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Well lets start of with a little about myself; I first came to this site a couple of years ago and was really hooked onto the light novels, but was quite inpatient at the speed of some of them, so one day I thought I have had enough and decided to translate my all time favorite light novel; Sword Art Online. So eventually a bunch of random people got together and started a team to translate the SAO novels; this series is my first ever... That is it really. Also, the group I am working with is called the Black Cats of the Full Moon.


Volume 5 Chapter 7

I can do chinese to english translations and I might try my hand at IS: Infinite Stratos if someone can get me the Chinese raws, also, if you do want me working there or anywhere, I need an email or something to talk with whoever I am working with.

I also really like Hidan no Aria and wish to find some chinese raws somewhere, if you have some or you know where to find some please tell me so that I can get to work.

I also like CubedxCursedxCurious and might try to find some raws on my free time, I hope some people are willing to join me on that adventure

Completed Work


Volume 3

Volume 4

You can find me usually at This is where I usually talk to with the rest of the Black Cats of the Full Moon