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A user going by the name of Ariel Saeba. I've never worked on full translation of light novels before, just reading some LNs or VNs by using online translators and a software (an old version of Fujitsu Atlas) and mostly are Fate/ series and Attack on Titan prequels. I do translate some of the text manually by myself, but not that much. Foreign term transliterations is one of the aspects that is said can make a beginner Japanese translator go prematurely grey, especially if his/her primary language is not English (and I often blunder with, along with other cases like full Chinese-derivative words). Me having Japanese proficiency barely reaching functional N5 level of the JLPT does a good justice since the Japanese usually decides to pronounce foreign words by how the gaijin says it, not the Roman/Romaji spelling, making it more confusing for the untrained ear like me).

My primary contributions will be the spin-off of High School DxD, the notorious High School DxD EX.