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I have read many short novels at Baka-Tsuki over the years.

During this time I have been editing (both graphically and phonetically, as some of the early translations can be rough) manga for various groups.

Also during this time I learned, likely only first grade-school level, Japanese. (kana but few kanji. However, since I actually translated one word... it's been useful!) I am a great fan of world culture, especially Japanese, and feel that if we can understand each other we can live in peace with the economic benefits from that. (Kinda lame, but few seem able to appreciate the sharing of culture on a national level.)

While enthusiastically finishing some of the more popular novels... I got bored, and started reading many of the less popular novels. Finding that there were a lot of cool novels was exciting. After reading them too... I got even more bored, and then I read one of the many calls for roving editors.

At some point felt that it would be nice to edit some of the translations, much in the same way I did for manga.

My strengths are not just vocabulary and grammar but sometimes an artful way to say things with phrases, parables and slang. (and use a spell checker for the rest...)

I don't mind being corrected. The only important thing is to edit in respect to the author's prose, character expression and setting descriptions.

I would like to encourage translators to include a hard to understand word or cultural saying, even if they don't fit in the sentence.

Its sometimes a great fun puzzle to decipher a paragraph or sentence knowing that just that one word or place-name, that did not originally make sense, can mean an whole new paraphrase or change of wording.