you twist that knob, water will come out.”

Sumika who couldn’t bear to watch, sat in front of the mirror beside Elfiena while pointing out, then

“Ah, thank you very much for your kindness. …Kyawa-!?”

Elfiena said her gratitude while turning the shower knob fully open with all her strength.

Naturally, powerful water stream mercilessly burst out from the shower head.

And then that water hit Elfiena’s face directly.

The girl screamed strangely from great shock while falling back face up.

Stark naked.

Looking at that figure that was too unladylike even from the view point of the same sex, Sumika unintentionally let out a wry smile.

“A, are you okay?”

“I… I’m fine. I just fell over from a little surprise. I, I showed you something embarrassing.”

She really looked like she was embarrassed.

Elfiena’s whole face turned bright red even until the tips of her pointed ears, while the wings on her back were busily flapping repeatedly.

But it seemed that she somehow grasped the way to use the shower from that painful expression, she began to properly adjust the water amount by opening and closing the knob.

“So it’s no good to turn it over too much. Somehow I understand it. …But even so, to not need to scoop up hot water frequently, the world of humans is really convenient isn’t it-“

“…, …yes. Well.”

The smiling face of Elfiena that looked innocent was turned to Sumika.

On the other hand, Sumika reflexively averted her gaze to the side.

―In reality, Sumika was harboring a strong alertness towards Elfiena.

After all, although her appearance really looked like a human than a demon to this degree, the girl was still the same demon like baphomet or Typhon and Jambure.

She was one of the existences that had inflicted severe harm to humans until this much.

She couldn’t let her guard down at a moments notice at all.

No matter how her appearance looked really close like a cute girl, she mustn’t let herself get tricked.

In place of Chikori who wasn’t being alert at all, Sumika had to pay attention to every single thing.

(…Is she does something strange, I’ll quickly stop her breathing.)

That was her duty as an S-rank magician who was the protector of mankind.

While Sumika persuaded herself like that, she began to wash her hair that was a little damaged from the salty wind.

She pushed out shampoo from the shampoo bottle for communal use and made it foam in her hand.

Then, looking at that,



Sumika noticed Elfiena who was looking at her hand with intense concentration.

“E, err. Is something wrong?”

“Ah, forgive me. That, those foamy bubbles completely caught my mind.”

Elfiena pointing at the white foam at her hand made Sumika understand what this was about.

“By any chance there is also no shampoo in the demon world?”

“I wonder about that. …In the end I’m nothing more than the head of the [Fairy race], so I’m not really that detailed about the culture of the other races, but at the very least it doesn’t exist in the culture of us the [Fairy race]. Because of that the meaning is also not really transmitted that well through the [Concept Translation]…”

“[Concept Translation]? What is that?”

“My. Is there nothing like that in the human world?”

“Yes. I’ve never heard of it.”

“What is called [Concept Translation] is a sorcery for the sake of exchanging words with every living being.

There are several thousands of demon races in the demon world, among them there are those whose body construction cannot make some specific pronunciations, there are also those races that in the first place don’t even speak, so most races possess their own characteristic language or method to transmit their thoughts.

Because of that the majority of races in the demon world differ in the words that they used, in the first place a conversation between race cannot be established, we cannot make a proper communication between each other.

What we make use of to solve this problem is the sorcery called [Concept Translation].

By using this sorcery, our own words will be converted into the concepts possessed by the other race and we can have them understand the meaning of what we say, it can also convert the other party’s words into a concept that we know so that we can listen to what they are talking about. ―Although, the more powerful a demon becomes, they seem to think that there is no need to match the inferior race, so there are only few who use this [Concept Translation] though.”

“Aah, so that’s why we can talk normally like this.”

“That’s right. …But, a culture that we of the [Fairy race] doesn’t possess in the first place, things that we don’t know, namely words where the concept to explain cannot be established, the concept to deal with things like that doesn’t exist on our side so it cannot be translated. And so… that, my apologies but, that-, shampoo? Is that what you called this thing? Can I trouble you to teach me what this thing is used for?”

Being asked that, Sumika was lost for a moment at what she should do.

Because it was not Sumika’s intention to become intimate with a demon.

…Especially because Elfiena was really human-like, so she didn’t want to be attached to her.

If that happened, then when the time came, ―it would make it harder to kill her.


(Doing a kindness just that much should be fine.)

Rather if she bluntly refused here, she got the feeling that she would hate herself a little.

That was why Sumika couldn’t help herself to answer Elfiena’s request.

“Err, shampoo is a chemical to wash the hair and the skin of scalp.”

“My. So humans make use of medicine when they wash their hair then?”

“Yes. Using this will wash away the oil and micro-bacteria. If you push at the top of that pink container, it will let out the shampoo solution from the tube inside, so first please take that with your hand.”

“Like, this?”

Elfiena who did as she was told pushed at the head of the shampoo bottle for communal use.

Thereupon, milky white liquid spurt out onto Elfiena’s small palm that was held under the tube,


Elfiena instantly screamed and shook away her hand.

“For, for some reason what came out from the inside in not something foamy but something slimy instead! What came out is something liquidy like the gooey droll of an orc you know!?”

“Please don’t give such a disgusting example. That is the solution of shampoo. After you take a proper amount in your hand, please try rubbing it between your hands like this. If you do that it will foam up.”

“Uu, I understand.”

The shampoo was compared to the droll of an orc.

She seemed to dislike the sensation of the shampoo very much.

But Elfiena still obediently took some shampoo even while being nervous just like Sumika told her, and then she rubbed it between her hands.


“Wa, wawawa-! Amazing…-!”

Similar like with Sumika, bubbling foam was produced from between her fingers.

The more she rubbed her hand, the bubbles kept coming out one after another.

Just from a handful of drops of shampoo liquid, it created bubbles that overflowed from her hands.

The expression of Elfiena whose eyes turned bright from that sight was truly innocent―

(…Uuu, it’s just making it harder to do it.)

Whether Sumika wanted it or not, her alertness was being shaved.

That was why Sumika tried to not look at Elfiena’s direction.

“Next you only need to wash your head with that foamed hand. Stroke your hair until its end and also massage your scalp sufficiently. And then after finishing washing your hair moderately, please wash away the bubbles with the shower. Do it as properly as possible, because if there is some shampoo that remained in the hair it will damage the hair.”

After giving the detailed instruction of how to wash the hair, Sumika too began to wash her own head.

With a detailed instruction like that, then surely there would be no more need for her to supervise.

But―that thinking was immediately betrayed.


Bubbles that were continuing to multiply endlessly in burble were reflected at the corner of her view.

When Sumika turned her gaze wondering what was going on,

“Wh, what are you doing Elfiena-san!?”

There was Elfiena there with her whole body covered in foam instead of just her head.

“Ahahahaha-! This is really fun for some reason! The more I knead the more bubbles are going burble burble~, it’s so fun~!”

It looked like what made the bubbles increase was filled into the bottle, so Elfiena seemed to have squeezed out the shampoo many times over and made more bubbles.

“You pushed out too much! I told you already to only take the proper amount!”

“Uwaa-, …that looks fun―. Yosh, I’ll do that too!”

“Please don’t get provoked Chikori-san!”

Sumika remonstrated Chikori and also washed away the hands that were the source of the infinitely multiplying bubbles.

However, Elfiena continued to laugh like a child even while she was being washed by hot water,

“Ahaha, forgive me. It’s my first contact with this culture so it feels fun for some reason. The townscape that I saw on the way here was also like this, there were various things there that seemed like fun places. The human world is so interesting.”

Elfiena showed a pure smiling face without any trace of shadow at all.


From that… Sumika recognized her own defeat.

She let out a deep sigh in resignation,

“…I’ll wash your hair for you, so please don’t do anything strange anymore. We are going to be late for the important negotiation like this.”

Saying that, Sumika returned a smile where even civility couldn’t be seen from it.

That was the moment Sumika let go of her vigilance towards Elfiena.

Although she was a demon, but for Sumika, who had a kind nature, she was unable to continue holding her tension even to the point of assuming [murder] towards someone that showed nothing but good will until this much towards humans.

Part 3[edit]


The three that had finished washing their bodies soaked their bodies inside the tub lining at each other’s side.

The fatigue had been piling up from watching over the children since the morning.

Sumika and Chikori looked as if they had completely forgotten that there was a demon right beside them and soaked in the hot water with a face without tension.

But more than the two of them, Elfiena that was between those two was completely melting.

In the middle of crossing over from the demon world to the human world, she met an accident of getting eaten by a kraken that met her completely tired.

Elfiena murmured with an entranced voice from the feeling of the heavy fatigue that had been piling up at her body’s core like a pile of lead melting out.

“…The goodness of a hot spring is the same whether in the human world or the demon world isn’t it?”

“Speaking accurately this is not a hot spring, but if the [Concept Translation] transmitted it like that then that means there is no culture in the demon world to heat hot water by yourself and everyone only uses hot springs then.”

“I think so. Everyone in the village use the hot spring inside the forest. We, the [Fairy race] live alongside trees and flowers, so we never really use fire.”

According to Elfiena’s story, it seemed that these females called as the [Fairy race] usually resided inside a tree or a flower.

In other words the nature itself was the town of the fairy race, their home.

That was why, these females didn’t really like fire that had the possibility to considerably damage their home.

What a really fancy story.

―However, when Chikori heard about the hot springs of the demon world, she thought of an unpleasant imagination.

“…By any chance, is it a hot spring of blood?”

Sumika herself didn’t say it loud, but the image depicted in her head was also similar.

After all, for humans, a demon was merely a terrifying invader that attacked humans earnestly, that made their image of the demon world from where the demons crept out was hell itself.

However, here Elfiena shook her head left and right in an overly big motion in denial.

“We, we would never soak ourselves in something so terrifying. It’s just a normal hot spring where underground water warmed by the geothermal heat gushed forth.”

“Tha, that’s right isn’t it. Sorry. That’s because I imagined the demon world as a horror place that’s more like hell. …I wonder if it’s actually really similar to earth?”

“Looking as far as possible from the demon world, there is not much difference between the demon world and the human world. There is land, there are trees and flowers, and there are lives that live here in the human world. The demon world is the same as that. No, by any chance perhaps there is a lot more of that kind of nature in the demon world.”

“Haa~. For some reason the image is far too different from what I imagined that it shocked me.”

Listening to the story of Elfiena, their images of demons and the demon world that they believed until now was broken down one after another.

And then Sumika realized.

That they, humans, really didn’t know anything about the demons.

Well, a method to cross over to the demon world from the human world’s side was never established, so it was also something that couldn’t be helped.

(…Perhaps through this encounter, it will be profitable for mankind if we can obtain information of the demon world even for a little.)

Like that, Sumika was thinking of serious things that was really like her.

“But if that place is really that full of nature, then it’s a place that is really comfortable to live for El-san and the others right~”


The exchanged conversation between Elfiena and Chikori beside her suddenly stopped.

When Sumika became concerned and turned her gaze at them, Elfiena’s expression that looked happy until just now had completely changed, her lips thinned with a sorrowful expression.

Looking at that Elfiena who suddenly turned quiet, Chikori tilted her head wondering if there was something wrong.

On the other hand Elfiena, she moved her trembling lips,

“…Yes. It’s as you said, but. But, the current demon world is already, become a place that we the [Fairy race] cannot live in anymore.”

Elfiena murmured so with a thin voice as if grieving for someone who died.

―It became a place they couldn’t live in, she said.

Just what in the world,

“What do you mean?”

When the concerned Sumika asked, Elfiena answered without hiding it.

“A war began. A really great war, so great that it swallowed the whole demon world.”

―Right now, just what was happening in the demon world?

“In the first place, the demon world is a brutal place that where power is everything.

It feels like conflict happened somewhere everyday, there is not a single day for a time of peace.

However even so, there is barely a gap for those like the [Fairy race] that doesn’t like conflict, and also races that don’t have sufficient power for conflict to live.

But, ―in the recent year, a big political disturbance happened in the demon world.

Due to the death of a certain demon king, whose name was famous through all over the demon world, a conflict for hegemony began due to the powerful clans of various places.

This struggle is extremely severe, in the blink of an eye the whole demon world was swallowed in the fire of conflict.

Most of the demons that once invaded the human world, were the [fleeing soldier] of this conflict.

Whether it was Jambure or Typhon―

They were defeated in this conflict and lost their territory, so they aimed for the new land called the human world.”

The current condition of the demon world that for the first time was exposed to mankind, and the other side of the invasion, the human world.

Hearing that details, Sumika and Chikori were both dumbfounded.

“Tha, that Thyhon was… fleeing soldier…… you said!?”

“Exactly. He was defeated in the struggle for hegemony, he was nothing more than a loser that escaped to the human world barely with his life.”

“…What, a thing.”

Sumika felt faint from Elfiena’s reply.

It was a too shocking fact.

The <Demon King class> that messed up the earth surface until that much was, that symbol of despair was―

Nothing more than the demon world’s, just a mere loser there.

(If that’s true……)

The power of the demons that drove off Typhon and Jambure to the human world… just how great could it possibly be?

She couldn’t even imagine it.

Elfiena continued her words towards Sumika who was at a lost for words from such too despairing a reality.

“And then, before long our village of the [Fairy race] was also swallowed into that war. Our village was burned, the forest was trampled down… many of our brethren were abducted. As the ration of the demons…”

“Ration…… wait, you mean they were eaten?”

Elfiena returned a nod towards the taken aback words of Chikori.

“The body structure of us [Fairy race] is an energy body that is made from magic power of high purity, so the absorption efficiency of magic power from our body is high. As food, we are the most suitable, seeing the circumstance where magic power is constantly consumed in large amount in war. The [fairy pill] made from the minced meat of fairy, just from a pill it can make you obtain vast energy to the degree that a <General class> demon can continuously exercise sorcery for three days and three nights.”

“Ho, how cruel…-“

Chikori closed her mouth with a pale expression.

Most likely, it was because she imagined the figure of a fairy being processed into mince meat while still alive.

And then it was not just Chikori’s imagination, even now it was a scene that was happening in the demon world.

The effect of [fairy pill] right now had been known all over the demon world. Causing the powerful clans to search for them in a frenzy.

“We the [Fairy race] don’t wish to fight.

However, the other demons don’t care for that and come to capture us.

And then, us [Fairy race] are excellent as food ,but… our fighting ability as a race is the lowest of the low even in the demon world. Even I who possess the strongest magic power among our race, only has strength on the level that was easily swallowed whole by a single kraken… our body size too, those that possess the size around your average human are only those to the extent like me, most of our people only has the size that can be put atop the palm of humans.”

If they were attacked, they could do nothing other than get trampled down.

In these few years since the war started, even the fairy race that was numbered almost at a billion, became reduced to only a number of two million, Elfiena talked of that with a heartbreaking expression.

“…The demon world, has already turned into a place where the powerless [Fairy race] cannot live in anymore.”


Surely the current conditions of the fairy pained her heart.

Chikori whose grieving expression looked as if even now she was going to cry snuggled up to Elfiena and she hugged Elfiena’s body tightly.

It was an action that was really like the kind Chikori.

Although Sumika couldn’t take a honest action like Chikori, she felt an emotion as if her heart was squeezed from Elfiena’s story.

But that emotion―

“That’s why we resolved ourselves. We are going to abandon our birthplace, the demon world, and negotiate with the humans…

―to let us live in the human world.”


Changed into a cold shudder following from the words of Elfiena.

“But, that’s……-“

After Sumika reflexively let out her voice like that, she shut her mouth in panic from having done that.

Saying it was [impossible], was not a word that she should say as someone who wouldn’t participate in the negotiation.

But, it was a little too late. Elfiena was also not an idiot.

She immediately understood, what the world was that would come out from Sumika’s interrupted speech.

“Is that, impossible?”

“…I, I’m sorry……”

“No, that’s fine. I too understand how hard this is. The story of what the demons that once visited the human world did here, has been circulated so I know…”

“Even knowing that… you are going to rely on humans?”

On the other hand Elfiena nodded without any hesitation.

“Because, we already don’t have any other choice. In order to survive, there is nothing that we can do except to do what we can. Because that’s… the duty of those that still live.”


In order to live, they needed to do the only thing they could.

The words that Elfiena said shook Sumika’s heart greatly.

It was exactly Sumika’s way of life―

Because it was just like what she believed in front of the despair called Typhon, the way those who still live ought to be.

(…We are the same.)

Whether it was herself and also this girl.

Whether human, or fairy.

To continue to fight the unreasonable desperately in order to live.

There was no difference at all.

That was why, surely humans and fairies could understand each other.

Just like right now, where Sumika understood Elfiena.


(That’s, only if talking about individuals…-)

Elfiena didn’t understand.

No, she might actually understand, but she was looking at this naively.

The fear and hatred in human society towards the existence called demon that seeped right into the marrow of their bones.

Different with Sumika and Chikori who had a chance to talk directly with Elfiena like this, human society could only comprehend the fairy race as nothing more than demons.

Even Typhon and Jambure, for humans, those two were nothing more than the same demons.

There was no way, the human race could accept such thing.

Elfiena’s wish… would never be realized.

Far from that… if Elfiena ever said things like wanting to migrate to the human world in front of those people of the <United World Government>, surely they would never let Elfiena return home alive.

She would be killed. Cruelly. Unreasonably.

When she imagined such a sight, Sumika’s chest was burned in an unpleasant feeling.

And then that detestable feeling, made Sumika decide a single thing.

“…Elfiena-san. Will you mind if I also attend the negotiation meeting?”

Elfiena was making a shocked face for a moment towards this request, yet,

“Yes. That will be very reassuring if you would do that for me.“

She readily consented towards that proposal with happiness.

Surely it would be reassuring for her to have a human that could understand the fairy even for a little attending the meeting.

However… that wish couldn’t come true.

It was impossible to shake mankind’s decision with only Sumika’s backing alone.

Because Sumika understood that, she returned a bitter expression at Elfiena’s ready consent,

(For Elfiena-san’s sake… there is only one thing that I can do.)

For the sake of this girl who faced the unreasonable with all her might, similar with herself once before, Sumika swore to herself that she would do that much.

Part 4[edit]

Thirty minutes after that.

The first diplomatic negotiation between human and fairy, between mankind and demons, was opened.

The place was the board chairman’s room of New Tokyo Sorcery Academy.

With a table between the two sides, each representatives of the two camps faced each other.

The representative of the fairy race didn’t even need to be said, Elfiena who had finished changing her dress.

The representatives of mankind were Kinugasa Yoshinori, Joseph Franklin, and Wan Tairon, three names from the <United World Government>.

Behind those three names, the <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura was standing by with his arms crossed. Similarly, behind Elfiena were the members of the 101st platoon that, the same as Homura, knew about the arrival of the fairy on the earth, Hoshikawa Sumika and Ichinotani Chikori standing by. And then at the left and right of the only entrance of the room were Onjouji Kai and Onjouji Shiori with their backs to the wall just like door guards. The representatives of both camps were staring at each other wordlessly.

The atmosphere was extremely strained.

It couldn’t be helped. This was the first time for everyone.

As it were, this moment could possibly become the turning point of human history.

At such a time,

“For Japan to share its time during such busy time, truly I give you all my deepest gratitude for that.”

Knowing that it was her role to break the ice as the one who dearly wished for this conference, Elfiena first expressed her thanks.

“My name is Elfiena. The person in the position that governed one race called the [Fairy race] in the demon world.”

She displayed her position.

The one who responded to this was Kinugasa who sat at the center of the three human representatives.

“Thank you for your courteous greeting. Elfiena-san.

I am called Kinugasa Yoshinori, the one who is entrusted with the administration of this country called Japan.

These two at my side are similarly like me the people in charge of two human countries that exists on earth, United States of America and China Republic Union, Joseph Franklin and Wan Tairon.

And then the one behind me, is the greatest battle power of us human race, the <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura.”

With a truly tactful behavior, Kinugasa finished the introduction of all that gathered here.

But, Elfiena’s eyes turned wide open in shock from those last words of Kinugasa.

“My. So the one who kindly helped me before is that <Evil God User> you say-?”

“Nn? How unexpected. You know about me?”

“Of course I know. The hero of the human race who controls <evil god> and removed the valorous warriors of the demon race, Typhon and Jambure. The fame of the <Evil God User> is well known even in the demon world. However… I never thought that such a person will be a young gentleman like you, it surprised me a little.”

(…Hero of the human race, huh.)

For some reason it seemed the degree of his power was also circulated in the demon world, but Homura discerned that Elfiena didn’t grasp as far as the more concrete information of his appearance or the complexity of Homura’s distorted relation with the human race.

Well, though that was only something trivial in this place.

“<Evil God User>-sama. On this occasion you have saved me from danger, thank you very much.”

“No need for thanks. Saving you was mostly just by chance anyway.”

And then, when Elfiena and Homura were exchanging greetings like that―


Tairon raised a loud laughter with his hoarse throat that was offensive to the ears.

“What’s with that <Evil God User>. So you bastard is also famous in the demon world huh. Ain’t that great. You can just live at that side. That’s what suits you bastard.”

“Haha. Isn’t that a wonderful proposal of great wit from you. How about you seriously consider that, Homura-kun.”

Hearing Tairon’s words, Joseph too also agreed to that while making a sarcastic smile at the corners of his mouth.


But Homura didn’t even meet the eyes of those two.

The side of his face told that it was stupid to listen to them.

“Both of you. Please leave picking a quarrel with him for later. The talk won’t move forward like this.”

In place of Homura who decided to ignore the two, in the end it was Kinugasa who warned them.

In regards to that Joseph said “Excuse me for that” and shrugged his shoulders provocatively before drawing back.

But― Tairon was different.


Along with a spitting voice, *GAN-!* he struck the reception table with all his strength using the heel of his white enameled boots.


Elfiena’s shoulders jumped in surprise from the sudden barbarous act and her wings trembled.

Tairon glared with bloodshot eyes sharply at Elfiena who was being scared like that.

“Just where is the need to move forward the talk with a demon as your talk partner. There ain’t even a need to politely introduce yourself. Everything will get settled if I just rip off the head of this bitch right now. Yet even so, you bastards and that Innocentious gramps just kept prattling, try to listen to her story or whatever, ain’t that too sluggish. We ain’t going to respond to whatever a demon tries to negotiate anyway. Then what we gonna do won’t change. It’s only a matter of doing it sooner or later.”

“Secretary general Wan. Please put down your foot from the table. It’s an act that is just too lacking in dignity.”

Joseph presented a candid advice while looking amazed towards Tairon’s unreserved attitude, but,

“To be thought as undignified by vermin like demon, that’s just too humiliating for a human.”

As expected he too didn’t try to hide his hostility towards demons.

Well, after all these two were the representatives of the human race that had been thoroughly harmed by the demons starting from <Walpurgis Night> until now.

It was inevitable for them to be unable to come into contact with a demon in good will, but,

―As expected it was really childish for them to so frankly let out their emotions until this far.

Even though this meeting had been arranged after great trouble, but only kept getting rejection like this wouldn’t result in anything productive.

That was why Kinugasa was,


“Ye, yes-“

“I beg your pardon for my compatriots’ behavior that are lacking in decorum. After all, until now, humans and demons are mutual sworn enemies. There had never been something like a demon that came wishing for peaceful dialogue, so they too are judging based on their position as humans with a position of responsibility what kind of manner they need to take in regards to you. Please forgive their behavior somehow.”

Saying that he apologized for the two’s impoliteness.

But even while apologizing courteously, at the same time Kinugasa was also clearly alluding to the stance of the human race and the animosity that they held towards the beings called demon, the way Kinugasa was taking a distance was ingenious.

“…Yes. I understand. After all, I too know clearly what the demons that crossed over from the demon world to the human world until now had done to all of you humans. It’s only natural for you all to hold hatred towards the residents of the demon world.”

Elfiena also showed her understanding towards Kinugasa’s words that was measuring their distance.

But on top of that,

“And then, it’s exactly this hatred that I think is the emotion that can connect us [Fairy race] and [mankind] together.”

Elfiena closed this distance saying that.

“What could you possibly mean by that?”

“Because us the [Fairy race] too, has had our residences burned by the demons whose eyes were blinded by the desire to rule, driven out from our birthplace, our brethren killed, they are [invaders] that we hated.”

And the Elfiena talked.

About the current condition of the demon world that she had told to Sumika and Chikori inside the public bath just now.

“Several years ago, a powerful demon with strong influence all over the demon world died.

And then, following that event, the powerful clans in every place began a struggle for hegemony where they washed blood by blood.

With Jambure who appeared on this side the other day and Typhon as the beginning, a lot of demons were defeated in this struggle for hegemony and unable to stay in the demon world any longer, and so they searched for a new land in the human world and invaded into this world.”

“…So the reason for the increasing frequency of demons’ appearance since a few years ago is because of something like this.”

“Really, what a bother. No matter what, demons will be nothing more but harm for the humans.”

Joseph who now understood the reason for the increase in the demons’ appearance rate in the recent years leaked a deep sigh from being fed up.

But in regards to this,

“But, even though we are all demons, we cannot be lumped together.”

Elfiena immediately put a denial at that comment.

“Demon races that are not interested in war or territory like the [Fairy race] also exist.

For us too, demons like Typhon and Jambure who trample other people underfoot only for the sake of their greed are also enemies.

…But, while unfortunate, the [Fairy race] is not a race that is strong in battle.

The sizes of most of the fairy race are nothing bigger than the size to the degree they can be put on top of the palm of a human. Even I, who has the strongest magic power among our race, has the size that is at best the same with a human. To face an opponent like the gigantic <Demon King> whose size completely covered and hid the sky itself, there is nothing we can do. …There is no other choice available to us [Fairy race] other than being trampled down. For that reason, we want to form a cooperation system with the human race, who is in the same position as us.”

“And this is where the alliance comes in, is it?”

Elfiena nodded towards Kinugasa’s words.

From there she started to talk again.

“Yes. Saying it more concretely…… we the [Fairy race] want to be accepted, as the compatriots of the human race.”

She was saying, that she was wishing for they, the [Fairy race], to live together with the humans in the human world.

But in regards to that, the three names from the <United World Government> who sat in front of Elfiena opened their eyes wide.

“I’ll confirm it again but―you said ‘accepted’, in other words you want to migrate to the human world?”


From that affirmation, the expressions of the three were clearly showing agitation.

That was natural.

Even though they had already been surprised from a demon bringing up a proposal for an alliance, but to go as far as wishing for [coexistence] was just―

It was a talk that just couldn’t possibly be accepted.

“Oi oi oi oi. Don’t shit with me you bitch. Talking whatever you pleased while I’m stayin’ quiet. Askin’ for demons to get welcomed to earth, ain’t no way such thing is possible huh―. Besides, what merit is there for us humans to do such a thing!?”

There was more or less a problem in his choice of words, but that question of Tairon filled the minds of everyone present in this place.

That was why both Joseph and Kinugasa didn’t warn off Tairon and waited for Elfiena’s answer.

And then surely the side of the fairy race had also assumed that this question would be thrown at them from the human race’s side. An answer was returned back without hesitation.

“Of course we are not thinking of having this favor given to us without any compensation. The [Fairy race] intend to offer [production cooperation] and [military cooperation] as the compensation to be given to the human race.”


The merit for the human race’s side from the alliance that Elfiena suggested.

Hearing that, Homura leaked out an admiring voice that couldn’t be heard by anyone.

(She was careless about the relation between mankind and me, but… it looks like she properly investigated any beneficial information for her negotiation with the <United World Government> before coming here.)

That was because the two points that Elfiena presented accurately caught the weak points that the current human society held.

As expected, Joseph immediately bit at the bait.

“―[Production cooperation] and [military cooperation] is it? How deeply interesting.

Both are matters that the human race feels uneasy about even now.

Only humans that can handle magic power can become magicians that are able to oppose the demons.

In addition with the attack of demons that continue everyday, that number is chronically insufficient.

And then from the lack of magician’s number, we are unable to expand the <life sphere>, because of that we are unable to perform large scale agriculture so our food supply circumstances are always pressured.

This negative spiral might be able to be resolved, is that what you are saying?”

“Yes. Exactly as you said.”

“Interesting. Let me hear your story.”

Joseph showed a listening attitude to Elfiena’s words for the first time since the talk began.

Although he didn’t say anything, Wan Tairon also pricked up his ears.

Towards those two, Elfiena explained the merit of the alliance that fairy race’s side proposed to the human race’s side.

“First, in regards to the [production cooperation], in the first place we, the [Fairy race], are existences that are truly close of being nature spirit, dwelling within nature like trees and flowers, soil or water. And then, in exchange for providing us with dwellings in [nature], we promise abundant harvest from plants, fertility in the land, and purity in the water.

In other words, with us the [Fairy race] residing in the land, the harvest will become abundant to that extent, and the land will be able to produce crops with extremely high nutritional value in large amounts.”

“In short, it will become possible to produce food using less land and time, is that what you are saying?”

“Yes. I have confidence that our power that fertilize no matter what kind of land, and grow in abundance whatever kind of crop, will surely become an assistance to all of you humans.”

“I see, that’s certainly valuable, and extremely worthwhile. I understand about the [production cooperation] now. …Then, next, I wonder what kind of [military cooperation] you can offer? It’s impolite but, from listening to the talk from just now, I cannot think of you [Fairy race] to be generally useful in combat though.”

Elfiena honestly returned a nod towards Joseph’s words without hiding anything.

“It’s exactly as you said. We are not specialized in battle. That’s exactly why we were driven out from the demon world. Because the body of a fairy is really small, we are disadvantaged in battle no matter what. ―However, until the end that’s only in the case if it’s the fairy itself who fights.”

“What you are saying is?”

“Just as I said before this, we are existences that lives inside material of nature as spiritual body.

In other words… similar with living inside a plant, we can also live inside a weapon.

And then if we reside inside a weapon, the weapon will not only be a mere lump of iron, it will become a magic sword or a magic spear clad in magic power that makes it possible to hurt a demon.”

“So you’re talking about <Magic Power EndowmentEnchant> ―”

Suddenly Tairon vigorously stood up from his chair while raising a loud voice.

The displeased expression on his face from before had disappeared somewhere, now he was being really excited.

The reason was because <Enchant> was a technique of dreams for mankind.

It had been said before, but the battle power of the human race was constantly insufficient.

The reason was mainly because of the devastating damage from <Walpurgis Night>, but… the most fundamental reason was the fact that the great majority of the human race couldn’t control magic power.

Those who could oppose demons were limited to the extremely small part of the human race that could control magic power.

Due to that, the battle power of mankind was always pressed for more.

But, a technique that made magic power resided inside a weapon―if there was this <Enchant>, this premise would be overturned.

Even humans that didn’t have magic power, if they made use of a weapon that was enchanted with magic power, they would be able to fight equally against the demons which couldn’t be injured except by magic power. In short, humans that until now couldn’t be counted as fighting strength would be able to made use of as fighting strength from then on.

That was why in this one century, the whole of mankind had striven for the research of <Enchant> until now, but… this technique still couldn’t be established yet.

Although mankind had reached the stage where they could create <Sorcery Machine> that assisted sorcery operations of the magician using electronic circuits, the way to make magic power that didn’t have substance to stay for a long time inside substantial material still couldn’t be established yet.

But, Elfiena said.

That they the fairies could do that.

That they possessed the method to resolve the difficult problem that mankind encountered.

“Currently the remnants of the [Fairy race] are two million fairies. Even if we generously filled a weapon with ten fairies each, it will be possible to increase the manpower of mankind by two hundred thousand at maximum.”

“I wonder if this enchanted weapon can chant sorcery in the place of the one equipping it?”

“Of course it’s possible. That’s right. I think any fairy can use sorcery without trouble until the <third grade> sorcery in human standards.”

“…That’s, amazing. Not just a mere enchant. That’s already reaching the level of an Stand-alone Sorcery ArmamentIntelligence Device. Furthermore, even among humans there are many magicians that cannot use <third grade> sorcery to satisfaction from its difficulty. Form the view point of mankind, this battle strength augmenting… has a really large merit.”

“―Gahaha, then it’s decided.”

It was a term that would make mankind water in the mouth.

Joseph and Tairon showed a positive reaction that they hadn’t showed until now from this compensation for alliance Elfiena presented that was great beyond their imagination.

Like this, wouldn’t the talk go well with this development?

Such tinge of hope was born inside Elfiena’s heart.


“Yosh! Let’s capture this bitch alive right now and dissect her thoroughly!”

―Such thinking was just too naïve.


“Good idea. Let’s quickly finish the arrangement for the research lab and the researcher. If we just understand the mechanism of fairy’s Enchant, we have no need of anything from this filthy demon.”

“That’s how it is! Oi you magicians over there, capture this demon right now-!”


Elfiena was astonished from listening to the words that Joseph and Tairon spouted out while they were wearing fiendish smiles.

But the two were serious.

Joseph was the head of the United States of America―the large country that once reigned over calling itself the justice of the world.

From the beginning he was not a human of a country with a quality that would compromise with the enemy.

After all since the founding of their country, they were a nation that removed all obstacles standing in their path.

And similar with them, Tairon too was a man that cleared open his path using only his own strength for his whole life.

He didn’t even respond well when talking with fellow humans, he was a politician that crushed ideology and forced those that opposed him with strength.

In the first place he was not someone which one could negotiate with.

Pushing away Kinugasa who tried to stop them in panic, Tairon deployed his own <Arms> that was a large halberd. He approached Elfiena just like that.

But against Tairon’s barbarism,

“Wha…! Yo, you must not do that you know!”

Chikori jumped over the sofa and stood in front of Elfiena blocking Tairon’s path.

Looking at this act of Chikori, Tairon’s eyes’ gleam that was like a wild beast became even more severe.

“Haaa? What is it you brat? You bastard, are you plannin’ to become an ally of the demons even though you are a magician?”

“I, I don’t plan to do something like that, but-”

“Then why ain’t you acting like what I commanded, huh, you trash-! Just who the hell do you think I am! I’m the secretary general of the great China Republic Union, one of the S-rank magicians that protect mankind, the great Wan Tairon-sama! Incompetent underling bastards like you just need to follow my decisions-!”

Tairon opened his mouth loudly, that even spit were spewed out with his rough voice.

Most people would completely wither down just from facing that scary look of Tairon.

However, Chikori didn’t back down.

Her face paled and her eyes projected fear, yet

“No, no way…-“

Because this petite girl, possessed a gentle bravery.

And then as if to back up such a girl,

“Then maybe you should face the same S-rank magician as yourself.”

Sumika smoothly went through Chikori’s side and declared that to Tairon while looking at his eyes.

The same S-rank magician.

With the entrance of an opponent that would be difficult to subdue with just his violence, Tairon ground his teeth in vexation.

“What d’you say?”

“I’m saying that I cannot approve of such an extremely savage decision. Even if what is behind me is a demon, but apprehending a person that visited as an emissary and killing them is not something that a civilized person will do. Secretary general Wan. Do you not have this thing called dignity?”

“Now you really said it <Grim Bullet>. Then what? Are you sayin’ to accept the fairy? That they can live on this earth!? Are you thinkin’ something like that can just be DONE―!?”

Sumika shook her head towards that question.

“…No. That’s impossible. We humans have had too many of our brethren killed by the demons. After all, even I still sometimes see the <Walpurgis Night> in my dreams… at the very least, while our generation who had experienced that night still live, harmony between humans and fairies is surely impossible.”

Even though inside her heart she felt sorry towards Elfiena for saying this, but that was Sumika’s point of view.

“But, capturing the unresisting Elfiena-san, then treating her like a guinea pig… such behavior where I cannot understand which side is actually the demon, there is no way I as a human cannot approve of that.”


Using strong words, Sumika rejected Tairon and Joseph’s method.

In the first place this was the reason why she attended this meeting.

In this negotiation, no matter how attractive the terms that Elfiena presented, there was no way the human race’s side would accept her demands, Sumika understood that.

The gulf that existed between the human race and the demons was just that deep.

And then in that case, surely the <United World Government> wouldn’t let Elfiena live.

They would undoubtedly try to harm Elfiena.

Well, such development was only natural in a certain meaning.

After all, humans and demons were a mutual sworn enemy.

Even Sumika, if it was before she had met Elfiena, then she might not have stopped Tairon’s act here.

But―Sumika had already met her.

Elfiena, who for the sake of her comrades was desperately fighting the unreasonable reality.

And then Sumika knew.

Elfiena’s smiling face that had no difference at all with humans.

Sumika was already unable to lump all demons as one and consider them all as evil.

She didn’t and couldn’t have any intention to overlook Elfiena being killed unreasonably.

That was why Sumika attended this meeting.

For the sake of protecting Elfiena.

In order to let her get back home to the demon world safely.

(For that sake―)

“Prime Minister Kinugasa. Elfiena-san. I have a proposition.”

Sumika talked to those two.

“This encounter between mankind and fairy, can you treat everything as if it never happened?”

Part 5[edit]

“Treating it as though it never happened, just what do you mean by that, Sumika-san?”

Elfiena asked Sumika’s true intention in confusion.

On the other hand, Sumika, she replied with a strong expression and slow speaking tone.

“It’s exactly as I said. …I think Elfiena-san has understood already, but unfortunately the human society won’t accept you fairies that are demons. The dread carved inside mankind against the demons is just that deeply rooted. I think that Elfiena-san, who knows about Typhon and Jambure’s barbarity, can imagine just how much that dread is.”


“Even if you can temporarily win over an alliance in this negotiation, mankind won’t tolerate the existence of the demons.

There is no doubt that first, there will be an uprising of movement that try to remove the fairies with violence.

…It’s an impossible talk in the first place, something like an alliance between demons and humans.

Mankind will never tolerate the existence of demons that are thinking of migrating to earth by any means.

But, if it’s right now then it’s still not too late, the humans that know about Elfiena-san’s existence are only the people here.

That’s why if we all just forget everything, then this encounter can be made to never exist.

Elfiena-san can safely return home to the demon world. Isn’t that… the most beneficial compromise for both human and fairy at this point of time?”

―This thinking of Sumika was correct.

Even if, for argument’s sake, Elfiena could talk down the three representatives of the <United World Government> here, the humans who had their parents, child, lover, killed at <Walpurgis Night> were all over this world in great number.

They, the general public wouldn’t tolerate the existence of Elfiena and the fairies.

…It would become a tragic event without fail.

Such outcome was clearly visible.

That was why Sumika thought.

The very best outcome to come out from this place. The method so that no harm would come to Elfiena.

That method, there was nothing else but to make this encounter between human and fairy to never exist in the first place.

But, naturally Joseph and Tairon snapped at this.

“Do, don’t shit with me! You gonna let a demon get away right under your nose!?”

“I firmly object! To let go a clue of <Enchant> slip away from our hands, that’s idiotic! Besides even though this girl has the appearance of a human at a glance, but she is a demon, a monster! There is no human that will say any complaint at handling her violently, they will even sing our praise instead!”

It was the obvious reaction.

<Enchant> was a technique that could control mankind’s destiny.

To let go of such unique chance that could solve this problem by their own hands, it was absurd.

It was unthinkable for these two who took a stance closer to mankind’s side to just let go of Elfiena. However―

“―I am in favour of Hoshikawa-san’s idea.”

There was just one person among the <United World Government> that agreed to Sumika’s idea, it was Kinugasa.

“Kinugasa, you bastard…!”

“Are you saying that you are betraying mankind, you!”

“I don’t have such an intention. …Just even in the case that the other party is a demon, but to capture an unresisting emissary and dissect her, no matter who will forgive such an action, I myself won’t forgive myself. If I do such a thing, the girl’s death will become a bitter memory that will torment me forever. To have a nightmare every night, that’s something that I want to avoid.”

Kinugasa calmly, but firmly declared that with a voice filled with resolve.

There was no lie in those words.

There was no lie but― he supported Sumika’s idea in this place was not only because of the beautiful excuse that he had just said.

If Elfiena was captured here and the technique of <Enchant> was established in the future, the national power of the <Five Great Leaders> which was already higher to begin with would leave behind the other countries including Japan more and more.

If that happened, then the obstruction of the <One Year Plan> would become extremely difficult.

It was a decision made from including such a calculation too.

But, no matter what kind of thinking he had in his heart, a support was still a support.

For the opinion of the people of the <United World Government> to be split, was a support that Sumika was extremely thankful to.

What was left was―

“Homura-san, what do you think?”

If she could make Homura as her ally here, then they would be able to overcome this situation.

This happening might be taken up as a problem in the future, but if they could just suppress this place and returned Elfiena home back to the demon world quickly, at the very least her life would be saved.

(It’s fine to think of what might happen in the future later on.)

Anyway, if they couldn’t overcome this place, they wouldn’t be able to save Elfiena.

That was why Sumika looked straight at Homura’s eyes who was standing behind Kinugasa and asked.

Surely if it was Homura who was kinder than anyone else, she believed that he wouldn’t participate in Tairon and Joseph’s plan to capture Elfiena and dissect her.


“……That’s no good.”

Her expectation was betrayed.

Part 6[edit]


“Ma, Master!?”

This answer of Homura made not only Sumika, but also Chikori who was beside her raise a voice that sounded like a scream.

The girls didn’t even imagine this.

For that gentle Homura to oppose this proposition.

“Then Homura-san, are you saying that it’s fine for Elfiena-san to be captured and dissected!?”

Sumika pressed her question at Homura with a trembling voice that didn’t hide her agitation.

But in contrast to Sumika who was being that agitated, Homura returned his words with an expression that was completely calm.

“I ain’t saying that.”

Of course, Homura noticed Sumika’s motive that tried to return Elfiena back to the demon world safely.

To stand up desperately for the sake of a demon that was supposed to be her enemy, such thinking was really like this girl who was worried for him who was the <Evil God User> that was hated by the world, Homura even felt admiration.

But at the same time, Homura also understood that her thinking was just a pipe dream.

As for the reason,

“But Sumika, your idea just won’t go through. After all, Elfiena herself ain’t planning to draw back from this.”


Getting that pointed out by Homura, Sumika once again turned her eyes to Elfiena… and noticed.

That Elfiena was glaring at her with a threatening gaze.

As if, right, it was as if,

―As if Elfiena was enraged saying, don’t say anything unnecessary, at Sumika with her gaze.

And then as if to prove that premonition,

“Sumika-san. My apologies but, I cannot accept Sumika-san’s proposition.”

Elfiena said out a decisive sentence.

“I am still not giving up on forming an alliance with the human race yet.”

“Tha, that’s-! Elfiena-san! Do you still not understand!? No matter how attractive your proposal is, there is no place in mankind’s mind that can accept demons…! Even if you persistently force yourself here, you will only die a dog’s death in the future!”

There was only ruin awaiting Elfiena at the end of her choice.

Sumika knew that so she tried to persuade her with all her might.


“No. It’s not impossible.”

Elfiena declared so.

With a certain confidence― with an expression that made one feel some sort of determination.

Just from where in the world could she get that kind of confidence?

Elfiena added her words towards the confused Sumika.

“Because, I still have a resource left that can persuade all of you humans.”

“What d’you say?”

Tairon narrowed his eyes from these words of Elfiena.

Was this girl bluffing, Tairon was trying to ascertain that.

But, Elfiena’s expression and tone, there was no falsehood in them.

The girl really did have something like that.

A material that was even more beneficial for this negotiation.

“…In truth, I don’t want to do this kind of negotiation. This is a topic that I was thinking of dealing with together after the alliance is formed. But if the human’s animosity is deeply rooted until this much, then it can’t be helped.”

“What are you doing putting on airs? Talk quickly!”

Against that hurrying of Tairon, until the end Elfiena moved at her own pace.

And then after taking a deep breath… she took out her last ace for this negotiation.

“―I think I have talked about the current situation of the demon world before this.

That currently, the demon world is thrust into a warring states era due to the powerful clans.

However, this information is already a little obsolete.

The war situation has advanced, many powerful clans were eliminated and absorbed by the victor, such process was repeated many times until now, where there are four great forces moving the war situation into an extermination war.

These four great forces are each a robust army led by the best demon kings of the demon world, where the battle was in a stalemate for a long period. …However the other day, finally, one of the four great forces was dropping out from this struggle for hegemony.”

“That’s why, what’s that got to do with anything huh? It ain’t our problem whatever happened in the demon world.”

“Can you still say that, even after hearing that this strong army of the demon world that has dropped out from the war is now aiming for the human world just like Typhon and Jambure?”

“Wha… WHATT!?”

Being told so suddenly of that worst situation, shudders ran at the expression of all people present in that place except Homura.

“You are saying, that <Demon King class> is going to attack again!? Even though Jambure has just come here the other day!?”

The atmosphere became coldly tense.

Inside that tense atmosphere, Elfiena stroked her long ears and detached the gem that was attached on her earlobe’s piercing.

And then she put that gem on top of the table and filled it with magic power.

Thereupon, above the table… a three dimensional hologram was projected from the gem.

“Thi, this is……-!”

“This is the image that I filmed at the dimensional boundary before coming to the human world.”

What was projected in the filmed image was a wasteland where there was not even a single grass growing.

There an army of demons was lining up in a size to the degree that they completely covered the horizon.

In the scene, not to mention <Soldier class> and <Knight class>, <General class> demons starting from baphomet were taking position with three giant humanoids as the center.

“What is, this number…-“

Chikori spoke tremblingly with a pale face.

But it was only natural.

Even the army that Jambure previously led was a threat that was enough to make mankind fall into despair.

Yet despite so, what was projected right now was an army on the scale that could possibly be several thousand more than that.

They understood just from a glance.

The force of the enemy far surpassed mankind’s ability to deal with it.

But―the threat of this army was not in this army,

“They are one of the four great forces, the <Giant Army>. These remnants numbering one million in total are led by three <Demon Kings> that are <Gyges> <Kottos> <Aegaeon>, a large army of the demon world’s best.”

“Th, three demon kings you said…-!?”

Correct. standing in the center of the army, there were three bodies of humanoid devil with robust physiques so big that their heads pierced the clouds. That was exactly the true threat.

Each of them had a size that rivaled Typhon and Jambure…

No, that was because they were <Demon King class> demons that possessed power far exceeding even the previous two.

“Is, is it really true that these guys are trying to come to the human world!?”

“Yes. The place that they are currently deploying their troops at is a place that is called the <Field of Interstice> in the demon world, it’s a place that is like the entrance to the human world. By using dimensional teleportation sorcery in that place, we demons are able to come to the human world. Saying it in reverse, there is no reason for them to come to that place other than to come to the human world. ―Most of all, because the <Giant Army> is a large household, it will take time for them to invoke the teleportation sorcery though. But it’s really only a matter of time, there is no change to the reality that they are going to appear in the human world. Calculating it in this side’s measuring… after seventy two hours of earth time, I guess they will manifest all at once on the Australian continent of earth.”

Elfiena indifferently answered the question of Joseph who was asking with a pale face only with fact.

The sight in front of their eyes was a reality.

They would appear on earth in a few days.

And then―

“And then, if the <Giant Army> manifest on earth, surely the human race will perish for sure this time.”

It was the only fact.

“You really said it huh. So even I cannot win against them then.”

Elfiena nodded without any hesitation towards Homura’s question.

“Yes. I am informed that <Evil God User>-sama is possessing an overwhelming power even against Typhon and Jambure, but even so you cannot win. They who were nothing more than the head of a small force even though they were the same <Demon King>, compared to the strength of <Gyges> <Kottos> <Aegaeon>―they the <Hecatoncheires> who is one of the full-fledged four great forces that divided the demon world into four, the dimension of their strength is different.”

“Well, I can understand that even just from seeing this projection.”

“Besides, most of all… they are possessing an extremely peculiar body structure.”

“Peculiar structure?”

“I expressed that vaguely but, please think of it as them possessing an extremely powerful [immortality]. They, the demon kings of three bodies, no matter what kind of attack they receive, they are able to immediately recover their damage. As long as they are not attacked using a certain method, they cannot be damaged at all.”

“―Something like that is certainly troublesome. Honestly, the small fries under their feet ain’t a big threat no matter how many billion there are, but for something this gigantic to have immortality on top of that, it might be too much for me to take them on even with <Evil God>.”

Joseph snarled as if screaming at Homura who was murmuring those words with a small voice.

“Wh, what are you doing saying something weak like that! Against something like those, yo, you are not troubled at all aren’t you!”

But in contrast with Joseph who was in panic, with a cool expression Homura was,

“Well, just calm down. What I just said is only in the case that I got no information about these three demon kings at all. If I just understand about that certain particular method, I’ll kill them surely. …And then, the one that broached this story in this place is ―Elfiena. You know it right. These three demon kings… <Hecatoncheires>’ weakness.”

Homura calmed down Joseph while directing the question at Elfiena.

Correct. Elfiena had said that.

That she had a material that could persuade the human race.

And that led to this talk. ―Then, the material that the fairy race’s side was going to present was,

There was only one that could be thought of.

This assumption of Homura, was correct.

“It helps me that you quickly understand. It’s exactly as you said.”

Elfiena strongly nodded and then she gazed at the three people of the <United World Government> lining in front of her, and said.

“We of the [Fairy race] are thinking to put this information on the table of the negotiation for an alliance. Based on that term, I wish to ask all of you one more time to consider your acceptance of the [Fairy race].”

Indeed, certainly, this information had a really great value for mankind.

No, it was something that they had to obtain no matter what.

There was nothing more valuable than this as a negotiation term.

―But, simultaneously with that,

“You bastard… are you planning to use the lives of us humans as a shield to advance the negotiation-!”

Exactly as what Joseph was being indignant about, Elfiena was aggressively negotiating by taking hostage the life of the other party.

Naturally, the atmosphere of the place turned dangerous drastically.

But even sensing that atmosphere,

“I don’t mind if you perceive it like that.”

Elfiena didn’t draw back.

That fact distorted Sumika’s expression.

She understood.

(There is, no taking it back anymore…)

Right now in this moment, Elfiena had already stepped over a line that she mustn’t cross.

As expected―


Tairon threw away the table put between the two parties in rage.

“Three days… in just three days you said-! You’re full of shit! It ain’t the time for this kind of farce anymore! We are tying this woman right now and make her spit out the information! Don’t tell me that there are anymore idiots thats gonna protest this, now that it has reached this point, aaaah!?”

In regard to this, even Kinugasa who supported Sumika’s proposition before this also nodded.

“…I guess. Certainly, after listening to this kind of story… my apologies, but there is no way we can let you go back to the demon world anymore.

The card that you put out right now is too excessive.

If you just didn’t do that, we could make this encounter today to have never happened.

Yet, your unnecessary words cut off your own escape route.

We, mankind cannot let you go back to the demon world safely anymore.

Whether what you are saying is true or just a bluff for negotiation, it makes us have to take away that information by all possible means. No matter what kind of inhumane method that we have to use.”

Correct. This method of defeating the demon king might just be a bluff of Elfiena.

But, it couldn’t be overlooked just because of that.

The three people here were not in a position that could do that.

They had to obtain that information no matter what even if they had to use inhumane methods.

They, the <United World Government> were shouldering a responsibility towards the sake of mankind.

Therefore, Kinugasa’s words were like a death sentence for Elfiena.

But, even now after hearing those words―

“I don’t mind. Because I too, don’t have any intention of returning back to the demon world.”

The girl’s dignified stance didn’t crumble, she stared straight into the eyes of the three people in front of her.

Sumika and Chikori could only be perplexed towards that truly imposing behavior.

“Tha, that’s no good, something like that-! If that’s happens then El-san will…!”

“Elfiena-san, why…”

She should have understood already.

That mankind wouldn’t respond to a negotiation with the demons.

That even profitable negotiation terms were useless, that just by showing it made her fall into danger.

If the negotiation table was kicked flying and she was threatened by violence, Elfiena who was just alone couldn’t do anything.

She could only get trampled down at someone’s mercy.

Even though all of that were something understandable if one just thought about it a little, yet why―

“Just why are you being this reckless…“

…Towards Sumika and Chikori who were in such a confusion… Elfiena suddenly turned her gaze to them.

And then, she showed a bright― a smiling face so bright that it looked out of place with the current situation.

“―Sumika-san, Chikori-san. Thank you very much.

To worry about I who is your enemy, a demon, until that much.

I feel really happy from your kind feeling.

But― I’m sorry.

Just like these gentlemen here, who shoulder the responsibility towards the human race, I too have the responsibility towards all two million of the fairy race’s― no, even towards more in the future, the life of those who will be born from now on too.

Even now, in this moment, my comrades, in their fear where they don’t even know when they will be eaten in the demon world that has been turned into hell, they are waiting for me believing that I will return after ensuring a new place to belong to for us in this world.

Failure cannot be forgiven.

For that reason, I must use this card.

I understand, that if I use this card all of you will come to capture me.

I don’t think of that as cruel. After all, in their position I would also do the same thing.

But, I think that’s fine.

The reason for that is because I will never speak of this information by any means even if I am to receive any kind of humiliation or pain.

If I do that, with each day that passed the situation will became even more beneficial for the [Fairy race(us)] in this negotiation.

It’s a matter of course. The time remaining for the humans is not much.

Because just as I expressed before this, the demon army will appear in this world without fail in three more days.

…Before long you will have no choice but to fold.

You will become unable to not answer my wish.

Then, to be captured is not that bad of a choice for us. Isn’t that right?”

―That was Elfiena’s thinking.

The girl was not challenging the humans with this reckless negotiation thoughtlessly.

From the start, even before she had arrived in the human world, she had already seen through this development.

For that reason, she didn’t even bring a single escort with her.

From the beginning, she was planning to be captured.

She made mankind to stand in a dilemma, because she understood that if she didn’t corner them until barely the limit, then there was no way a negotiation between demon and human could be established.

“It’s not our wish to let this negotiation breakdown peacefully.

If we are sent away with a gentle smile, then we will remain in the seat of negotiation even if we have to cling at it. I have such a responsibility. The responsibility of all the lives of the fairy race that is entrusted to me.

Do you now understand?

Before this you said that I cut my own escape with my unnecessary words, but that is mistaken.

I, in this negotiation, didn’t prepare any escape since the beginning.

I have no intention at all to go back home to the demon world with empty hands.

―I came crossing over to this human world with the intent to die.”

“ “ “…―――–” ” ”

Those words that could even be taken as Elfiena’s demonstration of determination made most of the people present in that place swallow their breath.

Even the hard-faced Tairon.

They were overpowered by the feeling that this girl wagered on this negotiation.

And then at the same time Sumika also understood.

She had misread this demon girl.

“…I, understand. It seems that I have willfully underestimated your existence as the <Fairy race’s Queen>, seeing you as nothing more than a girl of my age based from your appearance. Forgive me for my impertinent behavior. If Elfiena-san has resolved yourself until that far then… there is nothing more that I can say.”

This was not something where she who didn’t have any resolve could say anything.

If Elfiena had said that she had resolved herself even for death, then her wanting to bring back the girl without harm to the demon world was nothing more than meddlesomeness.

Sumika withdrew herself after understanding that.

“Thank you.”

Elfiena expressed her thanks toward Sumika who respected her will.

“We, the [Fairy race] are also an oppressed race. We know very well about fear and hatred towards the oppressor. Therefore, I also understand just how hard a decision it is that all of you human are being pressed with. That’s why, I don’t think that I can receive the answer for this alliance that simply. By all means, until all of you of the human race can understand, please make use of all means at your disposal. I’ll cooperate with all of that.”

Declaring that, Elfiena offered both her hands in front of Tairon.

A gesture that was asking for a handcuff. A message that she wouldn’t resist.

Towards this,

“…Uu, guh…!”

Tairon’s face sweated and warped in a way that was never seen before.

(This girl, is no good…!)

Tairon who was a pro in violence understood.

These strong green eyes, staring at him straightforwardly, without the least bit of hesitation in it.

The strength of will that resided in it.

A person with this kind of eye, wouldn’t break under violence.

It was not the eye of a person that would yield from fear and pain.

No matter how much severe torture she would be put under, this girl would never give out the information that they needed.

Even if she had to exhaust her life to the end.

No matter what kind of act was done towards this girl, it would only end as wasted effort.

Tairon was convinced of that. ―But,

“Br, bring it on! Let’s make sure whether your face can still look that prim when I drag out your intestine-!”

But the current them couldn’t acquiesce to a demon’s demand just because of that.

Since they couldn’t do that, even while knowing that it was Elfiena’s tactic, they couldn’t do anything except taking such action knowing that it was meaningless.

While grinding his teeth from indignation and frustration, Tairon grasped Elfiena’s arm…

“―Wait a sec.”

But at that moment, just when Tairon’s thick arm was going to catch Elfiena’s slender arm.

The <Evil God User> Kamishiro Homura who until now didn’t say anything unless being asked from him, actively let out his voice for the first time in this place.

Part 7[edit]

Homura who made Tairon freeze with that calm but sharp voice, asked once more.

“In other words, it’s fine for me to consider that as the decision of the <United World Government> right?”

“What is it you bastard… Don’t tell me that you got a complaint with this.”

“No. It’s just like Joseph said after all, I got no right at all in regards to mankind yeah. I don’t have any plan to nitpick on you guys’ decision. You don’t see me cutting in even once in the middle of this meeting right? I know of my position in that area. Besides, it ain’t like your decision to capture Elfiena here is a decision that is that bad as human.”

Correct, this was not a mistaken decision.

If they were going to carry out their responsibility as the representatives of mankind, there was nothing else that could be done except making this decision.

“That’s why I got no plan to criticize or blame you guys.”

“Then just shut up! We’re busy here!”

“You telling me to shut up means this is really you guys’ decision then?”

The one who returned an answer to Homura’s repeated question was Kinugasa.

“―Unfortunately, we cannot say anything else but that this is how it is. We understand the reason why the [Fairy race] cannot pull back, but as [mankind] with destruction approaching right before our eyes, there is no way we can be picky about our methods here.”

Hearing that answer,

“Okay. Then there ain’t any other way to compromise except this one thing.”

Homura murmured that before snapping his fingers audibly. Instantly―


Tairon screamed and got toppled over from his spot.

He was blown away.

At the same time with Homura snapping his finger, a circle shaped magic barrierprotection appeared as if to protect Elfiena.

“Thi, this is <protection barrier>-!”

No element third grade. It was a defensive sorcery that protected the target with a barrier that reacted towards both sorcery and physical force.

And then, there was only one human in this place that invoked this sorcery in this kind of timing―

“Wh, what are your intentions Kamishiroooo-!”

Naturally Tairon stood up while screaming in rage.

But Homura didn’t even glance at him and asked Elfiena.

“Elfiena. The majority of the [Fairy race] is not as big as the average human like you, but only around the size that can be put on top of your palm right? And then usually they are living by merging into nature as spirit body, that’s what you said.”

“Eh, ah, yes. Correct, that’s right, is something wrong?”

“A land around the size of Hachijo island is gonna be sufficient enough for two million fairies like that I think. That place is also quiet separated from [Tokyo life sphere], and since [Walpurgis Night] it was left alone all this time and became like a forest of trees now, so it’s just right to be lived at I guess.”

“Wha, Ho, Homura-san!? Please wait! What do you mean by that-!?”

Listening to Homura who progressed the talk as he pleased, Kinugasa couldn’t bear it and interrupted him with a pale face.

“Do, don’t tell me, are you going to make these fairies migrate into Japan!? That’s impossible! If a government consented to something like that, a riot might occur inside the life sphere!”

“I got that. After all telling the current humans to get along with the demons is an unreasonable demand.”

“Then, what are you talking about since just now…”

“It ain’t like I’m telling Japan or the world government to accept Elfiena and the others here.”

“………Don’t tell me―”

Suddenly, Kinugasa’s eyes opened wide.

He noticed already. Just what it was that Homura was thinking of right now.

And then, Homura who guessed that Kinugasa had understood what it was he was thinking about, showed a powerful smile at Kinugasa.

“It’s something like that. I’m hijacking Hachijo Island that has been left alone since <Walpurgis Night> from Japan’s government. And then I’m going to invite the [Fairy race] to that land by my arbitrary decision. Like this it’s fine for the world government to not worry about the people’s sentiment. After all this is the arbitrary decision of the notorious <Evil God User>. Looking at it like that it’s a done deal already right? And, as compensation for that you gotta teach me the information about the three demon kings. After all from the beginning only I can deal with <Demon King class> anyway. It’s fine if only I know it.”

“ “――………” “

Listening to Homura’s proposition, Joseph and even Tairon who was being that agitated fell quiet.

And then they started to think of something with a pensive look.

They noticed it.

Homura’s proposition… had no demerit at all for them.

They were completely reluctant to invite the [Fairy race] to earth, but they were not recognizing the migration as the <United World Government>, the story was greatly different if this was an arbitrary decision of the <Evil God User>.

Perhaps they were going to be criticized as unable to control the <Evil God User> from running wild, but they could write that off with the overwhelming bad impression that the perpetrator who invited the demons, Homura himself, would get in return― no, they might get relatively even more in return. Because of the extermination of the demon king Jambure recently, tendency of people reevaluating their opinion of Homura could be seen appearing here and there bit by bit all over the world. By making use of the fairies to greatly drop Homura’s evaluation was not really that bad of a choice for the <United World Government>.

“Well most of all, this is only if Elfiena is fine with that though. How about it? [Fairy race]’s wish to migrate will come true. [Mankind] will be saved from the threat of the <Giant Army>. ―There ain’t any loss for the both sides, I think it’s the most valid compromise for the current situation.”

“Ah, ye, yes-! It will be a great help if we can migrate to the human world-!”

Elfiena had no reason to not accept this proposition.

She could accomplish her absolute objective in migrating to the human world with this, most of all, she who was a resident of another world didn’t know about the circumstance of the complex relationship that Homura had with the world government. She didn’t know at all, about what kind of position Homura would be cornered into with the realization of this proposition.

That was why she nodded without hesitation.

“Then that’s good. And how about the side of the <United World Government>?”

The one who opened his mouth towards Homura who was pressing for an answer, was Joseph.

“…Yes. You are arbitrarily inviting the [Fairy race], further if you say that you are going to bear responsibility of taking care of the <Giant Army>, even for the <United World Government> it’s fine for us to overlook the hijacking of a single island.”

“Just leave that one to me. From the beginning killing demon kings is my domain. Prime Minister Kinugasa, you also don’t mind?”

Kinugasa’s expression bitterly darkened from Homura’s confirmation.

He was different from Joseph and Tairon, he had a favorable sentiment for Homura.

That was why, in reality―he felt a reluctance to get aboard this proposition that would bring harm to Homura alone.

However― even so he was a capable politician.

He couldn’t get caught in personal feeling when calculating loss and profit in a matter.

“…It’s not like I don’t have any objection, but in the current situation, that’s the very best method that we can possibly obtain. ―I understand. Japan’s government will resign the territorial right of Hachijo island. Originally this is something that cannot be decided arbitrarily by me, but if the one who asked to hand it over was the <Evil God User>, then surely there will be no complain. After all this is not an opponent that we can even oppose against.”

“It helps that you quickly understand.”

Like this Homura’s proposition obtained the support of both sides of [fairy] and [mankind] in the blink of an eye.

And then the curtain of the negotiation between [fairy] and [mankind] was lowered down―


Instantly, a piercing scream forced its way through the mutual understanding that Homura mediated.

Part 8[edit]

The eyes of all the people present in that place opened wide in surprise from the voice that shrilly resounded in the board chairman’s room.

And then,

“Sumika, san…?”

With Elfiena whose face was still shocked as the first, the gazes of all people were directed at the source of the voice.

Correct. That screaming voice was Hoshikawa Sumika’s.

“…Something like that, is absolutely, no good…!”

While receiving the stares of everyone, Sumika’s shoulders shook and she stared at Homura with an expression of rage.

Sumika knew.

That the man in front of her eyes, Kamishiro Homura was this kind of human.

This was the same with the dispute that happened with the <Special Missionary> Alfaro at the afternoon of today.

He peacefully settled the trouble while undertaking all the loss.

As the result, just how much he would be hated, how much he would be shunned―

Because he possessed the strength and power to shoulder all that loss.

…Sumika hated that way of life of Homura.

However at the same time this wise girl also understood that she didn’t have the qualifications to say anything in regards to his way of life.

Because she was powerless.

Because she didn’t have the ability to solve the problem in a way more skillful than him.

Correct, certainly this way he proposed could really be called as the best.

Both for [fairy] and also for the [government], there was nothing better than this plan of Homura.

In the current situation, nobody could refute that there was no better way than this plan to resolve the problem.

Then, rejecting that plan was nothing more than selfishness. It was no different than a kid’s whining.

In truth it was only silliness, a stupid act that only spouted out emotion that couldn’t produce anything.

That was why at that time with Alfaro, Sumika only grimaced her face but didn’t stop Homura.

However, even so―

Even so… the matter this time, it exceeded the tolerance where she could overlook it and stay quiet.

If asked why,

“Do you understand the meaning of what you are going to do? You the <Evil God User> that is rumored to conspire with demons, if the news about how you invited the fairies that are demons to live on earth spread all over the world… Homura-san cannot, anymore… you will really become unable to return to the world of people anymore! You will really become the enemy of the human race, really become a traitor for real you know-!?”

Correct. This was not just a mere loss.

This plan of Homura would decisively corner Homura himself.

Into a position where he would be unable to go back anymore.

The people that hated demons would never forgive Homura.

He would be misunderstood forever.

―But, what constricted her heart most of all was the fact, that even being loathed like that forever, Homura would surely still continue to protect all humans that regarded him as the enemy.

Being forever misunderstood and unrewarded, even so he wouldn’t let out a single complaint.

Dragging along his wound-riddled body, until the very last moment… he would live as the slave of the world.

Surely he would go through all that in satisfaction without expressing a single regret.

She could easily imagine such a picture of Homura.

Something like that… Sumika simply couldn’t tolerate it.

“This compromise is not all that appropriate-!”

And then that complaint of Sumika―

“Sumika-san. What do you mean by that?”

Made Elfiena harbor a doubt towards Homura’s relationship with mankind.

“Is <Evil God User>-sama not the hero that repelled the demon kings that attacked the human world twice already so far?”

Elfiena asked with a taken aback expression.

In regard to this, the one who gave the answer was Shiori who was leaning against the wall.

“Humans are a hopelessly weak living being you know.

Weak, cowardly, and greedy. Truly a hopeless living being.

That’s why they extremely feared those with [power] greater than themselves.

They will shun such being, fearing that their own life and privileges will be violated.

Yes, even if that [power] had already saved their life.

…For some reason it seems that you are thinking of Homura-kun as the hero of mankind, however, that’s mistaken. He is not extolled as a hero or anything. Rather it’s far from that… while he saved mankind, he is feared as no different than all of you demons and is ostracized.”


Elfiena’s expression froze from that fact she was told for the first time.

She too finally guessed it.

The meaning of a human in that kind of position… inviting demons onto earth.

Such thing would invite a really fatal solitude.

(All this time, I was only thinking that <Evil God User>-sama is holding a great authority among the humans.)

That it was because of that he could do this kind of arbitrary decision, she thought.

That he was ostracized by the other two was also because of such authority, she thought.

But that was wrong.

He was going to pay a great sacrifice, in order to save them, the fairies.

For the sake of they the [Fairy race] with whom he had no relation with whatsoever.

―Certainly something like this, was not a compromise at all.

If she didn’t reject this.

It was fine if she became a sacrifice. But, to sacrifice other people, such salvation was mistaken.

(But, however-)

“I’m sorry… But even so, I…-“

Elfiena was… the <Fairy Queen>.

She had the position where she was shouldering the life of all the [Fairy race].

This plan of Homura would save the life of the two million [Fairy race], it was something that she mustn’t let go no matter what.

That was why Elfiena, even while making a distorted face from the violent guilt that she felt,

“<Evil God User>-sama. …Please, save, us…!”

She swallowed the word of refusal, grasped the fringe of Homura’s clothes, and hanged on to him with a weeping voice.

While understanding what result her act would bring about for him.

(…I’m, the worst…)

She couldn’t lift her face.

She couldn’t see Homura’s face.

There was no instance where she hated her powerlessness more than this.

But, towards this mortifying decision of Elfiena,

“That’s a good reply.”

Homura returned back a smile as if it was nothing and patted the head of the looking down girl.

Ultimate Antihero V2 109.png

It was a gentle and affectionate hand.

“<Evil God User>-sama…”

“You really hanged in there well. It’s fine already. If you rely on me, then no matter if it’s demons or humans, I’ll protect you all from anything that will try to hurt you. That’s why―you can stop enduring now.”


She could stop enduring.

Homura told those words while combing Elfiena’s emerald blonde hair.

The instant she heard those words, Elfiena’s eyes opened wide in shock.

But that shock quickly permeated her and shook her eyes damply,

“A, u, -~~~~~~~~~aaaaaaaaaaa—!!!!”

She burst.

Elfiena suddenly clung at Homura’s chest and started weeping like a child.

“Elfiena, san…?”

Elfiena’s wail that came out of nowhere made all people present in that place dumbfounded.

That was because it was an act that was far removed from this girl’s image from before when she took hostage the life of mankind and pressed them with a negotiation that was like extortion.

But― in the end, was that really the true Elfiena?

Absolutely wrong.

Only Homura understood that from all the people in this place.

“Sumika. Just now you said that you behaved impertinently right? But, there ain’t any such thing. There ain’t any such guy that gonna be okay if they knew they are going to meet a terrible experience. Coming to the human world with the intention to die or whatever, that’s obviously a bluff. Thing like the resolve to die, only some guy that is not right in their head can do that.”

Yes, this girl should have feel scared all this time.

She should be frightened.

Because if she understood how deep the hatred humans held for the demons, it was a trivial thing to imagine just what kind of hell was awaiting her after being captured by the humans.

“But, even so Elfiena came to the human world. Shouldering the life and future of her comrades by herself, she went alone to a battlefield where she was isolated and helpless.”

And then she fought [mankind].

Something like a resolve was not just a convenient emotion that was like desperation.

It was mustering out all the courage that you had, while desperately stifling the seething anxiety and shivers of your body.

“It ain’t something that just anybody can do. ―She is an amazing girl.”

Homura noticed that. Only Homura, noticed that. For that reason―

“…Certainly, just like what Sumika is being uneasy for, if the news that I shelter demons spreads out, then surely there’ll be a great uproar. There will be a lot of guys cursing at me saying [You see that?] about me. But you see… I ain’t minding something like that. For me, rather than the words of bunches like that― the voice of Elfiena seeking help, is several thousand times heavier.”

“Homura, san…”

Homura’s words made Sumika unable to form any more words.

The true heart of Elfiena that she wrote off as resolve and comprehended it just like that.

Elfiena’s true feeling that even the fairies in her village extolled as just bravery.

Homura understood that correctly.

What the cowardly Elfiena possessed, something far more precious than even bravery, a true courage.

It was the only thing that made her marched into the human world by her lonesome.

And then, he anticipated the breakdown of the negotiation and from the start was waiting for the time where he could immediately propose his compromise.

Everything was… for the sake of saving Elfiena in the true meaning.

(What… an amazing person…)

Even though he was that strong.

Even though he was an overwhelming existence that no enemy or ally could catch up with.

Yet he was always sympathizing with the heart of weak people.

That was truly a noble way of living.

But that cornered him into a loneliness that was really hopeless.

Against that reality, Sumika hung her head down and just bit her lips. But―

“Besides, you know. ―Because it seems there is someone who understands about me at my side. Just that is enough. Being something like a hero liked by fellows all over the world, something gross like that just ain’t for me.”


Sumika gasped in surprise and rasied her face from those next words of Homura.

Those were the words that Sumika herself said to Homura after that matter with Alfaro this afternoon.

(……What an unfair person.)

She couldn’t say any complaint anymore with her words brought up like that.

That was why Sumika,

“That’s right! I properly understood so, please don’t get conceited that you are being hated by everyone or anything-!”

She hollered at Homura while tears of frustration were gathering at the corners of her eyes.

And then she faced aside sulkily with a huff.

That was also Sumika’s way to express her intention in her own style that she wouldn’t complain anymore no matter whatever was Homura’s decision.

Then, the moment when the talk ended like that―

“It seems that the talk has been concluded before my arrival.”

Along with a withered voice, the door of the board chairman’s room was opened with a creaking sound.

The one who stood there was an aged body like a dead tree with a long white beard growing out on his face.

―One of the <Five Great Leaders>, Innocentius XVII.

Part 9[edit]

“Th, this is, your grace! I heard that today you were staying in Shanghai life sphere, but I never imagined you were coming here right from Shanghai-!?”

Innocentius’ sudden entrance made Kinugasa expose his surprise.

On the other hand Innocentius gave him a single glance,

“It’s because this matter of a demon bringing negotiations to us is something that has never happened until now. I came to take a look at the situation wondering whether all of you can handle this well. Well, though it seems doing that is unnecessary.”

He entered inside the board chairman’s room while replying with a voice that reverberated lowly.

Onjouji Kai who was standing beside the door asked after hearing those words.

“Based from your grace’s appearance, does this mean you are informed of the progress of the events until now?”

“I comprehend the general story from the transmission with Joseph.”

“Sorry. For some reason it seems that I forget to turn off my phone.”

Joseph pointed at the cell phone in his breast pocket without even any guilt.

Onjouji knitted his eyebrows a little from that behavior.

This board chairman’s room was a space that was furnished with the newest counterespionage equipment that Japan currently possessed.

Originally it shouldn’t allow any transmission to the outside, but as expected America had slight superiority in electronic transmission technology. Today the talk that they had was not something bad even if it got heard, but if something like this could possibly happen, then they shouldn’t trust too much in the counterespionage equipment of the board chairman’s room.

While Onjouji was thinking about that kind of matter,

“There is no particular complaint from the <United World Government> toward the indirect understanding mediated by the <Evil God User>. But there are three points. <Evil God User>―I’ll give you three conditions.”

Innocentious who entered the room glared at Homura and began that kind of talk.


Just why did he need to accept such things?

―As for Homura he could also reject them.

In the first place this decision was something that Homura handled not as a human on the side of [mankind].

The <Five Great Leaders> that were the representative of [mankind] didn’t have any cause to direct his actions in this or that.


“Anyway just try to say what kind of conditions those are first. I’ll think about it after that.”

Homura showed that he was listening.

It was because he decided that he should not make waves imprudently with [mankind] because the [fairy] would live on earth from now on.

Innocentius nodded a little toward this reply and said out the conditions one by one.

“First, carry this out behind closed doors so as not to let the populace know about the fairy’s migration. Of course, the existence of the <Fairy Queen> must also not get leaked out to people other than those in this room by any means.”


“Oi oi. What the hell with that―”

The one who snapped at the condition that Innocentius presented was not Homura, but Tairon.

Tairon agreed with Homura’s plan was in order to completely broadcast the fatal infamy of Homura towards the hearts of the people with the news of [<Evil God User> is sheltering demons].

But, Innocentius was saying to keep secret the existence of the fairies from the start.

“Like that, won’t we become unable to lower the evaluation of this shitty brat?”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s more important to avoid chaos rather than something like that.”

Innocentius didn’t change his opinion even from Tairon’s objection.

“Since you invited demons to earth, this is only the natural condition. I’ll have you agree to this, <Evil God User>.”

“Hmph… Just when I thought that you’re gonna give me some condition that is more like pestering, that’s a rare respectable opinion from you. ―Fine. From the start that was my intention anyway. If you guys are saying that you gonna stay quiet, then that’s saved the trouble.”

“But of course. After all we are ruler. We won’t do anything that hurts the stability of the world by ourselves.”


Even with Tairon clicking his tongue in a dissatisfied expression, Innocentius ignored him and continued his words.

“Next the second condition, you concluded the meeting willfully before my arrival. Take responsibility to accomplish dealing with the <Giant Army> by yourself alone.”

“That ain’t a problem cause that’s my intention from the beginning anyway.”

Homura returned an instant answer to this but,

“Wa, wait a second Master!”

This time it was Chikori who argued.

“That’s really strange! Even though this is everyone’s problem―”

“Please wait, Chikori-san.”

However, Sumika obstructed Chikori’s words in the middle.


Chikori looked dissatisfied why she was stopped, but Sumika talked to her with a face that was slightly sad.

“I understood really well from the time we fought Jambure. We are still unable to accompany Homura-san in fighting <Demon King class>. Even if we are beside Homura-san, it’s frustrating but we will only be a burden for him. …Isn’t that right, Homura-san?”

“…Well, I don’t plan to go as far as calling you burden, but if you asked me, it’s true that it’s easier like that.”

Sumika was watching Homura get injured from the <Divine Breath> of Jambure from nearby.

Moreover, looking from the flow of the battle, even that injury was obtained from covering for Sumika.

Sumika stopping Chikori was also from that guilt.

In reality, this follow up of Sumika was a big help for Homura.

“Uu…… well, if Leader and Master said so…”

Chikori herself also really understood deep in her bones, just how dangerous an existence of someone that was only being a burden to other people was from her own experience.

Chikori obediently withdrew from Sumika’s words.

After looking at that Homura once again returned his gaze at Innocentius,

“And? What is the other one?”

He inquired about the last condition.

“Right. The third is, until you finish dealing with the <Giant Army>, the personage of the <Fairy Queen> is to be confined in Tokyo’s life sphere’s state guest house.”

This time Homura didn’t give a quick reply towards this condition.

That was because thinking from the current situation of the [Fairy race], it should be better the earlier the migration could be done.

That was why Homura returned a question.

“…What’s the reason?”

Innocentius’ answer was also quickly given to Homura who was reluctant to delay the migration and demanded for a justified reason.

“This is a measure taking into account the possibility that the [Fairy race] and <Giant Army> are colluding with each other. A proof that they are not teaching us false information to further send a large number of their pawns to perform destruction maneuvering in the human world, currently doesn’t exist. The migration is only after the coming demon kings are exterminated just as the information that the <Fairy Queen> brought to us, that’s when the innocence of the [Fairy race] can be proved. This is the minimum condition to manage the risk.”

“I see… well, indeed there is truth in that.”

Homura didn’t know if Innocentius lied or not, but his opinion was logical.

That was why Homura,

“Elfiena. Seems like the migration will be postponed a little, you don’t mind?”

He entrusted the decision to Elfiena.

Elfiena separated her body from Homura’s chest hearing that question, and nodded.

“Yes-. At any rate it will take time to move two million [Fairy race], most of all it was our side that made this information as negotiation material. I will hold the proper responsibility of my own words.

Tears still hadn’t dried from her face, but she replied dignifiedly.

Innocentius who heard that reply,

“―Very well. Then I too will swear under the name of our great lord, as long as the [Fairy race] doesn’t bring harm to mankind, we won’t do anything to interfere.”

Guaranteed Elfiena’s safety by swearing to his own god.

And then, with this oath of Innoncentius, the first conference between mankind and demon had its curtains lowered down.

Part 10[edit]

After the end of the conference between mankind and fairy. Innocentius rode a courtesy car possessed by the church and he quickly took communication with a certain place.

The place that he contacted was located in a part inside Tokyo life sphere, a white structure.

Among the built office buildings, was a building of <Japan Holy Path Church> that stood tall while releasing a solemnity that felt out of place. A room inside it was the office of a special missionary.

Everything about the meeting was told to the <Special Missionary> staying in Japan, Alfaro, right from the beginning to end by the same mouth that was saying the promise of not letting anyone know about the fairy other than anyone in that place.

“In addition to the three <Demon King class> that are newly scheming to invade here, there is also the [Fairy race] that plot to migrate to the human world is it. …Hohoho. It became something truly dreadful just in one day hasn’t it-“

Alfaro who finished hearing everything shrugged his shoulders in amazement while reclining on a sofa.

“Furthermore to invite true demons to this holy star that our great god bestowed to us mankind. The <Evil God User> is truly a man that is beyond help. As I thought, the existence of that young man cannot possibly be for the sake of mankind.”

{Exactly as you said. Truly this will also make our lord grief.}

“However… your grace. I wonder if this is fine?”

{About what?}

“About how your grace is telling me about the contents of that meeting.

Just as your grace also knows, I, Alfaro, am a <Special Missionary>.

And then―the role of <Special Missionary>, just as that title implies is not only for religious proclamation.

We are also the agents of divine punishment, who get rid of the pagan that stained the name of god and the demons by means of force.

That is us, the <Special Missionary>.

With I who is like that… I wonder if your grace thinks that I can possibly tolerate something like a demon running rampant above this earth?”

As usual, it was hard to read the expression of Alfaro with his eyes that made people associate it with the face of a Buddha statue, still in its narrow shape of a thin smile.

However, a savage echo that was similar with the growl of a beast was seeping into his voice.

That was exactly the true nature of this man.

And then―

{―Of course, I contacted you exactly because you are that kind of person.}

Innocentius was telling everything to him exactly because of that.

“Oh ho? But I heard that your grace had sworn under the name of god yourself to not interfere towards the fairy? To break an oath promised under the name of god, I wonder if we won’t become a shame for our god like that?”

{The great lord is tolerant. He will pardon no matter what kind of cowardice towards those heathen. That is something that has been proved in history. No matter how many heathen we killed, raped, and plundered, the history of us the <Holy Path Church> is always overflowing with light. That means this is something that is expected from us. The great lord doesn’t wish for the reformation of those heathens, but their cries of agony.}

There was not a single doubt in the answering voice of Innocentius.

Correct. From the very beginning, he didn’t have any intention of protecting his promise towards Elfiena.

{To say nothing of how the other party this time is a demon. How could there be any problem.}

“Hohoho…! So there is no problem at all then.”

These words of Innocentius made Alfaro express his approval by smiling wickedly where one could peek at his canines from his mouth.

{That’s fine. It’s already decided that after seventy two hours, the <Evil God User> Homura Kamishiro will meet the <Giant Army> at the Australian continent. In other words, that man will not guard the <Fairy Queen>.

Based from their agreement to not talk about the fairy other than with the people in that place, the protection of the <Fairy Queen> will be at best… the S-rank Magician <Grim Bullet> Sumika Hoshikawa and the girl’s trainee platoon.

And then the step daughter of Onjouji, her fighting strength as an Operator is meager.

One other girl too, based from what could be seen from the battle with Jambure, it seemed that she was fairly useful but… she is not on the level that can contend with you who is a <Special Missionary>.

―Can you do it, Alfaro?}

“Of course your grace. Everything is for the sake of our god’s glory. And then for the sake of us mankind who has been chosen by god. I’ll show how I make those disgraces perish from this star.”

{I’ll leave it to you. I’ll arrange reinforcements of <Holy Path KnightPaladin> from this side too. ―Aah, also, that adopted daughter of Onjouji, that <experiment body>, don’t kill her. After all that thing still has a role left.}

“I understand. I’ll take my leave.”

With those words as the last, the transmission from Innocentius was ended.

Alfaro returned the phone to the receiver on the table, and pondered.

“Now then, how should I go about this.”

What he should do had been already decided.

As a <Special Missionary>, he would destroy the evil demon. That was all.

However, there was a hindrance to that.

The battle power protecting Elfiena that he was told from Innocentius.

Innocentius talked about it like it was nothing, but

“…<Grim Bullet> is a little troublesome even with the power I have.”

He had to think of a method to remove her somehow.

That was why Alfaro ruminated for a while―

“――Aah, there is also that hand. Hohoho.”

Smiling as if he had thought about a good idea, he took the phone by hand and called to a certain place.

The destination of the call was― the orphanage that he went to this afternoon.

“Good day Miss Nagashima. It has been a half day isn’t it? Hohoho. I wonder if sister Lily is still in your institution? She is? So she is reading a book for the children you say. That’s great, that’s great. My apologies, but I wonder if I can trouble you to tell her to return to the church urgently? ―There is a really important work, something that no one but she can do.”

Part 11[edit]

On the other side, almost at the same time it was not only Innocentius that was showing a movement.

After the conference ended, Elfiena who collapsed from the relieved feeling of passing through a mountain of large problems and from the exhaustion that had kept piling up until now, she was then made to sleep in another room, after that

“That geezer really said―[under the name of the great lord] huh. Just how much blood has been spilled under that name until now I wonder. I get the feeling that a guy wearing protective armor of full protection saying [I’m not scared of anything] is still more believable than this.”

Homura sat on the sofa that Elfiena was sitting at until just now while spouting out words with a sarcastic tone.

From the beginning he didn’t even think that Innocentius would do anything like protecting his promise.

“…Well, putting aside the <United World Government>, for the <Holy Path Church> to tolerate Elfiena-san’s existence is something really unthinkable.”

“Tha, that’s so!? Even though they promised!?”

Chikori who was the only one that honestly believed that promise was feeling indignant, but the reaction of the other members were cold.

Everyone understood.

That there was no way the <Holy Path Church> would keep a promise with a demon.

“I guess if they are going to try something it will be in three days when Homura sets out. If we plan to protect the <Fairy Queen>, we have to think of a countermeasure. Most of all, with our stand point that has to keep the matter of the fairy a secret, we cannot prepare a sufficient security, even if we temporarily break the promise and try to mobilize security, but there is no one strange enough that they will lend their hands in order to help a demon. If we are careless we will only increase our enemy.”

Homura was also of the same opinion as Onjouji’s calm analysis.

“How about if we shelter Elfiena not in the state guest house but in another place from the start?”

However Kinugasa shook his head towards this idea of Homura.

“The other side is also not an idiot. They must be thoroughly observing that kind of movement. It will be hard to deceive them with only the number of hands here. If it’s Homura-san’s <Teleport> then possibly… we can make it work somehow but…”

“Something like that is also quiet hard for me. It’s fine if it’s just me alone but with Elfiena together, also it’s a technique that is a little risky to use with <Aureole> still binding me.”

Anyway, the fifth grade sorcery <Teleport> was a sorcery that disintegrated oneself once and then reconstructed the body at the designated coordinates. If it failed than the reconstruction wouldn’t go well and the user’s very existence would vanish. With Homura still shackled by the limitations on his magic power and thinking ability due to <Aureole>, even Homura wanted to restrain from using it to someone other than himself.

(On the other hand, if <Aureole> is forcibly broken then it will be exposed all the same.)

Homura heaved a deep sigh in this situation where it was hard to do anything.

But, towards that Homura,

“Then, we are going to accompany El-san and protect her! Those guys that break promise and try to do something awful to El-san, I’m going to take them all out!”

Chikori suggested with a loud voice.

Sumika also agreed to this.

“It’s just as Chikori-san said. While Homura-san is absent, we, the 101st platoon will take responsibility and protect Elfiena-san. There will be no problem at all.”


However, Homura only stayed quiet in reluctance.

Because he knew.

Just what kind of existence the <Special Missionary> was.

And also― the existence of the unique power that they possessed.

Honestly, he was not inclined to let them fight in a place where his eyes didn’t reach.

That was why,


Homura tried to stop her― but,

“I’ll have you let me do this much. We are a team. …Besides, it’s not only just Homura-san who has the feeling of wanting to protect Elfiena-san.”

Sumika flatly interrupted his words.

Her tone was filled with a definite will that expressed her intentions of not yielding in this.

Ultimate Antihero V2 121.png

…Most likely Sumika and Chikori wouldn’t hear any of it even if he told them here not to do anything.


(I’m not the only one who wants to protect Elfiena, huh.)

Being told that, he couldn’t even say no.

“…Got it. I’ll leave the house-sitting to you guys. Do it properly y’all.”


“Leave it to us!”

Both of them answered with a loud voice from good feeling and then they hurriedly headed to Elfiena’s room.

While seeing off those two,

“…Shiori. Just in case, I’ll rely on you okay.”

Homura told Shiori who was standing still while leaning her back on the wall.

And Shiori, she brushed up her long hair that hung on her ear and,

“I know even without you telling me. After all, I’m the <Operator> of the 101st platoon.”

She returned back reliable words to him.

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