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I'm Rizaldo M. Ibarra (now that's what I call a very heroic name ^^;) just your average person who pops in and out without warning. I'm mostly away due to plenty of reason so don't be all work up if you can't contact me ^_^. Anyway, this is my first time being on a project, but I'll try hard not to disappear as much as possible... (might disappear because of work [they might send me to some isolated province to be a part of a surveyor team])...

Anyway this is how I translate...

  • I'm faithful to the original but if by chance the flow of the translation doesn't look good or not making any sense if the literal/complete context is maintained, I use a different approach and use the most common words from the dictionary. But that mostly happen, whenever I'm unable to manipulate the context correctly to have a sensible translation.
  • I leave comments to lines I'm not really sure I translated correctly. I also put comments to explain lines I understood but don't think I translated correctly.
  • I try to translate dialogue and maintain the context but at the same time, try to match the syllables with the original Japanese line.
  • I leave the lines I completely don't understand or have doubts with.

You have complaints? Go to the police station and complain all you want (just kidding ^_^;)