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Hello, Da~Mike

I noticed your recent change of "normalcy" to "normality" and wondered if there was any particular reason for it. I dug around a bit to see if I could find a difference in definition that might clear things up, but from what I found, they are pretty much identical in American usage (though in British usage "normality" would be preferred).

--BlckKnght 21:35, 4 May 2006 (PDT)

Hi BlckKnght.

To be quite honest, the only reason I have to justify the change for substituting the word normalcy with normality is simply because it "sounds right". Although they are synonomous, in my opinion, the whole sentence seemed to read better by using the word normality instead.

So really, it was more of a preference in style or writing as opposed to the word being unsuitable.

I have assumed that the word "normality" is more recognisable than the word "normalcy" (since I scarcely ever hear that word being used). However, if the majority of the editors are in preference of the using the orginal word of normalcy, then by all means, please revert the change.

Cheers for letting me know.

--Da~Mike 11:07, 5 May 2006 (GMT)

"The Vanishing of Suzumiya Haruhi" English Term Issue[edit]

Hello Da~Mike,

As the original translation was done by thelastguardian it has been left as it is, and as you can see there has been few issues regarding them from the project Translators.

however I'am aware we now have a number of acitve editors who are well versed in Japanese, there has been a general concensus that Editors have the right to reinterpreted the Translators terms and such.

If you do feel strongly about this matter, my recommendation is for you to open a discussion on this topic, in the Format guideline Talk page,

As you know, I have no translation skills at all, so when such issues as this comes to light. I will have to refer to people who have the skills, I do not have the arrogance or ignorance to change this without full input from those who do, so depending on the tide of the discussion i will make a final decision if the English Terms should be changed.


Onizuka-gto 17:47, 6 May 2006 (PDT)