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Hey im J112 or just James.

I am learning japanese atm pretty much by reading light novels and reference books, having already memorized all the jouyou kanji.

When I am not preoccupied by school or work I may spend some free time to translate, though this will be just mainly staying in line with my reading of whatever particular book I am working on. Currently I am translating Kampfer, though I am considering translating either Ichiban ushiro no daimaou or another project, and I previously worked on a chapter of HighSchool DxD

Right now im in the middle of studies so i can get into the best college i can, and when im not at work or at school im usually at home with a couple friends watching t.v., listening to music, or just alone studying.

I am also a hardcore music enthusiast and my computer has like 70 gigs of music on it atm, i would have more but i moved to the mountains so no more torrenting favorite artists for me haha. I always love to discuss my favorite artists and if you have any recommendations id love to hear em.

my favorite artists sofar;

Linkin Park

Three Days Grace

Breaking Benjamin


Avenged Sevenfold

Bullet for my Valentine

My Chemical Romance

Limp Bizkit


Papa Roach

Fort Minor



Maximum the Hormone





Asking Alexandria

The Beatles

Cage the Elephant

Escape the Fate

The Fray


Green day

Hollywood Undead


The Offspring



The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Rise Against


Sum 41

System of a Down

30 Seconds to Mars

3 Doors Down

(I'd name more but i dont want to turn on my desktop haha)

Sorry if translations are slow, but don't complain to me please. If you see any mistakes in translation please utilize the chapter discussion.