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Hi!! My introduction to the world of anime and LN (Or I should say re-introduction, I used to watch Dragonball series as a kid, still do actually) was because of the Harry Potter Fanfic world (Yup :D). I found a story called ‘Harry the Qwaser’ which was based on the series ‘Seikon no Qwaser’. After reading it, I decided to watch the Seikon anime and found the plot absurd yet quite interesting. After Seikon, based on the recommendations on MAL, I watched ‘Kaze no Stigma’ and ‘High School DXD’ and from then onwards, I was hooked. Then I discovered, that these animes were actually adaptations of LNs and mangas and I found this amazing site and even more amazing community.

Huge thanks to the Translators!!

Also Kuusen Madoushi fans, for future spoilers/summary please check my blog post on Kuusen Wikia. Kuusen Spoilers