Ultimate Antihero:Volume 3 Afterword

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The third volume of [Ultimate Antihero], thank you very much for purchasing this.

This is Misora Riku who even now cannot get his cat at home to be emotionally attached to him.

That child of mine, now when I’m inside the house it would act like a stray cat for some reason.

But even with all that it’s still unfairly cute, that sly cat.

The third volume of Antihero had the story moved largely, so it was fun when I was writing the plot.

When I was thinking about the character of the Special Missionary, I was thinking as if I’m operating fully the strange circuit that I didn’t really have the chance to use since my first debut (a work in GA Bunko called [Exceed of Judgment]).

The supervisor-san who give me the impetus for this story’s idea. And then Nardack-san who kindly drew the illustrations that enliven this tale. Truly, thank you very much.

Now then, this time there is a lot of evil god making their appearance, but even among them the one that I like the most is Eihort.

Quachil Uttaus too, it fastened the time of the surrounding and decayed material into dust by degradation over time, since it entered and descended down until around when it was called as the <Treader of the Dust> my heart kept going ‘kyun kyun’, but Eihort-san the bisexual that dragged human into its labyrinth without minding man or woman storing them in its womb like chicks is truly beast-like that makes one feel that it’s truly an evil god, how magnificent that is.

In the fourth volume the opponent will be the marching forces of heaven, where I plan a development of siege battle in Eihort’s labyrinth. Because this time Homura got into great disaster, I guess it will be a do-or-die situation for the one more leading character in this tale, Sumika. Please look forward to her hard work in the future by any means.

Also this [Ultimate Antihero], the truth is that it is being comicalized in [Wednesday Sirius] by Uonumayuu-sensei. If it’s alright with you then by any means I too will be happy if you read that too.

Well then, let’s meet again at the fourth volume’s afterword.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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