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Hello ladies and gents! Because I am such a Kazuma fan girl I decided (a few years back) to learn Japanese only for the sake of reading Kaze no Stigma and currently I am translating (sometimes) this amazing series for you country folk to read. Unfortunately I lack time and enough Japanese skills to complete this in the foreseeable next 5 years so please be patient.

What else there is to say, if there are any uber-powerful/sarcastic/Izaya-ish/...slightly evil heroes from light novels or Chinese novels, don't hesitate to inform me. I'll keep my weapons sharp.

Novel collection

Kaze no stigma (3 separate sets, meaning 36 books, in case some get destroyed in a flood or fire - I'm not joking, it could happen) + complimentary Kouen no Miko manga and pretty much all artbooks

Rakuin no monshou - vol. 4,7,9,10,11

Marginal - all 6 volumes - very similar to GOTH

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - all 9 volumes

5 centimeter/second novel + artbook

The place promised in our early days novel

Voice of a distant star novel - the last three were made into movies by Makoto Shinkai

Durarara!! vol 11 + artbook

Kimi ni iru basho

Unfortunately I live in Europe and all Japanese items cost a fortune!!!