Ultimate Antihero:Volume 4 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The verge of death.

Due to the Eihort summoning and large scale teleportation Homura performed by mustering the last of his strength, the national defense magicians who received the betrayal of the <White Knight> and the Five Great Leaders allied force’s fierce attack escaped from annihilation with difficulty.

However, even so the amount of damage they received from the The Eastern Great SubjugationReconquista just now wasn’t something light.

“This is really a severe situation isn’t it……”

Inside the control room of ministry of defense, seeing the scenery of the Tokyo life sphere projected in the monitor, the prime minister Kinugasa Yoshinori let out a long sigh.

No matter which image he saw, there were only injured national defense magicians and academy magicians trickling their blood projected.

The medical treatment unit was running about in full force treating the injured, but people who were already running out of breath were not few.

Saying that currently Tokyo life sphere was in hell was an understatement.

And then what weighed them down the most, was that this scenery was nothing more than the entrance of hell.

The situation Tokyo life sphere was currently placed in was extremely bad.

Kinugaza was keenly feeling it.

“Minister. All the surviving division commander as well as the management class staff of each department are gathered in the reception room.”

Suddenly the door at the back of the control room opened, a voice called out at Kinugasa’s nape.

“Understood. I will immediately head out.”

Kinugasa replied so to the staff calling him and exited the room to head to the reception room.

Inside the reception room that was vertically as long as eighty tatami had already filled by around fifty people.

Half of that number was bearing terrible injuries that was wrapped many times with blood soaked bandages.

Other than the people in terrible condition, there were also people with wounds all over their body.

And then their expressions were universally dark.

Inside their eyes that were clouded with despair, not even the littlest bit of fighting spirit could be sensed.

Everyone was looking down with cornered face without even making any murmur.

Standing in front of those people, Kinugasa first deeply bowed his head.

“Everyone. For the present, thank you for your hard work. Thanks to everyone strenuous effort, there is almost no harm that happened to the citizen. Thank you very much.”

But there was no one that was happy with that fact.

They hadn’t escaped from the dangerous situation at all, right now this moment was only a temporary respite, everyone here understood those facts unconsciously.

“Prime Minister Kinugasa. Explain to us. Just what in the world is happening here.”

One of the surviving division commander, Hasad of the seventh division threw his question.

To that Kinugasa replied with the name of the evil god that originally should be hidden.

“This place is the labyrinth of the Great Old One Eihort who is called <The God of Labyrinth>, we are in the pocket dimension at its deepest part. We are here because the <Evil God User> teleported us altogether with Tokyo life sphere. So that we won’t be annihilated.”

“In other words……the <Evil God User> is”

“He was defeated and died in the battle with the angel that introduced himself as Michael, I have received the report from <Liber Legis> who was teleported along with us.”

“My goodness……”

“Incidentally, I also have bad news.”

A high-pitched voice of a child resounded inside the reception room.

That was a girl possessing cat ear that was waiting together with the magicians in the reception room for Kinugasa.

She was the <God of Evil Cat> Bastet who was summoned by Homura and hadn’t disappeared until now.

“Bad news, you say?”

“A report came from my underling that I released inside the labyrinth as my eyes. The allied force had all their bodies stolen by the angels, they are now advancing to this deepest part of Eihort’s labyrinth with the momentum of a surging wave.”

“The angels were……”

“In other words you mean that Innocentius and others were betrayed by the angels?”

“They were really used nicely and their bodies got stolen in the end. Serve them right.”

“If you did bad then just wash away everything, that’s because those angel bunches are really rough in regard of life. There is no way we can build cooperative relationship with them using human’s sense of values. Demons that are moving by their greed and their own preference is still easier to have a talk with.”

“That’s so. Exactly as you say.”

Frankly, Kinugasa too was similar with Kai, he had already vaguely noticed that it might become like this.

It was impossible for proper negotiation and cooperative relationship to be built between angels and humans.

Because the sense of values between both sides were too different.

That was why honestly it didn’t matter that the Five Great Leaders were betrayed or whatever.

The problem was this army carrying the souls of extremely high spirit ranking that was the angel.

“Do you know the scale of the enemy?”

“Leaving behind Michael who appeared to be the general, they are splitting into two troops of around seventy thousand in their invasion here. There are 140,000 in total. The underlings of the Great Old One are fighting back but they won’t last that long. One of them might arrive here in one day.”

“Is that so……”

It was a fact they didn’t want to know if possible.

Conventional firearms was mostly ineffective even against human magicians.

There was no way it would be effective against angels.

To defeat them it would be hopeless unless they used an attack that was filled with magic power.

But, the number of Tokyo life sphere’s magicians was greatly reduced from the battle just now.

Their remaining number was approximately thirty thousand people.

That number would swell up into forty thousand if the student and the reservist whose battle strength were below standard were included but, ――they were bound to fail in front of an army with the strength of 140,000 angels.

“What are we going to do now, Prime Minister Kinugasa.”

“That god over there, ……can’t you help us fight?”

Bastet answered those imploring words from a middle-aged magician with a shake of her head.

“……I like humans. I have been living with humans together with my underlings all this time until now. But, this time I don’t really receive that much magic power from Homura. After all I was only summoned for helping out with the festival. ……Things like battle is completely impossible.”

The expression of Bastet that informed them so was as if she was chewing a bitter bug.

Bastet was one of The Elder God that protected the people from illness and evil spirits since the ancient times, granting the blessing of good harvest and easy pregnancy.

She was ashamed of herself who couldn’t wield her strength satisfactorily in this predicament of mankind.

“I’m afraid to say, the best the current me can do is only to observe the enemy’s movement. Sorry.”

“No. Even just that really helps us much. Thank you very much.”

Kinugasa said his thanks to Bastet’s dedication, on the other hand his heart inside was distressed.

The despair was approaching with certainty.

But he hadn’t the slightest idea of just how they could face it.

――It was at that time.

Enormous explosive sound barged in from the large window of the reception room.

“Wha, what’s going on!?”

It was not just once. The second and third, the thundering roar was continuing to reverberate.

When the gathered people looked outside the window, black smokes were rising from everywhere inside Tokyo life sphere.

“Do, don’t tell me, enemy attack already!?”

Everyone thought so, their countenances paled.

However the situation was turning for the worse.

That was made clear by the government staff who rushed into the reception room.

Ultimate Antihero V4 027.jpg

“Prime minister! It’s a disaster! The people evacuating in geofront is causing panic in revolt……!”

“What do you say……-!”

“Revolt, in this kind of time……, no, is it because it’s exactly this kind of time, huh.”

“This is a lie right……”

“<Evil God User> lost, <Grim Bullet> and <Crimson Leo> also KIA……. <White Knight> betrayed us, Onjouji Kai is also seriously injured from the battle with Wan Tairon and is unconscious. On top of that the people is turning to riot. ……There isn’t just any way we can oppose the angel army or anything in this kind of situation!”

The frequent disasters finally made the tough national defense magicians to spout complain.

It was also something that couldn’t be helped.

Even though the enemy had obtained even greater strength compared to the previous battle due to the angelification and was steadily approaching their location, the soldiers of their side were exhausted, their main battle strength had died in action all over the board, and in the end the people they ought to protect were baring their fang at them. ――This was exactly a situation where there was nothing that could be done.


“Even so, we are still alive.”

“ “ “tsu…………!?!?” “ “

Suddenly a girl’s voice resounded dignifiedly, tearing apart the choking atmosphere.

That voice they had heard before made them lifted their face with a ‘hah’ and they moved their eyes to the door where the voice came from.

Over there,

“<Grim Bullet>!?”

The S-rank Magician who annihilated the <Special Missionary> essentially alone in the previous fight.

Hoshikawa Sumika was standing there.

Her appearance made everyone bared open their eyes in shock.

That was only natural.

“Sumika-san! I, if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t you supposed to have your neck decapitated by Sir James!?”

Correct. A lot of them witnessed that moment of despair.

But Sumika shook her head to this and replied with words.

“I had Homura-san perform a resurrection spell on me beforehand, so I was barely able to survive.”

That was a lie.

The truth was she received a life stock from <The Crawling Chaos>.

It was thanks to the <Voodoo Doll>.

But giving out the name of <The Crawling Chaos> who they didn’t understand whose ally he was would only invite chaos.

She lied due to that.

Even while under this dangerous situation, Sumika’s brain was clear and calm.

Like that Sumika briefly explained the reason of her survival.

“Certainly the situation, the position we are being put in is extremely bad. Nevertheless, what are you going to do by giving up. We are still alive. More than alive, there should be something that we can do.”

Saying that, the soldiers inside the reception room with eyes clouded in despair were inspired.

But toward those words.

“There ain’t anything at all!”

A young division commander who lost his arm in the previous battle shouted in irritation.

“Even though we survived, but every last one of them are half-dead already. Even I’m in this state! Just what can we do in this kind of ragged state huh! What can we do against an angel army of 140,000!”

That shout represented the mind of everyone in this place.

That was why everyone’s gaze was directed to Sumika along with those words.

Those gaze seemed to be asking, ‘is there really anything we can do’.

Toward the attention she got, ――Sumika answered without hesitation.

“Even though you lost your arm, there is still weapon you can use right?”


“Even with your leg gone you can still fight if you use <Air Raid>. I too died once, but I can still fight.”


“――I’m not telling you to do something you cannot do. Only, let’s do everything that we can possibly do with this body and life. Even if everything ends pointlessly as the result, something like that is just mere result. If it’s a result that comes out from doing everything that we can, then we can swallow even bitter result. But, it’s foolish to just receive despair without resisting. Such a thing is a betrayal toward the deceased in this battle, no, a betrayal toward all the deceased from far before this battle until now who had continuously spun the history of mankind.”

Because themselves of today existed from the sacrifice of many people, including Homura.


“Besides, this is a chance.”

Sumika declared with a strong tone.

“Cha, chance you say?”

“Yes. Based on the situation we see, there is no doubt that Homura-san was defeated by Michael, however it’s unthinkable that he quietly let himself defeated. Michael himself should be considerably injured. For the enemy to leave behind Michael and advance toward here, isn’t that because he is already cannot move sufficiently?”


“They are an army of angel, having said that their power that is using forcibly stolen flesh as intermediary won’t amount to much. Moreover because they are invading the labyrinth of Eihort, the enemy right now is splitting into two units. This dispersion of their battle strength is a chance for us.”


“Let’s fight. In order to survive. In order to protect. Let’s stand against despair until the very end.

Sweep aside despair, in order to obtain the future.

That is, ……the duty of the living.”

“ “ “――――――” “ “

The eyes of Sumika who replied to their question weren’t clouded for even a little bit.

She didn’t merely lose her arm or leg. Although she was revived using resurrection magic, she was exposed to death for once already, even so this girl wasn’t despaired.

Not averting her eyes from despair, however she didn’t submit to it by any means, in addition she was believing in the future where they overcame this.

Compared to that, was there anything more pathetic when they, the mature adults were sitting and moping around like this.


Ultimate Antihero V4 033.jpg

Thinking of how worthless his self that was looking down in despair, Hasad leaked out a dry laugh.

“How pitiful for us to be encouraged by a girl the same age of my daughter.”

It was truly pathetic.

Even though it was exactly in this kind of predicament, that they the adult had to show the path.

Again, they were going to be saved by a child.

Again, they were going to depend on a child.

Such thing, such uncool appearance, ――he was already tired of that.


Instantly Hasad strongly slapped his cheeks with his hands.

And then with that pain he powerfully opened his tightly closed eyelids.

Those eyes, ――weren’t clouded anymore.

“Exactly as <Grim Bullet> missy said! There ain’t any way that <Evil God User> would let himself got done in quietly! The other side should be considerably beaten up! Then this is a chance that won’t come anymore! Let’s do this! We! With our hand! Is going to beat up those mannerless bunches rudely stepping their dirty foot into this world of us great human!”

Toward these words of Hasad,

“……Certainly, it’s still too fast to get despaired.”

“Yeah. Ain’t no way I’m going to swallow this bitter pill happily!”

“You say it. Mankind is not only <Evil God User>, let’s teach them that……!”

The other national defense magicians also stood up one after another.

Everyone of them was by no means accepting Sumika’s words that this was a chance straight as it was.

That the situation was extremely bad didn’t change.

Even so, the appearance of that girl who didn’t give up inside such situation and continued to look for the slight chance of victory, ‘I can’t lose’, its inspired themselves like so.

And then that was……also the same for the young division commander who spouted out his whine to Sumika just now.

“What are you gonna do? Even after getting told off by a girl like that, as I thought you still cannot fight huh?”

“Do, don’t say anything stupid old man! There ain’t anyone here saying I’m not gonna fight! Even with just one arm I’m gonna fight as long as I can move! Even if I’m gonna die, I’m gonna spit one last time to those guys’ mug!”

The man returned a yell at Hasad’s provoking words before he glared at Sumika, as if to say ‘bring it on’.

His eyes were burning with glaring fighting spirit.

It expressed strong will which said there wouldn’t be anymore whining.

“That’s the spirit.”

But, in the end what triggered their competitive spirit against Sumika, was because they were people with strong belligerence in the first place.

When all was said and done they were the national defense magicians whose occupation was battle.

Toward they who raised their morale with bravado,

“Sti, still, with the angel as our enemy, it means that there is almost no doubt that they cannot be defeated unless we attack using magic power. Yet despite so the damage to the national defense magician is enormous. Including the student we don’t even have forty thousand magicians that can fight. On the other hand the other side has seventy thousands even after splitting into two groups. In total there are 140,000. No matter what the difference in number is just too much……!”

The government officials who were non-combatant interjected like that.

The fact that they couldn’t do anything with spirit alone was stretching out in front of their eyes.


“Regarding that, we will cooperate.”

This whining of the government official was reined in by a calm voice of a girl.

But that voice wasn’t Sumika’s.

Then just who in the world said that then.

In front of the government officials that were confused so, Sumika quietly moved her body to the door’s side.

And then, ――she conceded a path to the girl following her from behind.

The prime minister Kinugasa Yoshinori knew that girl.

With hair of refreshing color like fresh verdure, the girl possessed four translucent wings. She was――

“Yo, you are……, <Fairy Queen>!”

It was the head of fairy race who previously migrated from demon world, Elfiena.

Part 2[edit]

“She is the one we heard from the story……”

“She is this kind of child.”

The sudden entrance of Elfiena made the people present inside the reception room astir.

All the human gathering here were the top management of Tokyo life sphere, that was to say the Japan government.

Therefore they had been told beforehand by Kinugasa all about the uproar concerning fairy race and the circumstance.

Among them there was also the people who carried out the various procedures for fairy race’s migration to Hachijo island, so they weren’t surprised about the fact that Elfiena existed itself.

But what they didn’t understand was,

“Why are you here? All of the fairy race should have migrated to Hachijo island……”

The one who answered that question of Kinugawa wasn’t Elfiena, but Sumika who was standing beside her.

“Knowing that a battle started in Tokyo life sphere, she came rushing in here.”

The fairy race was an extremely small species spiritually even with the high density and purity, usually they were living in symbiosis with nature by residing inside plants and the land.

Due to their smallness that could go into the inside of every existence, Elfiena could slip through Eihort’s labyrinth in a straight line and arrived until here faster than the angels.

And then there was only one reason that she came this far.

“Everyone, please.”

The moment Elfiena gave out such voice, from all over the reception room, the walls, the ceiling, countless faint radiant light spheres slipped out soundlessly.

If one focused their eye to the sphere, they would see humanoid shape that could settle on human palm.

Those were the fairies that came along with Elfiena to this place.

After they slipped through the room’s wall and appeared, they converged on the wounded national defense magicians.


“Wha, what are……!”

{It’s fi―ne! It’s fi―ne!}

{It won’t hurt. Believe the fairy.}

Ultimate Antihero V4 039.jpg

The magicians were shocked of the strange thing encircling their surrounding.

While soothing them, the fairies were whispering something with words that human couldn’t follow and then they touched the wound of the magicians with their hands.

Thereupon, warmth that was like the sunlight of spring caressed their wound, taking away the pain from there.

When the magicians took off their bandage in disbelief, their wound was completely healed.

It was healing magic.

The fairies healed the wound of the magicians with sorcery of the demon world.

This action itself was the answer of the fairies toward Kinugasa’s question just now of why they were here.

“We the fairy race came here in order to fight together with Tokyo life sphere. The total number of fairy race is approximately two million. I believe that if all of us apply healing, then we can heal everyone to fighting condition before the enemy come attacking. And then, this is a subject that we had talked with Prime Minister Kinugasa before, due to the smallness of the spirit body of us the fairy race, we can enter into anything. With ten of us possessing a single weapon, it’s possible to supply weapons that can carry out magic power attack of 200,000 people’s share.”


The color of everyone’s eyes changed from hearing the presented number.

That was because in this predicament, hearing that their military force who could carry out magic power attack which was effective against angel and demon who were invaders from another dimension could increase into 200,000 was something that was extremely heartening.

For Tokyo life sphere, this proposal was something priceless.

But, there wasn’t a single person inside the reception room who made a happy expression although they wore shocked face.

As for the reason.

That was because no matter how friendly attitude Elfiena showed, she was still a [demon race].

Light of distrust shadowed inside the eyes staring at Elfiena and the other fairies no matter what.

The human couldn’t show trust no matter what.

Everyone was being lost of how they should react toward this proposal.

At that kind of time, ――making decision was the duty of the leader.

That was why the prime minister Kinugasa Yoshinori asked Elfiena with one more question as the representative of Tokyo life sphere.

“……We humans once betrayed the fairy race. At that time the one who became your ally, commencing with Homura-san is only a part of mankind. We persisted so that we wouldn’t get involved with your predicament. ……Despite so, just why will you lend a hand for us now we are in predicament?”

Toward this question, Elfiena stayed silent for a while.

“The reason, honestly there are various reasons. The favor from Homura-san. And then our self interests, if the angels become the ruler over the earth, they also will weed out us who are the demon race. There are also other various things. But, that is one of the biggest reasons.”

Raising her face, she answered after taking one sweep of the eye at the people gathered in the reception room.

“We of the fairy race, want to get along with all of you humans even more.”


Elfiena also understood that it was something difficult.

But, they were existing lives under the same sky.

To kept only passing by one another forever……was too sad.

Declaring so, Elfiena stared again at Kinugasa once more and pursued with a strong tone.

“In the first place we the fairy race came here abandoning the demon world with the resolve to lay down our roots in this star called earth, and live together with humans. So please……, let us fight together with you too.”

About letting them to join the battle line of this fight.

And then, so that the mankind wouldn’t give up and continue to fight.

Toward this request of Elfiena,

“――Understood. My gratitude for fairy race’s cooperation.”

Kinugasa made the decision as the leader of Tokyo life sphere.

The decision to join hand with fairy race and fought the army of angels.

“General Busjima. Lieutenant General Cline. Lieutenant General Onodera. You three are to take the leading part, quickly round up the surviving troops and reorganize the force. Please carry out their repositioning as well. Defense Undersecretary Tomigaya is to check the defense system of the city’s third area. Please make it so it can activate anytime in response to necessity. However pay meticulous attention to the electricity consumption. Give the maximum priority to the maintenance of geofront’s space expansion magic formula.”

“ “ “Roger!” “ “

“Colonel Nanajou. Your rear support unit is to transport out the conventional weapon from geofront. Ootori-kun, please list up the former self-defense force and people with campaign experience from among the police force.”


The commissioned officers and government officials were moving busily with Kinugasa’s instruction.

Their brisk motions were overflowing with vitality.

If the commander who should be relied on didn’t break, then the morale of the soldiers would also be revived again.

Then what was left was to restore the soldiers’ condition into one where they could fight.

“And then Lieutenant General Hasad.”


“You who are deeply trusted by the national defense magicians, please use mind communication to explain about our cooperative relationship with the fairy race. Elfiena-sama, after the explanation can I bother you to lead the fairy race to heal the magicians?”


“Please leave it to us-“

“Prime Minister. What should we do about the riot in geofront? Right now it seems the police force is using the barrier wall and somehow pin them down but……”

“I will go out in front of them to directly explain.”

Those words made Kinugasa’s secretary went pale.

“Prime minister yourself!? That’s too dangerous……-“

That was a reasonable worry.

But, Kinugasa spoke.

Only this he couldn’t leave to other people.

“It’s because this is my job to make the people understand. I too have to do the things that only I can do.”

“I think it will be fine if it’s the prime minister. You have been working for the sake of Tokyo life sphere more than anyone all this time since the Walpurgis Night. Surely the people will be able to understand prime minister’s words.”

Sumika sent her encouragement to Kinugasa’s resolve.

Replying shortly to that with “Thank you”, Kinugasa spoke to all the people remaining in the reception room with strong tone.

“Certainly the angels might be trying to bring salvation to this land, their sense of values in regard of human life is too different. For us who are living in this moment, the salvation brought about by those angels isn’t different at all with the destruction brought about by the demon. Japan……no, mankind’s ruin will be decided in this one battle. Please everyone, in order to clear off the approaching despair, I beg you all to give your very best.”

The reply toward this encouragement of Kinugasa wasn’t cries of affirmation that were beautifully matched, but conflicting replies that were really disorganized.

The time each individual needed to resolve themselves was different.

That was why, it was something that couldn’t be helped at all.

However, even so, no matter how lacking in unity they were,

――Among them, there was not a single one who was looking down anymore.

Part 3[edit]

After that, Kinugasa reached the expanded space of geofront where all the citizens of Tokyo life sphere took refuge at and he explained the detail of the situation that they were facing right now.

How the fairy race took flight from demon world to earth searching for refuge which the <United World Government> accepted.

In spite of that the <Five Great Leaders> of the <United World Government> said that it was the arbitrary decision of Japan and moved to realize the Reconquista of this time.

And then, about how in order to defeat the enemy approaching them from now on in order to carry out Reconquista, Japan would ally themselves with fairy race and deployed a siege battle.

All of those were explained without any deceive in an easy to understand explanation.

This explanation of Kinugasa brought about great unrest to the people, still as the result he was able to obtain their understanding.

It was exactly as Sumika said, it could be said as the power of trust that Kinugasa had piled up earnestly until now.

From the day of Walpurgis Night where all the government top brasses escaped by abandoning the people until this day, just how much contribution Kinugasa did to maintain the space called the Tokyo life sphere until now. Just how much he poured his heart and blood in his effort. The people understood well of that.

For that reason, the fortress that was the trust he had thoroughly and earnestly built up wouldn’t shook that easily.

That trust wouldn’t break.

And then it was exactly because of that solid fortress that the people gathered and started to move.

Right now was exactly the time where despair was coming to close their future.

And then after Kinugasa’s explanation, the national defense army sized down their defensive line.

The final defensive system that existed in a diameter of three kilometer line with the imperial palace as the center was operated.

The lined up group of buildings were sinking into the ground and stored into the geofront.

What were rising from the ground in exchange were swarm of weapons like anti-aircraft battery installed with thick armor and missile launcher.

All of those were transforming Tokyo life sphere into a fortification in a matter of minutes.

And then various people and fairies were busily rushing around Tokyo life sphere which was turned into the decisive battle’s fortification.

“Excuse me―! Is it fine to pile up the ammunition over here―!?”

“Oo―! Just pool it up over there for the time being-!”

“Eh? Pool what? You mean throw it to the water?”

“Not tha―t! I mean gather it over there!”

“Fairy missy! You can leave the heavily wounded to medic squat over here, just patch up the guys with light wounds first so we can secure the number for even a bit more!”

“I, I undestand―!”

“Oi, the defense system is spitting out error here! What is the maintenance doing!”

“Everyo―ne! Here is the food supply from geofront―!”

“There is rice and bread. We also prepared halal food, so please take whatever you like―!”

Military personnel, common citizen, and fairy too.

Everyone without exception carried out what each of them could do with their all to prepare.

For the battle that would come after this.

While giving sidelong glance to those indomitable appearance of life, Sumika was walking through the crowd searching for someone.

Her teammate that should have survived……the figure of Ichinotani Chikori.

And, it was at such a timing.

“Aa―! Sumika-chan! Yahho―!”

A familiar cheerful voice called at Sumika’s nape.

When she turned around, there were the appearances of two student magicians she knew of.

“I heard from Captain Hassad that you survived, but you really looked healthy there. I’m so glad―”

“Looks like we all still hasn’t run out of luck huh, Hoshikawa.”

“Anna-san, and Rozalind-san……. So you two are also safe.”

And, there Sumika noticed.

The figure of Koga Ayumi who was supposed to be at the same squad with them was nowhere to be found.

“Eh……where is Koga-san?”

Anna showed a wry smile at that question.

“Koga-chi, she……retired due to the previous battle. For the moment she just barely survived but, she isn’t waking up yet see. She got taken away by the medic squad.”

“Is, that so……”

“That was because the seventh division we joined was located in a fierce battleground. I too got like this.”

After whispering so, Rozalind took half a step and moved her body to the side from behind Anna.

With that Sumika’s sight confirmed the meaning of her words.

Rozalind’s left arm was gone from her elbow.

“You don’t attach mechanical artificial hand for that?”

“It seems that it will take time until I can get used to it. Besides――”

In front of Sumika who was making a concerned face, Rozalind swung her sword-type <Arms> in a flash.

Sumika’s front hair was caressed by that sword pressure,

“Rather than attaching an arm that I cannot use, it’s easier to fight with my body becoming lighter an arm. After all I can wield the sword even with one arm.”

Rozalind showed a reliable smile that suited her tall stature.

Surely for a girl her age it was not a small thing to lose an arm, but she didn’t breath out a single word about it.

As expected from the elite platoon that continued to raise accomplishments all along even while she was in the sour period when she was unable to show any result herself, Sumika was filled with admiration.

“It really helped that you are so reliable.”

“That’s my line. ……Because now that Homura-dono is gone, the greatest battle strength of mankind is undoubtedly Hoshikawa. We will count on you.”

“I’ll do my best. As an S-rank magician.”

“Yeah. For the sake of our future, let us all do our best. ……Then how about we too go back to the station to get our bento, Anna.”

Rozalind spoke to Anna, but there was no reply from Anna.

In exchange a palm stopped Rozalind after a little bit of time.

“Yes right. You can see it from there right? The spot where central holding’s building is located. The big intersection before it. We are there right now.”

She was speaking with someone through mind transmission.

It seemed that she was giving out the location where she was but,

“Anna. Who are you speaking with?”

Anna who finished her communication replied in a little amazement to that question of Rozalind.

“You forgot Roze? There was that girl who said she is looking for Hoshikawa-chan right―? Remember, that eleventh training platoon’s――ah, here she comes. This way oi―!”

(Eleventh training platoon she say――)

Sumika had memory of that platoon number.

In disbelief, Sumika sent her gaze at the direction where Anna was waving.

Over there, there was a person who Sumika just guessed.

Approaching here while dodging left and right the people who were coming and going hurriedly, that girl with burning red long hair and white skin characteristic of westerner was unmistakably――


The childhood friend of Hoshikawa Sumika, the sister of Holy Path Church who she confronted at the case of fairy race.

It was Lily Hoegarden.

Lily who slipped through the crowd of people was running at her without slowing down.

Her expression couldn’t be peeked due to her front hair. But――

Sumika thought, might Lily by any chance angry from how she fought for the fairy race before this.

Having been saved by Elfiena, Lily told her words of Gratitude to her through Sumika, but Sumika guessed that the resentment of having her family killed by demon wouldn’t be gone that easily.

That was why,

“You see, Lily. This is――”

Sumika opened her mouth to attempt to persuade Lily.

But the word she was forming was soon interrupted.

Lily who was running here hugged Sumika with her momentum as it was.

“Li, Lily!?”

Sumika was shocked from the painful impact.

While hugging the girl that was like that,

“Sumika, Sumikaa! I’m glad……. You come back alive……-!”

Lily said that while sobbing convulsively.

Her body was trembling pitifully.

The girl saw the moment of despair when Sumika’s neck was decapitated at the battlefield.

“I, don’t want it anymore……. Important people that I lost, are already……so many-“


“Tha, that’s shocking-. That was really an intense hug but, your friend?”

Anna asked with a startled face from the hug that was really a tackle.

Toward that Sumika was,

“……Yes. She is my best friend.”

After answering that, toward the tear of this best friend who kept worrying for her even though their path differed all this time, who even now was happy from the bottom of her heart for her survival,

“I too, feel glad that Lily is alive.”

Sumika told her gratitude while returning the embrace.

Ultimate Antihero V4 053.jpg

The long time since Sumika chased after the back of <Evil God User> and parted from the path of god.

This moment filled up that long time.

Part 4[edit]

The figure of Anna and Rozalind disappeared while Sumika and Lily were being in joy of their reunion.

Both of them read the mood and returned to their own station.

And then after Sumika exchanged a long embrace with Lily, she asked her situation while looking for Chikori.

“Is that so……all Lily’s platoon members……has retired.”

“……Yes. The unit we were in wasn’t that fierce of a battleground, so the three of them aren’t injured.”

But, their heart had already broken and they weren’t in a condition that could fight, Lily said.

“Even though the fairies who are a demon race will also fight, this is just too pathetic for a platoon leader.”

“That is not Lily’s responsibility. Every one of us has to do what we can. But even thinking so, the body and the heart won’t cheer up. For that kind of people to come out is something that can’t be helped. Because that is the limit for that people. I won’t criticize them. ……Besides, the one who is disqualified as a leader is me. Because, I lost two of my platoon member.”

“Lost, you mean, as expected the <Evil God User> is……”

Sumika nodded.

“It seems that there was contact from the incarnation of <Liber Legis> who was in his side, that he was killed. ……Since Homura-san lost, Shiori-san who he went to save is also in a desperate situation.”

When she said it out loud, it made her seething with anger of her own worthlessness.

Wasn’t she unable to do any single thing as a leader like this, she thought.


“But, there is also a platoon member that survives.”

No matter how disappointing she was, there was something she had to do because she was the leader of 101st.

For that reason Sumika searched for Chikori relying on her magic power presence.

“I found her.”

Sumika caught Chikori’s figure at the shadow of a battery.

“That child, she fought against <Paladin> before……”

“She is the most hardworking person of 101st platoon you know.”

Sumika walked toward Chikori who was crouching down hugging her knees in the shadow of a battery and called out.



“I finally found you. I searched for you everywhere.”

Chikori slowly lifted up her hanging down face toward those words,


While opening her inflamed eyes that looked red, ――she said.

“It’s fine to not look for……someone useless like me.”

That ridiculing smile which was unthinkable to come from that lively Chikori was made with convulsing cheeks.

Part 5[edit]

Ichinotani Chikori was cursing herself.

Of her shameless self who had brazenly survived like this.

“I, couldn’t do anything.”

No, it was still better if she did nothing.

She would be saved if she was just useless.

But what about the reality.

It wasn’t something as cute as being useless.

“I, killed Dorothy-san……”

Because she did something foolish, Dorothy-san was now dead.

On top of that, she couldn’t even take revenge for Dorothy.

She was only being a burden until the end, she didn’t make any result, only surviving meaninglessly.


This was the first time.

For her to feel this hateful to herself.

(What hero……that will protect everyone.)

Someone this useless, wouldn’t it far better to not exist at all.

That was why,

“……I won’t, fight anymore.”

Ichinotani Chikori hung her head down and told that to Sumika without meeting her gaze.

After all if she was there, she would be nothing more but a bother.

In regard to this, Sumika kneeled in front of Chikori and encouraged the girl by putting her hand on Chikori’s shoulder.

“Chikori-san. Please don’t just look at the thing you lost. There are also lives that were saved thanks to the two of you holding back the <Special Missionaris>. The hard struggle of Chikori-san and Dorothy-san was by no means meaningless.”

That was the truth.

If Chikori didn’t fight hard, the <Special Missionary> Gimel would surely kill a lot more people.

During the time when Sumika protected the city before she fired <Grim Bullet>, it was only because Chikori was fighting that the only one who became sacrifice due to Gimel was just Dorothy.

But, ……for Chikori who was taken captive by the imaginary [what if], she couldn’t listen to such logic.

“Leader, is really strong……”

Chikori murmured with her face kept looking down.

“I cannot do it……. I can see nothing but the thing I lost……”

Only the result that she couldn’t take back kept tormenting her heart.

Something like the thing she had protected, she didn’t even have the willpower to think about it.


“Leader isn’t sad……? Master is……”

――Dead already.

That mouth of Chikori who was going to say that pursed tightly in the middle.

That was just too stupid of a question, even her ragged heart realized that.

“……I’m sorry. I, to say something really stupid……”

But, that word of apology of Chikori, ――was cut by no other than Sumika.

“I’m mortified.”

With brief words, as if squeezing them out, she returned the answer to the question Chikori swallowed back.

“Morti, fied?”

She wasn’t sad, mortified.

Chikori couldn’t understand well the meaning of that emotion.

That was why Chikori lifted her head and asked what kind of emotion was that.

Toward that Sumika,

“Yes. Because I hate Homura-san’s way of living.”

An answer that was spitted out exactly following her feeling.

“Taking all the burden of everything by himself, that way of living that shouldered all of that in isolation, I really hate it. That was why one day, I told him. ……After one year, I will become an existence that can stand side by side with him without fail, that I will forcibly take half of his burden. ……For that declaration to not come true, it can’t be helped that I’m feeling mortified. Because I……love Homura-san.”


“But, even if now Homura-san is not here anymore, it doesn’t mean that the promise is also gone. The promise I exchanged, is still remaining inside this heart for sure. That’s why, there is no free time to drown in sadness or anything. ――We get through this predicament without relying on Homura-san, even we can do it if we try, I want to say that to him.”

Because she believed……that was the only thing that could become Homura’s salvation.


“But, to accomplish that, is impossible with my strength alone.”

Saying that, Sumika once more stared at Chikori’s eyes and declared.

“In order to accomplish that, everyone’s strength is needed.”

Yes. Facing this predicament, witnessing how every single one were doing what they could with their all, Sumika understood.

{Sumika-chan. That guts of attempting to stand side by side with Homura-kun is splendid but, that’s something impossible. There is no way anyone is like him, possessing such nobility, combined with a talent that counterbalances it. ――However, something like that is just a trivial problem. Because the true strength of the race called human is not there. ――That is, something you mustn’t forget.}

The true meaning of those words of <The Crawling Chaos>.

Indeed it was just as <The Crawling Chaos> said, there was no other heroic figure like Homura.

He was the <Ultimate One>. Matching him in power of [Individual] was an impossible story from the beginning.

However such thing was not a problem.

For that reason right now, exactly because it was this kind of now, Sumika understood that.

If she couldn’t reach him with the strength of [Individual], she could just reach him with the strength of [Group].

“In front of an overwhelming difference of strength, even so we won’t give up and face it by banding together as one. That is the strength that angel and demon, and not even that Homura-san has, the strength that only we the weak have. And then, it’s exactly this strength, that gouges a hole at the despair that covers even the sky……!”

And then, to destroy the despair.

Just like a single ant nest, destroying a firm castle.

“In that battle, I want to borrow Chikori-san’s strength.”

Saying that, Sumika took out something from her pocket and made Chikori’s hand grasped it.

When Chikori opened her hand wondering what it was, it was something like a candy wrapped in a wrapping paper.

When she opened the wrapper, a candy ball that shined in rainbow color which looked tasty was undoubtedly right inside.


“This is, wait……, don’t tell me!”

The moment she saw that, Chikori who was a magician understood.

The presence the rainbow candy had, she knew the extremely cruel story from what the owner of this presence told her.

And then the realization of the girl was correct.

The name of this rainbow colored candy was, ――Fairy Pill.

This thing became the reason of fairy race being cornered in the chaotic demon world, this was the magic power supplement food that was created from fairy’s life as its raw material.

Just why in the world Sumika was carrying something like this.

Sumika answered Chikori who asked that with widely opened eyes from shock.

“Elfiena-san and others, will fight together with us.”


Yes. This fairy pill was something brought by no other than Elfiena. The fairies who were weakened from long life on the run and became unable to fight satisfactorily, crystallized their life like this by their own will.

So to speak, this was the embodiment of their fighting spirit.

What saved Sumika from her predicament of running out of magic power was also the will of those fairies.

That was why Sumika handed that over to Chikori this time, and spoke.

“You are not a girl who will just mope around in this kind of place. No matter what kind of criticism and scorn you faced, you didn’t lose, didn’t give up, and continued to be there straightforwardly until the end even at that time when I was rotten, that soul of yours, is nobler than anyone, is stronger than anyone else. I know that well more than anyone. That’s why, ――I will wait for you at the battlefield, together with everyone……!”

She believed in her.

Sumika took her leave with those words as her last.

“……I, am…………, even so, I am…………–……!”

On the other hand Chikori buried her face into her knees once more.

As if to reject all the reality in front of her.

However, even so――

“…………-, ……”

Chikori’s hand, tightly grasped the undulating strong will entrusted to her from Sumika, without letting it go.

Part 6[edit]

Sumika who distanced herself from Chikori’s position returned to Lily who was waiting for her at slightly distanced location.

“I wonder, if that child can stand up. She is looking really haggard though.”

Sumika nodded unhesitatingly toward that worried question of Lily.

“She will be fine. Because Chikori-san is a magician that Homura-san had expectations for. ……Chikori-san will come for sure.”

Yes. Chikori would surely stand up again. She believed that.


“But……it’s still not enough.”

“Not enough?”

“In order for us mankind to win, there is one person, who we have to obtain her cooperation no matter what.”

Sumika thought.

Without the girl’s assistance, they would surely be forced into an exceedingly bitter fight.

If she could, she wanted to obtain that girl’s cooperation too.

That was why,

“Let’s go Lily. Toward the location of the grimoire of beginning. <Liber AL vel Legis>.”

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