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Also known as Dark Silencer (Kaito is preferred), I will be doing some minor changes, updates, and rough translations for Mushoku Tensei.

Occasionally I do proper proofreading of my translations, but after going through 5000~ words of translations I usually just don't feel like re-reading it a few more times to make sure the sentence structure is proper, please do feel free to edit and make use of any of my translations.

I'm still learning things with Baka-Tsuki though I hope to post translations here eventually.

Non-edited translations currently posted here:


Chapters 24-27 were more or less left to the management of Silent Wolfie, whether or not they will be edited further and posted by him, the translations were done by me, so for now I am holding off on posting direct links until Wolfie decides to edit or go on with the next chapter.

Chapter 48 posted for a an Anonymous translator.

Permission to upload translations for registered volume 5 chapers received here (Sorry for being thorough trying to avoid complications): DevantArt Post

Taking a short break from translating, not sure how long yet. --Dark Kaito (talk) 06:20, 21 July 2014 (CDT) You earned it bro, take it easy and don't forget the daily prayer to 神/ロキシー --Skuizaan (talk) 08:03, 21 July 2014 (CDT)

Currently Planned: Volume 13, Chapters 6-7, 15 - Volume 15, Chapters 10-11 - Volume 16, Chapter 3 & Maybe 6 after that I will be taking a long break and probably not doing anymore work on Mushoku (seems like it will be completely translated before long either way). It's been fun. --Dark Kaito (talk) 02:53, 15 August 2014 (CDT)