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Things being as they are, I am now the editor who is probably labelled as MIA. University (the work and the life) has kept me insanely busy for the past four weeks so I've had scarcely any time to myself (if you don't consider the time I conk out by the end of the day or the beginning even). Not only that, I still don't have access to the Internet in my new flat this year but I should get it by the weekend or the week after. Since there is no definite in life, I'll just say this: "I should be back."

I'm the self-proclaimed "Infrequent Editor".

Well, I guess you could say I'm more of a pedantic nit-picker when it comes to translations and interpretations of any other language into English.

I will generally abstain from editing any of the translated text but instead, I will mention any errors, inconsistencies or issues in each respective discussion page and offer my suggestions. This should minimise stylistic conflicts between editors and in the resulting translations.

In terms of experience with translating and editing, although I have not formally worked on any online project prior to this, I have had more than a few experiences of being a language exchange partner, often with Chinese and Japanese foreigners who were not conversant in English. As a language exchange partner, I often helped them rewrite and re-structure their work and assignments (even with their grammar when writing emails and text messages). Having spent part of my gap year in China to learn Mandarin Chinese, I have a fairly strong grasp of the language. I have also passively learnt Japanese for several years, though my understanding of Japanese is not as strong. Despite French being my formal second language, I am hardly literate in French...

Native language: English

Learning: Japanese, Mandarin Chinese

N.B. I'm British so my suggestions will tend to revolve around translating or editing with respect to Standard British English. I have however, taken into account that the mode of English used in the translations will be American English. Hence, I shall try not to mention any discrepancies of that sort.

I am currently in the process of cleaning-up the Wiki discussion boards and transferring them to the forum. I intend to transfer the discussions exactly as they appeared in the Wiki in order to preserve each individual's writing style and their methods of highlighting key points.

Volume one has been cleaned. Format/Stlye guideline talk page has been cleaned.