Ultimate Antihero:Volume 4 Afterword

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Well then to everyone who caught a glimpse of the super universal truth, it’s 1D/100’s SAN check for you. Please. Okay, I just want to try saying that.

Thank you for finish reading the fourth volume of Antihero.

All of you reader who are following this to the end despite the considerable empty period of the publishing, thank you very much.

Did you enjoy this series?

With this [Ultimate Antihero] is over.

Homura almost didn’t come out at all in this last volume, but the development with Sumika as the pivotal character but I had been thinking of doing this for sure since I first plotted the story until nearly the last part, so I’m glad that I managed to do that.

This time too various evil gods managed to come out, but even among them the one that Misora liked the best is Yog-sama.

Yog-sama is romance. <The person that is all in one, and one in all> or something is so cool. Even its setting, as the space-time that is containing everything of the past, present, and future is just too last-boss, I love it. But even so Yog-sama is just the <Sub King> you know. The darkness of Cthulhu Mythos is deep.

Also this story with this has reached the last volume, but the comicalization of Antihero’s first volume by Uonumayuu-san is being sold. You readers that has interest in that I beg you to please read that too without fail.

Well then I’m thinking of closing the afterword with greeting to the people I’m indebted with until the very end.

The editorial department of Kodansha light novel Bunko, and then my editor Shouji-san, I’m really indebted to you all. And then Nardack-san who is in charge of the illustration. Thank you very much for the lovely illustrations even until the last volume. Uonumayuu-san who draw the comicalization. Thank you very much for cutely drawing sub-characters who doesn’t have picture in the novel.

And then the last to all of you readers who read this work until the end, my greatest gratitude.

I will be happy if we can meet again at another of my work.

Well then. Sayonara.

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