Ultimate Antihero:Volume 3 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Right just when Sumika was having her unexpected meeting with a god of outer space.

The <Operator> of the 101st trainee platoon that was led by Sumika, Onjouji Shiori was in the middle of chaos.

“――What is, the meaning of this…-“

This morning, the girl was requested by Kamishiro Homura and her father, Onjouji Kai, for one thing.

That request was that they wanted her to monitor whether there were any magicians from another country that infiltrated into <Tokyo life sphere> during this time of the culture festival.

According to what she heard, two S-rank magicians from Britain and America gave information to prime minister Kinugasa, that the <Five Great Leaders> were showing strange movement.

By any chance, perhaps they were intending to do some kind of bold action.

In the current situation it was nothing more than a story that was still in the realm of conjecture, but… taking consideration of the political situation that was surrounding Japan, it was not a story that could be fully rejected.

That was why for the moment, they requested her to just be on the lookout.

Of course the prime minister Kinugasa Yoshinori also knew about this story, the national defense magicians were spreading out their observation net but, …in actuality, the accuracy of Shiori’s detection net was higher than the likes of their observation net. In this event of victory commemoration festival where the people were always moving around everywhere, there was the possibility that this difference in precision could be fatal.

For the sake of their peace of mind they wanted to spread out a double observation net in this high alert state, that was how it was.

If this was also the request from Homura, then Shiori also didn’t have any reason to refuse.

The girl agreed to this with an immediate reply.

While doing her role of distributing flyers, she was also spreading out a detection net until the radius of two kilometers around her, she was prepared to continuously observe her surroundings.

Yet, despite so――

When she noticed… Shiori was in a world without sound.

Traffic regulations were imposed during the victory commemoration festival, even though Shiori was supposedly standing in the middle of the main road that had been turned into a pedestrian paradise where she was distributing flyers to the people coming and going there, …during the instant of the blink of an eye, the throngs of people as far as the eye could see had vanished completely.

There was only so much silence that it hurt the ear, lying ahead in a city without people.


Even when she tried to search the enemy with sorcery, there was not a single reaction of a living being inside the sphere radius of 50 kilometers.

This was an attack sorcery of someone.

It couldn’t be considered as anything else with this kind of phenomenon occurring.

Shiori tried to activate the emergency alert all over the life sphere in order to invite vigilance from the national defense army.

But… she couldn’t connect to the network of mind transmission.

She couldn’t connect to the national defense army, or to Homura, or to anyone else.

The circuit was snapped apart.

Shiori understood the situation to a certain degree from that fact.

Most likely, …the one who disappeared was not the people… but just her alone.

She guessed that she was dragged inside a pocket dimension that was created by sorcery.

(Naturally, the <Five Great Leaders> also know about my searching ability.)

If she was isolated like this because they feared her ability, then this situation was extremely bad.

She had to somehow find the rift of the dimension and raise the alarm outside.

Thinking so, Shiori raised the precision of her detection net until her limit and looked for the tear of this pocket dimension.

However, be that as it may――

(I don’t understand.)

With her dragged inside a pocket dimension like this, that meant that there was an enemy beside her who dragged her here like this.

Shiori didn’t notice at all that there was someone that close to her.

That was completely incomprehensible.

Shiori’s ability to detect the enemy… was honestly something inhuman.

It was not a metaphor that pointed at the excellence of her precision, but it was the honest truth.

It was not a power she obtained because she wished for it, but… she had the confidence that she wouldn’t overlook even a single ant.

Despite so… she didn’t even notice someone using sorcery nearby her.

―――Just what kind of person was the enemy?

Then, at the ear of Shiori, who was searching for the dimension tear while thinking of such thing,

*step, step, step*――――there was such sound.

The sound of bare feet walking on asphalt could be heard.


Shiori was so surprised her heart leaped up from that sound which entered her ear.

Even though she couldn’t confirm even a single reaction of living being inside the sphere radius of fifty kilometers of her detection net, she could hear footsteps right behind her.

For Shiori who possessed absolute confidence in her own ability, that was not a normal matter.

It was only natural for her to be shocked.

She raised a voice that was nearly a scream and turned back while her hair became disheveled.

――What was behind her,

A body wrapped in a feather robe that was faintly shining… a young boy possessing pure white wings was standing there.

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Part 2[edit]

“<The Crawling Chaos>……Nyarlathotep……-!”

“Aah, that’s correct. I have also been called by that kind of name when it’s pronounced by human words.”

The god of outer space made a wide smile like a crescent moon which split his cheeks.

At the same time, the radiance of a flame pregnant with ominous darkness was residing inside those pair of eyes and forehead――

“Quick Draw–!!!!”

Sumika’s judgment was swift.

Without hesitation she shot through with Quick Draw at both eyes and the forehead――the three burning eyes of <The Crawling Chaos> that was currently imitating human form.

But, even so,

“Aha-, ha-, ha! You really pull that trigger without any mercy. To not shrink in fear even after knowing who I am, that’s quite a mental strength. …But I think it’s better for a girl to be a little more graceful you know?”

The body of <The Crawling Chaos> didn’t even sway.

Far from that, there was not even a single drop of blood that flowed out from the pierced holes, *kopori*…with that sound that was like bubbling mud, the bullets that were made from mythril were spitted out from the gun wounds, then the gun wounds were also closed up as if time was being rewound back.


“I wish you don’t act that crabby here. I don’t have any intention to harm you at all.”

“Who will believe the words of <The Crawling Chaos> who laughs mockingly at everything for eternity?”

“I really want you to believe it. In the first place if I didn’t teach sorcery to humans, the human race would be destroyed already a hundred years ago. Now that I’ve said that, aren’t I the benefactor of the human race’s life? I think it’s fine even if you believe me a little.”


Sumika said that as if spitting out.

That was obvious. That was because Sumika knew well just what kind of existence this god, <The Crawling Chaos> was.

<The Crawling Chaos> Nyarlathotep.

He was one of the divinity that dwelled in outer space. A century ago, he was the <Evil God> that taught sorcery through <Liber Legis> to the human race who was on the brink of annihilation.

If one only heard that part then they could think that this god was friendly to humans, but that was a big mistake.

<The Crawling Chaos> certainly favored the human race in some sway.

Affection… calling that as this god’s feeling towards humans might not be wrong.

But, that love was really distorted, to the point that it was difficult to describe, it was something twisted and insane.

That was because this god felt supreme joy in viewing the tiny humans drowning, writhing madly, and broken by their own karma.

“You are just merely… disliking other people’s finger mark to dirty your own toy. There is not even a splinter of good will or anything that exists in you!”

In response to this accusation of Sumika,

“Yep. Guess so.”

<The Crawling Chaos> didn’t even pretend to give some excuse and affirmed that.

“In the first place something like good will or malice, those emotions that humans can define doesn’t exist inside us. That’s something that really cannot be helped. But… if you know about me until that much then surely you understand already. That crushing underfoot a single human like you doesn’t appeal to me at all.”


Having that pointed out, certainly, Sumika also thought that it was exactly as he said.

Killing a human before one’s eyes without any particular reason at all.

An upfront <Evil God> that was satisfied by joy which was obtained from such extremely straightforward debauchery, that was not how <The Crawling Chaos> was.

A human that was ruined by one’s own karma.

He was a god that reveled in finding out exactly such ridiculous figure.

――If that was the case then certainly, her encounter with him here wouldn’t turn into a battle.

But, even so, Sumika didn’t let down her guard.

That was natural. Just what was an evil god like this, which was a mass of malice, doing in this kind of place.

There was a necessity to ascertain that.

Even knowing that it was meaningless, Sumika didn’t lower her gun and questioned.

“…Just what in the world is a divinity like you doing in this kind of place?”

In response to this demand for an explanation, <The Crawling Chaos>’s eyes turned round in amazement and he answered.”

“What I’m doing you asked? Can’t you understand just from looking? I’m opening an old bookstore here?”

“I know that already! What I want to ask is what are you planning by lining up truly repulsive knowledge like those books!”

“Aah, so that’s what you mean.”

Perhaps he finally understood the aim of the question, <The Crawling Chaos> nodded briskly and began to explain what kind of place this was and what he was doing in here.

“You see Sumika-chan, this place is the <World of Awakening>――to put simply this is the place that existed in the interstice of the human world and the <Dream Land>, the place where humans who desired the [power] of sorcery from the bottom of their hearts ended up.”

“The person who desired, the power of sorcery…”

“Correct. A father that wished for the resurrection of his beloved daughter. A king that wished for even more rock solid rule. A merchant that wished for wealth far more than anyone else. A deviant that wished for wanting to kill humans a lot more than anyone. And then, a leader who tried to save the human race that was ruined by demons――… until now, various humans have visited this place with various motives. Seeing how you too have discovered this place, I wonder if you have the memory of having done something yourself?”


“And then towards all of those people, I offered the suitable grimoire for their wishes. …Everyone showed me quite interesting tales you know.”

“…I see. So you freely disseminated dangerous knowledge without discriminating good or evil. What a disgusting hobby that is really like you.”

“I said it right? Both good and evil are just values that humans decided as they pleased. They are measurings that don’t exist in us gods from the start. I’m just merely… aiding the humans who are doing everything at their very best so desperately. Aah, that’s right. The one who provided <Liber Legis> to your beloved Homura-kun too was of course this me you know.”

Sumika was taken aback from these words of <The Crawling Chaos>.

“Homura-san too, he had come here before!?”

In response, <The Crawling Chaos> nodded and confirmed it.

“Yeah, exactly right. Just like how you have come here today, the him when he was still immature also came here searching for power. …Even while the wound of his heart still hadn’t healed from his family getting killed, he said that he didn’t want for anybody else to taste the loss that he himself had tasted… And then, I responded to that wish… and I granted him. All of the sorcery that I had personally written, and the devilish book where the technique to subdue even <Evil God> was recorded―the <Liber Legis>.”

“Such thing, was…”

To this past of Homura that Sumika became aware of for the first time, she felt that it was heartbreaking, yet at the same time she also once again felt his nobility.

He was not driven by revenge even though his family was killed by demons… but he resolved himself to fight, so that the same pain wouldn’t descend down to anybody else.

That way of his heart was ――truly,

“Really, he really is a masterpiece isn’t he―!”[1]


“It’s not even for revenge, it’s not even for the sake of the person he loved, he sought power for the sake of protecting a total stranger he has never seen or known at all, he even shouldered with that body a heavy responsibility that originally shouldn’t be burdened to a single person! Human is really amusing!”

This evil god was truly feeling that from the bottom of his heart.

Without minding Sumika who was raising her eyebrows from rage, his body was trembling while he expressed his feelings with an ecstatic expression as if he was a maiden deeply in love confessing her love to her loved one.

“Aaa, aah! How very interesting-! How very amusing-!

A young man possessing the power to completely shoulder everything of this world, while his heart was still that of a weak human.

No ally or enemy can be his equal, he cannot become a demon or even human, the only human that is the <Ultimate One>.

Until the last moment of his isolated lifetime, he will merely, merely undergo great hardships pouring his heart and blood for the sake of a complete stranger he has never seen or known, at the end of his lifetime that is like a worthless idiotic slave, alone, just what in the world will he think of while rotting in obscurity?

I wonder if he will pass away still thinking that it was all worth it, protecting with all his life the mankind that would never even look back at him? Or else, I wonder if he will writhe while cursing everything in regret!? Will he laugh!? Will he grieve!? Aah, truly interesting!

How very interesting-!

Hey, what do you think? What kind of end will he meet?”

“You, …sleazebag…!”

Sumika reproached the evil god before her eyes by spitting out foul abuse that she had never said out her whole life until now.

But <The Crawling Chaos> instead was only laughing happily.

“Hahaha. You rea―lly hit the mark. But that really can’t be helped don’t you think? After all, that was really the first time I saw a human like Homura-kun. Even for this me who is the self-proclaimed best human connoisseur in the universe, only him who has ever managed being outside the scope of my prediction. …Truly, I never,

for him to go as far as killing his beloved comrades with his own hands, and choosing the path of protecting total strangers instead, how unimaginable is that―”


Sumika’s lips that was shut tight from rage, suddenly came apart from the sentence that spilled out from the evil god before her eyes.

Homura was, …killing his comrades?

“What you just said, what do you――――……–!?!?”

However, the moment she tried to press the question of what was the meaning of those words.

Suddenly――that was beginning.

Part 3[edit]

A silver haired young boy possessing a pair of wings approached Shiori who was being lost in a closed pocket dimension.

He directed a gentle smile to Shiori who turned at him with disheveled hair and opened his mouth.

“Finally we meet, Onjouji Shiori.”

It was at that moment.


The moment that graceful voice sung from the mouth of the young boy hit her earlobe, a shock like a lightning pierced Shiori’s brain.

An operating table for use by children made from cold rock.

Leather belt that stole her freedom.

Cramped cellar cage where she couldn’t even stand up.

Lined up colorful bottles of medicine and various shapes of bladed tools.

Unceasing sorrowful screams resounding, asking for help.

And then, a mountain of small lumps of meat, piled up so much that the lumps jutted out from a large hole dug out in the ground where the lumps were discarded――――


Unable to endure it, Shiori shrieked while falling to her knees on the spot, along with tears she vomited everything inside her stomach.

The flashback that crossed her mind just now, was Shiori’s past.

――Eight years ago from now. That period when magicians who should possess the strength to fight demons didn’t share their knowledge, stole from their fellow humans, and killed each other.

Shiori was captured an taken into a research lab of a country ruled by a really mad king that searched for the power of sorcery.

At that lab, a research to have a stable production of soldiers with high aptitude for sorcery was performed by combining scientifically the DNA of an angel that was collected from a <holy relic> with the genetic information of infant children.

…Shiori was the single success case of the aforementioned research.

That meant that the blood of an angel was flowing inside the girl.

And then, exactly because she was that kind of girl, she obtained an intuition towards that figure of the young boy which was similar to a sympathy bond that identical twins had, she understood that together with that flashback of the past.

The flesh of the male in front of her eyes possessed the genes of angel flesh the same like her, that he was an existence that was exceedingly close to an angel.

“Wh, why……! The only survivor of <Angel Soldier Plan> is just me… all the researchers, the data, altogether with the facility should have all been burned to nothing by the <Book Burning Corps>, yet……-!”

The repulsive research that had tormented her was continuing even now.

Shiori couldn’t hide her agitation towards that fact.

Toward Shiori who was like that, the young boy――Michael told her.

“Everything is in the discretion of the great father. That research was something abominable, but… it was useful for creating the receptacle of me once more in this land that was desecrated by demons. Therefore, the great father entrusted this in the hands of the pious believer.”

“……Recep, tacle……?”

(Don’t, tell me…………!)

Shiori realized the true identity of the young boy in front of her eyes from that roundabout talk.

Close to angel――that was not it at all.

The authentic soul of the <Archangel> Michael was the one residing inside that body that was created from the DNA that originated from his original body.

And then, there was only one existence in this world that possessed the influence that could possibly do such a thing.

The <Holy Path Church>――namely the <Five Great Leaders>.

Shiori had been told before this from her father and Homura about the strange movements of the <Five Great Leaders>.

Therefore, just by noticing that one thing was enough to comprehend the true situation.

――This man, Michael, was the assassin for use against the <Evil God User> that the <Five Great Leaders> had bide their time to send.

(Certainly, if it’s the authentic <Archangel>, perhaps he can oppose the <Evil God User>……!)


She had to tell Homura as soon as possible――

Thinking so, Shiori tried to escape from that place, but just as she tried to raise her crumbling knees,

(I can’t move……!)

Shiori’s expression was colored in shock.

No matter how hard she tried to escape, she had become unable to move even the tips of her fingers.

But… in a certain meaning it could be said to be only natural.

The flesh that composed Shiori’s body in the first place was the possession of the angel Michael.

For the young boy in front of her… for Michael, Shiori’s body was just like a part of his own body.

Therefore, for Michael, whether it was deceiving Shiori’s detection net or inviting her into this pocket dimension――and then even completely sealing her very movements itself were things that he could do freely.

Like this Michael stole the freedom from Shiori’s body and approached her,

“How pitiful……”

He bent his knee and touched the cheek of Shiori that was placing both her hands on the ground, there he wiped her remaining tears and vomit with his own pure white robe.

After that, he talked with a voice filled with compassion from the bottom of his heart.

“Onjouji Shiori. I know well the chronology of how this flesh body was created. Therefore I cannot stop this pity toward the great many heartbreaking circumstances that you had experienced before. However, child of man. You mustn’t resent the people who tormented you. They too are imperfect, therefore they don’t know what it is that they ought to do. Everything is the fault of those demons that try to lay their hands on the world of the people of god that is humans, and also the fault of those evil gods that indoctrinated evil knowledge to humans. The great father sends me on this day, in order to give the retribution towards those evil people.”

“What are you, planning to do……!?”

Michael answered Shiori’s question without hiding anything at all.

What he was going to accomplish in this land, what he would do――that was,

“A paradise. …I have come to create a paradise, where the children of man won’t need to fear the threat of demons, or be tricked by the malice of evil god, a paradise of light and order that is supervised by god and the servants of god. And then for that sake, your power is――no, the piece of me that is inside you is needed.”


Those words caused Shiori to feel fear that made the hair on her whole body to have goosebumps.

Just what was the messenger from heaven in front of her going to do?

What kind of objective made him call her into this space?

She understood all that.

However, no matter how scared she was, no matter how desperately she tried to flee, Shiori’s body didn’t answer her will for even a little bit――

“Onjouji Shiori. O child of man walking a harsh fate. The tragedy that shakes your body will not be repeated under other people. The time for the chain of sorrow to be severed, and for people to return to god’s side has come. Now――let’s depart. Just like the many of lives that have become sacrifices for the sake of this flesh body. That must also be happiness for you too.”


A termination of consciousness like sleepiness that couldn’t be resisted attacked Shiori.

Even her arms were losing the strength to support her body, she fell down on that spot.

But Michael gently caught that body of Shiori.

(No, no……! Noooo!)

Shiori felt repulsiveness from that affectionate embrace and screamed.

But her consciousness was melting into white inside the sublime light of Michael.

And then, in her last moment where she lost her consciousness――

(Homura…… I’m, sor, ry…………)

Shiori let out a streak of tear,

While apologizing for her own powerlessness that could do nothing except make him lose a dear friend again.

On the other hand… Michael let out a small amazed sigh from the last emotion of Shiori who lost her consciousness inside his arm.

“……Falling in love with the foolish <traitor>. What a deep sin.”

(However, that too, is something that cannot be helped because they are the imperfect child of man.)

“Surely the great father will generously forgive all of that.”

Michael murmured while stroking the back of Shiori who was not moving as if she had died.

The sin of man was forgiven by receiving retribution.

The reason was because the angels knew that humans committing sin was something that couldn’t be helped.

Human was truly an incomplete and immature life.

It was only natural for them to commit sin. It was only natural for them to mistake their path.

For humans, whether it was shoplifting or rape or massacre――

If they were human then all of that couldn’t be helped… all those were cute mistakes because of humanity’s immaturity.

The angels forgave all those generously by means of retribution. But…

“Even so the sin of the <Evil God User> is something unforgivable no matter how much retribution he pays…!”

The <Evil God User> didn’t pray to the Great God in heaven and depended on the power of <Evil God>.

That was a lapse of virtue that couldn’t be forgiven.

No matter how difficult the tribulations that humans went through, humans ought to believe in god and die while praying to him.

Even though that was exactly how a human should be, the <Evil God User> made use of the power of evil and dared to become a sham messiah. That could be said to be an act that looked down on the god of the angels.

That sin was already impossible to wash away no matter what retribution that person received.

For that reason――he had to kill that man himself.

Michael was strongly convinced that it was what he ought to do,

{O the pious servant of god, Innocentius.}

Through mind transmission, Michael called out to the believer of god.

{The day of salvation has come. Right now is the time for the true salvation to be brought about to everybody.}

Hearing those words, Innocentius replied with a voice that was trembling from joy.

{Ooh lord! I thank god that I can welcome this day of today together with you! Our side too will begin to act at once!}

{Please, I’ll leave it to you. Everything is according to the will of the great father.}

After informing that, Michael closed his eyes quietly and prayed while embracing Shiori.

For the salvation of the human race that would be carried out after this.

So that this work of the deeply benevolent god could be held without any obstacle.


The light that was emitted from Michael’s body became stronger, the color of his hair and wings changed.

From silver… to golden that was nothing but dazzling.

Part 4[edit]

“Suddenly the weather had become strange……”

The sky had become clouded as if the previous clear sky was just a lie.

The fishermen that were carrying out maintenance of a fishing ship anchored at Tokyo bay looked up in annoyance at that weather while sighing.

“Even though today is a day of celebration, the rain might be coming like this.”

“Is it going to rain suddenly? There is a lot of them recently huh……”

But, at that time.

One of the fisherman noticed [that] gradually rising from beyond the horizon.

“Hm? What’s that?”

The other fishermen also stopped their work from that voice and focused their eyes.

“Is it a demon again?”

“That ain’t it, that’s a ship.”

“Today is the war victory festival after all. Perhaps that’s a ferry from another life sphere.”

“Is there any arrangement for passenger ship to enter today?”

“Ship or anything coming from sea is really rare anyway. After all, demons are living in the sea too, so most sea routes cannot be used anymore, yet they still came.”

While exchanging comments from seeing something rare, they became relieved that it was not a demon and the fishermen were going to return back to their work again.



“O, oi. What the hell, is this……-!”

The expression of the fishermen that were returning to their work froze.

The reason was because the outline of the ship that was gradually rising from the horizon increased from one into two, from two to four――…those numbers increased in no time at all…

Witnessing that scenery, they finally noticed just what it was that was approaching them and shouted.

“That’s not it. …That ain’t a ferry! That’s a warship……-!”

Part 5[edit]

――The warships of another country were approaching Tokyo bay.

That emergency state was immediately notified towards Kinugasa who was the prime minister.

Facing this situation, Kinugasa abandoned all his routine work.

He rushed out from the prime minister’s office and headed to the national defense army headquarters that was located in the same building of the old Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office building.

And then when he entered the headquarters where the staff was running around with a pale face inside,

“Report the situation!”

He yelled with a deep voice at a volume so loud that couldn’t be imagined coming from that thin body.

The defense minister that was younger by quite a bit from Kinugasa, rushed at him to answer that demand and explained the situation.

“Today at 1320 hour, a notification came from a fisherman that was performing maintenance on his fishing ship at the bay coast, that warships are infiltrating Tokyo bay! According to the report of the reconnaissance plane of the air force, a total of thirty ships under the banner of the <Five Great Leaders> are has approaching until the position of 20 kilometers from the bay coast!”

“So they have already come in the range to launch the warships’ missiles to Tokyo life sphere then.”

“Ye, yes, that’s the situation. Also they are coming not only from the sea, from the land a ground force under the banner of the <Five Great Leaders> is also on the march aiming at this Tokyo life sphere!”

“So we are completely surrounded. …The other side too shouldn’t have this much leeway in the number of people that they have.”

“I think they probably have invested the biggest military force that they can possibly field!”

“How much difference is there between our forces?”

“As far as we can confirm, perhaps they are ten times as big as our force.”

Kinugasa was chewing his nail while knitting his eyebrows in disgust.

In <Walpurgis Night>, the base of Minamiboso and Yokosuka were destroyed. Also, because of their lack of personnel, Japan Coast Guard was disassembled, currently the surveillance of the territorial waters was only barely performed by the radar that was established barely in Urayasu at Tokyo life sphere’s outer circumference, it made Japan’s surveillance have many holes in it. But… even so, it was strange for thirty ships to be overlooked until they arrived in a position where they could be confirmed by eyesight.

A radar with maximum range of 300 kilometers was deployed in the national defense army protecting the Tokyo life sphere, to say nothing of the information that James and Dorothy gave him today, they had already strengthened the security.

This was not a situation that could possibly happen originally.

――If the national defense army was functioning normally.

“……Why did they get discovered only after this late?”

Hearing this question, the young defense minister hitched his words while answering.

“That’s, it seems that there are believers of the <Holy Path Church> among the personnel… it looks like the radar’s settings were tampered with.”

“……I see. They got us.”

“My deepest apology.”

“There is nothing you need to apologize for.”

Frankly, that their monitoring room stopped functioning like this was within the degree of his assumptions.

Since the <Walpurgis Night>, the faith towards the <Holy Path Church> had taken root really too deep, their influence was already becoming impossible to be purged out.

Subversive activities like this were already something that couldn’t be prevented.

It could be said to be a factor that had to be thought of as a given thing from the start.

That was why Kinugasa through Onjouji Kai made Shiori who possessed the power of an angel to spread out her lookout net.

But, there was also no contact that came from her.

(The <Five Great Leaders> also know about Shiori-san’s power as an <experimental body>. …Perhaps they also prepared some kind of hand to deal with her too.)

And then that fact… indicated that the enemy had already entered into the life sphere.

The enemy had completely stolen the initiative from them.

This situation was extremely dangerous.

(However, be that as it may, they really mobilized and came here…)

Kinugasa was surprised from the bottom of his heart about that.

He had been on alert after hearing James’s story, but even James himself didn’t think that the <Five Great Leaders> would act boldly while the <Evil God User> was staying in Japan.

(Don’t tell me, do they have a method to defeat Homura-san?)

If that was the case, just what in the world was that method――

Just when Kinugasa was wracking his brain like that.

――That voice was directly reverberated inside the heads of all the humans that were in the Tokyo life sphere.

{Informing Japan government as well as all the citizens of Tokyo life sphere.

Informing Japan government as well as all the citizens of Tokyo life sphere.

I am the Holy Path Church’s highest leader, Innocentius XVII.}

Part 6[edit]

“Eh? What’s this……?”

“A voice inside my head……”

“Just what in the world is going on!?”

The citizens that were gathering in the festival were perplexed from the voice that was suddenly reverberating inside their heads.

For those many people that didn’t have grounding in sorcery, something like a mind transmission was the first for them.

But even that surprise――

Was blown away from the next words that Innocentius said.

{I am representing the <United World Government> to notify the Japan government as well as all the citizens of the Tokyo life sphere.

Currently, we, of the <United World Government>, are in the middle of deploying around the Tokyo life sphere.

As soon as this notification ends, we, the <United World Government>, will launch our whole army and march to the Tokyo life sphere.

Thereafter, we will start military suppression.}


“Wh, what? What is the meaning of this!?”

“Military suppression he said? He means this is war!?”

Out of nowhere those words expressed hostility frankly.

The stir of confusion of the citizens grew large from that, becoming a tumult that could be mistaken as a waterfall.

But even amongst such tumult, Innocentius’ words could clearly be heard inside their minds.

{Surely the many citizens that are living in Tokyo life sphere are feeling surprised from our actions.

But we, as the <United World Government>, and then as the representatives of mankind say this to you.

The fault for this time’s military action, everything lies inside the Tokyo life sphere――and then in the Japan government.

If you ask why, while Japan is a member of our <United World Government>, yet they are conspiring with the <Evil God User>. They sold their souls to that evil man, and they invited demons to this earth of all things to do, they handed over a part of their country for the demons to inhabit!}

Innocentius blamed this country like that.

But most of the citizens didn’t believe these words of Innocentius.

There is no way that was true. Don’t say utter nonsense like that.

Boos and angry jeers were directed at the cloudy sky.

At the <Walpurgis Night>, among the many old government bureaucrats that escaped treasuring their own lives, starting from Prime Minister Kinugasa, the current cabinet ministers and bureaucrats staked their lives at that time to continuously maintain the minimum functions of the government. Therefore they received tremendous trust from the people.

Surely Innocentius too had anticipated that reaction of the people.

He strengthened his tone and continued his words.

{You ladies and gentlemen who are listening to this transmission, I have guessed that you aren’t going to recognize this fault.

But everything that I have said is the truth!

My <Holy Path Church> noticed that situation first before any others and dispatched a <Paladin squad> led by Agent Alfaro. They carried out an act in order to destroy the demons that the Japan government had invited.

However, the uncivilized Japan government obstructed this act of justice with force!

They inflicted serious wounds to Agent Alfaro!

The circumstances of that battle is left behind as video evidence!

Know that any excuse is meaningless already!}


Hearing those words of Innocentius, one person had her face gone pale, she was the sister that was once under the service of the <Holy Path Church> and together with <Special Missionary> Alfaro, headed to destroy the <Fairy Queen>, she was Lily Hoegaarden.

After that battle, she was told by Sumika that the <Holy Path Church> had also already consented to the circumstances of the <Fairy race>’s migration.

That was including how the attack that they carried out was the one sided annulment of the promise of the pope that he had already sworn in the name of god.

Her despair at that time was something great, including how she was also betrayed by Alfaro.

However, even so, Lily was still trying to have faith to the god of the <Holy Path Church>.


(He doesn’t care for his own appearance, until this far……-!?)

Making use of the promise that he had broken one-sidedly by himself, the pope scorned other people, instigated his allies, and raised the fire of war.

That… already made her emotions go straight through despair and even boil up inside her as rage.


{Not only with the <Evil God User>, the Japan government even went as far as joining hands with the demons, that is the sworn enemy of all mankind.

Something like this… an unforgivable corruption and betrayal, truly a great sin-!

We, the <United World Government>, as the order of the new world, cannot possibly overlook this foolish actions of Japan!

Therefore, right here, we form the twelfth Crusades. In order to pass the death penalty to the foolish nation that has lost their path, including the wicked people that nation gave birth to, we have gathered here!}

Because this was a foul play, therefore Innocentius’ method was effective.

A battle recording that had been doctored as they pleased so it was convenient for the <Five Great Leaders>.

As well as the sound recording of the conference with the <Fairy Queen>, all of those were used to instigate the rage of the magicians and military under the banner of the <Five Great Leaders>, and it resulted in the formation of a great army that surpassed nationality and race.

Every single one of their soldiers had their loved ones and country stolen by demons, they were holding strong hatred to demons, to say nothing of the rage towards Japan who was conspiring with the demons.

Therefore, their morale was terrifyingly high.

They mercilessly and incompassionately participated in the attack towards the country of Japan that was their fellow human race.

“……This is really bad huh.”

While feeling their ferocious rage at the far away sky and sea, Onjouji Kai gritted his teeth.

――It was only Japan that was the only country implicated with the <Fairy race>.

A method to resolve this misunderstanding existed.

The place that conference was carried out at was this board chairman’s room.

Naturally, …he reserved a record in a safe place so that it wouldn’t be exposed to other countries.

However, no matter what, time was needed to make the explanation.

And then the <Five Great Leaders> wouldn’t allow that time.

They didn’t have the least bit of intention to leisurely let Japan verify the authenticity of the recording and gave justification.

There was no doubt that they intended to keep their whole army ferociously enraged and directed them to crush this nation.

It was a violent, hasty method. However, exactly because of that it was effective.

To have reached this situation where there was nothing that could be done, battle was already unavoidable.

Most of all,

(As long as Homura is here, it can even be said that it will be easy to withhold the fierce attacks of the <United World Government>, but……)

What weighed his mind was that the <Five Great Leaders> should also know about that fact, and also the fact that there was no contact from Shiori who should have noticed the existence of the warships first before anybody else.

From those two things, he harbored a terrifying imagination and unknown fear――

And then, what appeared before his, before their eyes was something that made that fear into reality.

{――However! All of you can rejoice. You ladies and gentlemen are blessed. The great god that protects the mankind has spoken to save even all of you ladies and gentlemen that have sinned until that far!

Right now, raise your eyes to the sky! And then see!

He is the one that is exactly the messiah of mankind, sent here from heaven in order to guide this world to salvation, the <Archangel> Michael-sama!}

The instant Innocentius announced that――

An extreme light as if the sun itself was exploding painted the world pure white.

Everyone screamed from the excessive radiance and shut their eyes.

And then after the light passed away, they opened their eyes… and saw him.

Lead colored clouds hanging over the skies above the Tokyo life sphere.

Under those clouds was the figure of an angel, his golden wings spread out shining like a star.

Part 7[edit]

“Oi, that……”

“That’s, an angel?”

Floating high in the sky while looking down on Tokyo life sphere, was a young boy with dazzling golden wings and golden hair.

According to Innocentius, it seemed that it was an angel that was going to save this world.

Indeed, certainly his appearance really suggested that.

But, the reaction of the people looking up to the sky was mostly doubtful.

“Do angels really exist in the first place?”

“There are demons, so angels should exist too, shouldn’t they? I don’t know if that’s the real thing though.”

“That must be a fake anyway. If the real thing really does exist then why didn’t they save humanity until now, ain’t that the question.”

Due to the development of sorcery, these days, humans flying in the sky was not something rare.

Wings were also not something that needed to be flapped wildly so that the wearer could fly, the user just needed to spread them open slightly.

The boy above could even be seen as fake from what they could see.

In the first place, the words just now were coming from the man who expressed hostility towards them.

There was no way they were going to believe that.


{O children of man. Listen well.

I am one of the <Archangels> under the service of the great father.

The person who is talked in the world as Michael.}

“ “ “…………――――a” ” ”

Those doubtful hearts were erased the instant they heard his voice echoing inside their mind.

It was a gentle voice filled with endlessly deep compassion.

His gaze of kindness could be felt by every person no matter how far they were soaking into them.

Without distinction of old or young, man or woman, other sect or atheist, that voice awakened the primitive intuition inside humanity and shook awake conviction that surpassed comprehension.

――That he was the real thing.

That boy was unmistakably, something different from human.

And yet he was different from demon, he was a being that loved humans.

He possessed something like that which could make everyone convinced passing over all process of understanding.

Most likely that was something that should be called authority.

And then, Michael that had proved himself to the humans talked about the reason he came to this land with his own words.

{In order to save mankind as the work of the great father, I descended to this earth once more.

I come here entrusted with the technique to create a barrier to shut the hollow that connects the demon world and the human world for eternity from the great father.

Using this, surely the world of man will be liberated from the threat of demons for eternity.

This earth will once again turn into heaven of the blessed people of god.}

There was not a single lie included in the words of this Michael.

He was truly coming to this earth from the heaven carrying the plan to save this world.

There was not even a single self-interest or calculation, he was just merely here for the purpose of granting salvation to the suffering mankind.

And then his sincere words that weren’t filled with lie were transmitted to the human heart.

The heart of the angel that wished for the peace of man was also conveyed to the people listening to that voice.

――He was going to save this world for real.

He would save mankind from the threat of demons.

The people believed in those truly sincere words of Michael and delighted.

“Oi oi, for real!?”

“We can live without fearing the demons anymore!?”

“Aah… lord! Thank you very much!”

The people had even forgotten the verdict of war proclamation from Innocentius and erupted in happiness.

It was not unreasonable.

After all… this was the arrival of salvation that mankind had continuously waited for these hundred years.

Some people yelled in joy, some people shed their tears in gratitude, they kneeled on that spot.

But that was… a truly human imprudence.

Toward those people trembling in joy of salvation, Michael was――

{――However, though the great father is fair, he is impartial.

The invasion of demons into this world, is not the work of only demons, but also the work of men that conspire with demons.

Revival of the dead, perpetual youth and longevity, transmutation of gold, panacea――

Since ancient times, humanity possessed desire beyond any limit and got led astray by the sweet words of demons, they came disturbing the world.

There is a need for mankind to redeem those sins before the salvation.

There the great father declared.

This barrier that brings about salvation.

The magic power for creating it… should be compensated by the souls of humans, he said.}

Declaring that, he spread his golden wings widely and deployed a fully giant magic circle in the sky behind him.

And then that magic circle was just like a halo that Michael emitted, with radiance that was brighter than the sun, it illuminated the Tokyo life sphere, in that moment


“Wha, what, is this……!”


Screams arose from everywhere, the people began to crumble on the ground and writhed in pain.

Being enveloped by the light, pain as if their entrails and bones were forcefully dragged out while they were still living attacked them.

But that was natural.

Because right now they were having their souls torn away alive.

And then it was beyond doubt, that the one trying to tear away their souls was Michael himself who just now was informing them of their salvation with sincere words from his heart――


“You will give us salvation won’t……”

Just why he did something like this?

Even though there was no lie at all in his words.

Even though he said that he would save them.

Doubtful gazes were directed high to the sky. In response, Michael who was collecting human souls as magic power said to them with a bright smile on his face.

{O child of man. You must not hold fear of taking part in god’s work.

Your souls are not disappearing for nothing.

It will be piled up as the wall that protected the country of the people of god for eternity in the future.

For mankind, there is no greater happiness than this.}

Having reached this hopeless situation, the people finally understood.

Of the difference in sense of values that existed between humans and angels.

The angel was a virtuous being, they wouldn’t be reluctant to throw away their life if it was for the sake of god’s will.

Being whipped, abused verbally, crucified by nail, they would even accept all that happily.

Everything was in accordance of god’s will.

That was an angel’s nature.

However, people were not like that.

They adhered only to their individual life.

Sacrificing themselves for other people’s sake.

Saying that was simple, but there were not many people that could put that into practice.

The gap of the sense of values that existed between the two people was so wide to the degree that something like mutual understanding was already something that couldn’t possiblly happen.

Based from that one point, …there was no difference between angels and demons for humans.



The people who comprehended that the existence of angel was not a convenient ally like what they imagined screamed, they dragged their body trying to escape from the light of the sorcery <Enforced Ascension>.

However, those agonized voices and appearances didn’t touch Michael’s heart.

Just as humans couldn’t understand the sense of values of angels, angels too also couldn’t understand the humans’ sense of values.

From the bottom of his heart, Michael believed that being a sacrifice for the sake of good was something to be happy for.

For that reason, no matter how much people grieved, suffered, and screamed entreating him to stop, he didn’t rest his hand from tearing away souls.

Under the conviction that the very best thing for humans was complying with god’s will, with overflowing love and affection that this was all for the sake of mankind’s happiness, ――he massacred them.

――No, he was going to, before.

But, such brutality――there was no way he was going to allow it!


Immediately following the deployment of the magic power harvesting technique that was the <Enforced Ascension>.

In this world that was filled with golden light that stole the soul, a young man clad in jet black light was heading to Michael, exactly like an arrow racing through the sky he struck at the cheek of Michael.

Michael’s body collided into the magic circle behind him from the impact of the blow.

The magic circle was pulverized into pieces.

The light that was stealing souls vanished, the people that were liberated from the pain of having their souls torn away looked up to the sky and saw his figure.

Glaring at the messenger from heaven with a furious look, that was the appearance of the true protector of mankind.

“Oi the blondeyankee there. What the hell did you do to Shiori and Sumika……!?”

In response, the angel that was just trying to massacre the people stared at this attacker with a gaze filled with a glint of hatred.

“As I thought… so you appeared to be a hindrance to the work of god. O abominable [traitor]……!”

Part 8[edit]

“The voice just now……!”

The sequence of voice that was reverberating in the mind also reached Sumika who was inside <The Crawling Chaos>’s old bookstore.

Beside Sumika who was confused from the sudden happening, <The Crawling Chaos> put his hand on his chin and said a brief comment with a groan.

“Hmmm. Looks like it’s starting already.”


“The conquest of this world by angels. The ones who are aiming to make this world theirs are not only limited to the demons. The motive is different, but angels are also watching vigilantly to take this world all the time.”

“What possible reason is there for angels to aim for the human world?”

“Just like a human soul is a provision for demons, the angels are similar, making faith as their provision. In other words, for both sides the human world is an important resource. Humans, too, are also disputing over oil fields, they even go to war over it right? This is similar with that. However――”

After saying that, <The Crawling Chaos> cut his words and murmured with a pondering face.

“……Because of Typhon’s manifestation, the current human world is [leaning on the demon world]. The angels should have become unable to come to the human world directly with their flesh body like in the ancient past, but… I wonder if this time there is a vessel prepared from the human world’s side……? If that’s the case, then they really ain’t caring for their appearance at all. Aren’t their methods the same as the demons with this? Those guys really are a masterpiece.”

<The Crawling Chaos> made a wide disgusting grin.

Sumika didn’t understand the meaning of most of his words, but even reluctantly she was able to understand that currently Tokyo life sphere was in a dangerous situation.

(The <Five Great Leaders> and heaven join hands and attacked Japan, is that what he means?)

Normally, there was the image that angels were the allies of humans, they really shouldn’t be associated with dangerous words like conquest.

But, …Sumika had once fought with the being called angel.

The power which conspired with that <Holy Path Church>.

It wouldn’t even be strange if they acted violently like conquering the human world.

If that was so, then she had to quickly go outside――

(……His words that said Homura-san had killed his comrades are concerning, and I’m reluctant to leave alone this evil at large like this, but……)

Just as he said himself, he was not the kind of <Evil God> that meaninglessly spreads destruction.

She guessed that she could leave him alone for now.

In the first place, he was also not an opponent that Sumika could deal with alone.

The matter about Homura was also something that she couldn’t do anything about right now.

What she should do right now was――to get out, even for a second faster, and deal with this situation at hand.

Deciding that, Sumika was going to go outside.


“Aah, wait, wait.”

<The Crawling Chaos> grasped her hand and pulled her back.

She had never even imagined that he would stop her, so Sumika shuddered from having her hand touched and yelled with a voice that was almost like a scream.

“-! Release me!”

“Calm down I told you. It’s not like I’m going to eat you. Sending the long-awaited guest back home without giving any present is going against my principle after all. I’ll give you something good.”

“I don’t need power from someone like you at all!”

“If it’s to protect even more people, then no matter how evil the available power is, it should be used. Isn’t it a part that you can sympathize with Homura-kun?”


“……Well, even if I said that, but a grimoire or <Artifact> that can grant that wish of yours of [wanting to stand equal with Homura-kun] doesn’t exist here. I don’t know if even <Liber Legis> can grant a wish like that, that wish is just too great. ……That’s why, well, I’ll give you something useful for the current you.”

After saying that, <The Crawling Chaos> put a certain object the size of a human palm on Sumika’s palm and made her clutch it.

“――This is”

“Something I made that is called <Saturday Baron>. It’s quite cute don’t you think?”

Sumika who was an expert in sorcery knew just what kind of power this thing had.

It was annoying but, certainly, …this thing was something extremely useful for the current situation.

That was why Sumika roughly thrust it into her pocket and returned an obligation thanks.

“……Thank you very much.”

“Aha. No need for thanks. After all, a world of dystopia controlled by angels where there are only righteous people that are only permitted to do the righteous things, that’s something worthless even for me. It’s exactly because humans have both good and evil that they are interesting. I love the chaos that humans possess like that. That’s why, I’ll wait in anticipation for a good fight from you all.”


Glint of inquisitiveness that couldn’t be hidden appeared in <The Crawling Chaos>’s eyes.

His roundabout talk that was completely like a spectator looking forward to a movie’s screening made Sumika felt irritated that she even bothered to say thanks, yet she didn’t say any word about that and averted her gaze from him.

And then she stepped and kicked at the rare books on the floor while running to the exit of the old bookstore.

While displaying through her back her rejection that she didn’t want to see his face anymore.

But, the meddlesome blabbermouth <Evil God> talked at that back of Sumika.

“Sumika-chan. That strong spirit which is trying to stand equal with Homura-kun is praiseworthy, but that is something impossible. There is no one that possesses the talent to counterbalance a noble determination like his. ――However, something like that is just a trivial problem. After all the true strength of the race called humans is not there.”

――Don’t forget that.


While listening to the words of advice that seemed to hint at something, Sumika closed the door of the shop.

(……Just now,)

‘What could he possibly mean’, she was going to think of it, yet Sumika shook herself off, clearing away that line of thought.

This was not the time to mind the words of the likes of <The Crawling Chaos>.

Screams and angry roars resounded around her, telling her of the seriously chaotic situation of the Tokyo life sphere.

As a S-rank magician, she had to immediately head to the front lines.

Sumika pulled the tie of her uniform and exchanged her outfit into a <Magi’s Jacket> that was modeled after a cowgirl.

And then, she deployed the <Air Raid> that was supplied for the personal use of magicians of A-rank and above.

She flew up to the cloudy sky peeking from between the buildings.

Part 9[edit]



That voice was directed to Homura who was confronting Michael.

Homura immediately turned to that voice’s direction and felt relieved from seeing the person who was rising to the sky.

It was because the owner of the voice was one of the people who until now didn’t reply even when called through mind transmission, a member of the platoon whose whereabouts were unknown.

“Sumika! You’re safe!”

“Ye, yes!”

Sumika showed an expression that was a little surprised from Homura’s menacing look.

From that reaction, Homura guessed that most likely she was not aware herself that until now she was in a place where no transmission could reach.

――Just where in the world was she at until now?

He was concerned, but since she had returned it was a question of low priority.

Rather than that――Homura asked Sumika about one more member whose whereabouts were also unknown.

“What about Shiori!? She ain’t with you!?”

“N, no……-. Has something happened with Shiori-san!?”

“If it’s about her location, then I know about it.”

The one who answered in place of the confused Sumika was the <Archangel> Michael who was hovering slightly away from the two of them.

His expression was not the gentle one that he had shown when he was talking to the people before this, he sent a condemning gaze at Homura and answered his question.

“It would be a little troublesome if my power that is residing in that girl’s blood forestalled me, so I sealed her movements beforehand.”


“I’m not taking away her life or anything. She is conducting a great sin of falling in love with the vulgar <traitor>, but unlike you, there is still room for her to repent. The girl’s soul is also something to be used for the sake of salvation. Unlike you, the <traitor> Kamishiro Homura. ――What is permitted for you is only a meaningless death.”

Declaring that as if spitting out something unpleasant, Michael lightly waved his right arm to the side.

Thereupon the space behind him tore apart like a gaping mouth.

That was the gate to the pocket dimension where Shiori was invited to before this.

“If you are calling out her name with that vulgar mouth then come along with me. In the end, this battle is a match between you and me. Which side loses and which side wins will decide the whole situation. Then there is no need to fight in the same place with other people. If you can defeat me, then I will return the girl back to you.”

“So you took her as hostage. What a dirty method eh. How about you value your image as an angel a little bit more.”

“The one who decides good and evil is god himself. That’s not something the human hand can interfere in. Know your place.”

Homura heaved an amazed sigh form the bottom of his heart and responded to Michael’s proposal,

“Don’t screw with me.”

He returned a refusal.

“After bringing scary friends fully armed like that in front of my friend’s house, there ain’t no way I’m gonna go along with your shit.”

That was natural. Something like this was obviously a trap to separate Homura and Tokyo life sphere.

It was not a proposal that he could accept at all.

But in regards to this refusal of Homura, Michael was,

“Don’t think that a leeway to choose will be granted to you.”

Saying that, ――Michael spread widely both his wings once right now.

Instantly, magic power light that flickered and hot like flames surged out from Michael’s body.

The light gushing out from Michael as the center illuminated Tokyo life sphere until every nook and cranny, leaving nothing spared, it was a powerful light that might even reach the moon from here.

It was as if that light and that presence was just like a falling sun.

(Cheh. ……Ain’t he fully manifested already like this. This is quite troublesome.)

Not to mention Sumika, even Homura had his expression tensed from this.

It was an overwhelming magic power that even Homura who was insensitive to other people’s magic power could sense.

Compared to the <Demon King class> that he had fought until now like Typhon and Hecatoncheires, they didn’t even compare against this.

Possibly… the <Archangel> Michael possessed magic power that surpassed even Homura.

After displaying his own battle strength like that, Michael once again announced.

“So you understand. If we fight here in full power, naturally the surroundings will not end safely. The life of the children of man that should be used for the world salvation will be swallowed, scattered away meaninglessly. That’s not something that I wish for. Therefore, if you say that you are not going to follow, then I’m going to have to be heartless to that girl’s life don’t you think.”

“You shitty bastard……!”

“I’m going ahead to wait for you there. If you dressed yourself as a messiah even temporarily, I hope that you won’t take any foolish decisions.”

Ignoring the curse that Homura spouted out, Michael passed through the gate first and his figure vanished from that place.

If he didn’t chase him now, surely that angel would take Shiori’s life with certainty.

The existence called angel wouldn’t [lie] no matter what the situation was.

After all, they were existences that couldn’t [lie].

Homura knew that.


(If I follow him now, this time it will be this place that becomes completely defenseless.)

What should he do?

While Homura was biting his lips pondering in distress like that――

“Homura-san! Please go to save Shiori-san!”

Sumika behind him yelled that to Homura.

Hearing that Homura exposed his irritation and talked back.

“Sumika… Do you understand what you are saying? This is a trap to divide our side. If I leave this place, the idiots in the surroundings are gonna rush in here at full force y’know.”

That was something she understood already.

But, Sumika didn’t withdraw from Homura’s objection.

“I know that it’s a trap! But… just as that man said, if you two fight here, that’s exactly the situation where there is nothing we can do. It’s vexing, but we are still… unable to catch up to the dimension where Homura-san is fighting. …But if it is against fellow humans as our opponents, we can do something like protecting Tokyo life sphere to the end then, until Homura-san returns here!”

And then a person appeared that backed this claim of Sumika.

“Exactly as Sumika said! Don’t try to show off by yourself!”

Just like Sumika, it was Dorothy Scarlet and Sir James that were ascending to the sky with their personal <Air Raids>.

Dorothy’s body was wrapped in a standard <Grappler> type of <Magi’s Jacket> that prioritized mobility rather than thick armor. James was also clad in silver armor that was decorated with a dark lapis lazuli mantel. His hand was holding the highest rank <Artifact – the King Sword Excalibur> that was entrusted to him directly from the queen’s hand.

“Lead away that monster from us. This is also a big chance for us!”

“Exactly as the ladies said. Fortunately, right now there are three S-rank magicians gathering here. It’s just an insignificant power compared to you, but… we will show you that we can handle the likes of the <Special> possessed by <Powers> somehow by making good use of <Grim Bullet> and <Excalibur>.”

{I also requested this from you, Homura-san.}

That voice came from the corner of Homura’s field of vision.

Inside the window that was projected by mind transmission was the projection of Kinugasa.

{It has been five years since <Walpurgis Night>. By no means that we have been doing nothing since then. Our simulation training of holing ourselves inside the life sphere in defensive battle under siege is flawless, I have the confidence that our manual for the citizen’s evacuation guidance has the best completion among all the life spheres. Against the large army under the banner of the <Five Great Leaders> as our opponents, we possess the preparation that is enough for a defensive battle against fellow humans. ……Despite so, the only one who can oppose an opponent that can control such terrifying sorcery, is only Homura-san.}


The suggestion that continuously came from the four people was to daringly accept the enemy’s invitation.

Homura clicked his tongue with a bitter expression to that.

But, he didn’t object.

Because he also understood that it was the valid countermeasure.

In the first place there was also the large factor that if he didn’t do that then Shiori wouldn’t be saved.

However, …although that countermeasure was a valid one but it was also an incredibly risky move.

That was why Homura――

“Unrestricted limit. From tenthMalchut until firstKether――forced purge!”

The <Great SealAureole> that had continuously bound him.

He forcibly tore apart all of it.

Instantly, ――an impact shook the star.

Because <Aureole> was a magic formula that suppressed Homura with the very power of this planet itself, forcibly releasing it made a backlash appear as a cataclysm on the star.

Earthquake that shook the ground. Lightning strikes that rained down from the sky. Tornadoes――

It was a spectacle as if it was the end of the world.

But, the people that were in Tokyo life sphere, …didn’t even notice such a spectacle.

It was――darkness.

From Homura who had torn apart <Aureole>, deep jet black magic power light surged out from Homura as if it would paint over the whole world.

That darkness covered the whole Tokyo life sphere, wrapping the area in an even deeper darkness than the dead of night.


Sumika and the others were dumbfounded from witnessing for the first time the power and presence of Homura who was in his full power.

Looking at Sumika and the others who were like that, Homura said.

“Right now I have dispelled <Aureole>. Because that guy is an opponent I can’t go easy against and won’t be able to beat unless I do this. ……Shiori also ain’t here, so once I start fighting, I won’t be able to back you up like that time with Elfiena. Even so, can you bastards intercept that murderous bunch just by yourselves?”

At the fighting against all the <Demon Kings> until now, Homura still had the composure to secretly make preparations for assistance even though he was dragged down by his surroundings.

But this time he wasn’t like that.

By some kind of way, an <Archangel> had manifested in possession of a complete flesh body.

Even for Homura, against the <Archangel> Michael who possessed strength and popularity that could even be said as a symbol of the world of heaven as an opponent, he had to challenge such an enemy with his full strength.

In other words, no matter how cornered Sumika and the others were against the <United World Government> without Homura, he wouldn’t be able to back them up cleverly like until now.

Homura exposed his own lack of leeway and questioned the determination of Sumika and the others.

In response, although Sumika was taken aback for a moment from Homura’s full power, she immediately straightened her expression,

“Protecting the citizens from the fires of war is the duty of the national defense magicians. We have received training for the sake of that. It’s nonsense to question our determination for that. Besides――”

Sumika asked back with a dignified voice and eyes that were filled with a strong resolve.

“For Homura-san, Shiori-san is someone that is more important than a mere old acquaintance right? …Then please go. We still don’t have the power to fight together with Homura-san, but exactly because of that, dragging down Homura-san is the only thing that we don’t want to do.”

The expression of Sumika who answered so, and also the expression of the people standing at her side, were expressions that Homura knew well.

It was the same like his comrades of the <Book Burning Corps> who once fought together with him and fell in battle.

That was why he understood exactly.

The people with this kind of eyes wouldn’t step back no matter what kind of despair they faced.

Despite being a brittle and weak existence that would break completely just from a little damage, they staked their lives for the sake of someone other than themselves.

From the point of view of the strong Homura, it was something unbearable and terrifying… he couldn’t help but think that it would be far better if they just let themselves be protected, but――

(……Really, what a really good woman, to the degree that I even get fed up.)

At the same time, ……he was really grateful and reassured, to the degree that he felt vexed.

Just as Sumika said, for Homura, Shiori was……

{I’ll take [responsibility] for your future. ――That’s why, live.}

An important person that he didn’t want to lose.

Then, there was only one action that he should take――

Homura took out the grimoire <Liber Legis>, and chanted while making the pages flutter from the wind.

“Lower down the stair of time. ――<The Treader of the Dust> Quachil Uttaus!”

Thereupon, a streak of light from the sky shined into the world of darkness that was enveloped in Homura’s magic power.

And then that person laxly descended that path of light and appeared from the sky.

Its appearance was a humanoid mummy with size almost as big as a human.

There was not a single hair all over its body, its skin was dry and rotten with web-patterned wrinkles carved on it.

At the part that seemed to be its head, there were no eyes, nose, or mouth, there was only a hole that seemed to go on forever until the depths of the abyss, each of its body parts were pierced, its two hands were stiffened in a thrusting forward position as if searching for a mother.

Its appearance was as if it was the ghost of a fetus that had dried up completely, unable to even get born into the world.

This ugly and repulsive existence was exactly the divinity that was recorded in the <Testament of Karnamagos>, <The Treader of the Dust> Quachil Uttaus.

And then the moment that divinity descended.

Not to mention Sumika and the others, all the people inside the Tokyo life sphere had a divine protection of sorcery affixed to them.

“This is……!”

“……Thinking about the fight with an <Archangel> after this, I can’t really waste magic power. This is just a simple summoning with the chanting discarded, but even so, with this it should be easier for you to intercept those guys.”

Ultimate Antihero V3 p141.jpg

This was the declaration of Homura’s intention.

Homura was determined.

That he would entrust this place to Sumika and the others with this divine protection as a parting gift.

“Listen. Absolutely don’t kick the bucket until I return back!”

“……-, YES-!”

Sumika replied her consent with a loud voice towards Homura’s encouragement.

After Homura listened to Sumika’s vigorous reply for the last, he chased after the <Archangel> Michael,

(――I’ll murder him right away……!)

He leaped into the gate himself.

Right after that, the gate closed after swallowing Homura――

{Notification for all national defense magicians! The <Five Great Leaders’ Allied Army> deployed around Tokyo life sphere is beginning to march all at once!}

When the enemy began to move, the message was sent to Kinugasa from the observer of the observation radar that had been restored.

{So they wasted no time to quickly attack when Homura-san is gone.}

Kinugasa who took the command of this place closed his eyes to resolve himself against the enemy’s movement――

{Announce the third issue of the emergency manual! Abandon the first and the second defensive line! Please operate the bulkheads of the third defensive line!}

He opened the channel of mind transmission to all the magicians of Tokyo life sphere and gave out his order.

Hearing that command, the actual scene immediately reacted with well-trained movements.

On the circling line surrounding the imperial palace with a radius of five kilometers, armored walls with thickness of ten meters and height of seventy meters raised up from the underground while making the ground rumble, becoming a rampart that enclosed the space inside the Tokyo urban areas.

So that the tragedy of <Walpurgis Night> wouldn’t be repeated, through these five years this trump card of this city defense had been constructed.

After confirming the deployment of that trump card, next Kinugasa also connected the transmission channel to the city broadcast and spoke to all the humans within the life sphere.

{From now on we will concentrate all our battle strength in the third defensive line and deploy in a siege battle.

All national defense magicians, as well as the student magicians, please take the <Air Raid> in the nearest national defense army facility and arrange your battle preparations.

The non-combatant personnel are to follow the third issue of the emergency manual and guide the evacuation of the citizens.

All citizens, please evacuate to the geo-front.

All citizens located in the first and second defensive line are to use the underground linear train and head directly to the geo-front.

As soon as all citizens are recovered, explode the linear line. Quarantine the area physically.

All citizens, please complete your evacuation in a hurry.

……Surely everyone has questions about Innocentius’ words and the cooperation with the <Evil God User>, but right now the enemy is advancing here with certain intent to kill. Please, for the sake of repelling back the approaching threat, just like the time of <Walpurgis Night>, I want all of you to lend me your power……!}

Hearing those words of Kinugasa, the citizens all closed their mouths and nodded, they then took action following the instructions.

The citizens of this life sphere knew, just who it was that was worthy of their trust.

That trust didn’t waver from just Innocentius’ words.

Part 10[edit]

On the other side――, above the sea of Tokyo bay.

The American army aircraft carrier that had been prepared beforehand as the headquarters of the <Five Great Leaders> somehow passed through the cataclysm that was produced from Homura tearing through <Aureole>.

“So the waves have finally settled down.”

“Eight ships capsized. Six ships in serious damage from collisions. ……Chih! This much damage just from the release of his power. An absurd asshole like usual! Just how is that guy really human!”

The president of America, Joseph, who felt relieved and Tairon, who clicked his tongue from the severe damage report of the sea force that he received.

“But it also can be said that he is cornered to the degree that he has to lift off <Aureole>. With our unswerving determination for these five years, we finally can see the prospect of victory.”

“But that wall is a little troublesome. Like this the land force cannot advance.”

“Whaat. Rather than having them scatter from panic, having them gather in one place like this is more convenient for us too. After all our role is to capture the people of the Tokyo life sphere without letting even a single one escape so that they can be used as the energy for laying out the barrier that Michael brings.”

“Yes. Exactly.”

Innocentius also agreed to Tairon’s words that were returned to Leti.

The duty that was bestowed to them was to capture the people of Tokyo life sphere.

It would trouble them more to deal with people escaping everywhere.

“And then, …the time right now is a good opportunity with the <Evil God User> away from Tokyo life sphere――!”

There was no other timing to attack other than now.

Innocentius represented the <Five Great Leaders> and gave the order to the whole army after confirming that the gate was closed.

“All forces, full speed ahead! Surround Tokyo life sphere and suppress them!”

With this the allied army under the banner of the <Five Great Leaders> began advancing.

Warships from the sea, tanks from the land, and fighter aircrafts and <Air Raid> equipped magicians from the sky.

Each of them deployed and rushed to Tokyo life sphere from all directions with violent force that was ten times more than Japan. In addition――

“Don’t get stingy. ……All of you too depart immediately.”

Innocentius also gave the sortie order to they who were on stand by aboard the warship headquarters.

“Aaa!? Something like that is obvious already you senile gramps! Just who the hell d’you think we are!”[2]

“Yes, just now was truly impolite to us.”

“Do you think that we, the <Special Missionary>, will let live the heretics that go against the holy work of god I wonder?”

“NnnnnnRS (talk) 20:02, 2 September 2016 (UTC)!”

“E, e-e-e, eve, everything is, in, in-in accordance with, go, god’s, will……!”

A man with bristling up red hair that was like a flame.

A bald headed man wrapped in binding clothes combined with sewn shut eyes and mouth.

A sister or something with a pallid face and a katana in one hand.

Men and women that each possessed unique appearances.

Those people that were burning with fighting spirit were the <Special Missionary> that were gathered for the sake of the day that was today.

―Like this, the spark of the all-out war between Japan and the Five Great Leaders’ allied forces was fully lit.

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Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Here the word that Nyarlathotep used can mean masterpiece, but it can also mean funny mistake.
  2. Damn, the sentence just now is a complete copy from Gurren Lagann
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