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I've been on BT for a couple years now, working on series like High School DxD and Accel World, but I've recently decided to join NanoDesu Translations in order to work on No Game No Life. While I won't have as much presence here as I used to, I hope my translations will still continue to help people read their favorite series.

Current Translations[edit]


Completed Translations[edit]

High School DxD

  • Volume 4
    • Life.4 (Part 4), Khaos Brigade, Life.5, The Festival Ends, New Life, Grigori.2, Valhalla, Special Life, Afterword
  • Volume 5 (All)

Accel World

  • Volume 1
    • Chapters 5 and 6 (redone), Chapter 7-9, Afterword
  • Volume 4 (All)
  • Volume 5 (All)

Sword Art Online

  • Progressive Volume 1
    • Aria in the Starless Night