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Hello, I'm new to this project but I hope I can be of some help here. As I am not a speaker of any language except English, I daresay I will serve mostly as an editor.

I dare not pretend that my English grammar and spelling (US high school college education leaves something to be desired) are even close to great, but I think I can do well enough.

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I recently had one of my hdds crash, and lost all my data ;_;. I decided I might as well replay Clannad. As I was reading through all the scenes again on my first play through, I noticed there were still a ton of poorly worded sentences. I ignored it for a while, but I just couldn't take it anymore around scene 3513. Now I'm seriously thinking of reinstalling again and playing through the entire game, making edits and notes where appropriate. As that is such a monumental task, I have to ask myself: 'What the heck are you thinking?! that's nuts!' ...Maybe I won't do it after all. But I think I'll at least try.

Delwack 22:03, 23 May 2012 (CDT)

A Big Thank You to Everyone at Baka-Tsuki

I'm sure you've all heard it a thousand times, but it never hurts to say it again: thank you everyone for working on all the great projects, I really appreciate being able to read of these novels that I otherwise would have no means to.