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So I should probably introduce myself. I go by JeruTz. I got into translating a little by accident. I never studied Japanese properly but I found that with the right resources I was able to translate novels decently well (even if it takes me a while). My debut work was on the SLashdog web novel, a side story to High School DxD. The following is a current listing of projects I've worked on or am working on at the time of this writing:

  • Slashdog(web novel) - Complete
  • Slashdog volume 1 - In progress
  • DxD EX(Ch.1-3) - Complete
  • Index PSP - Complete
  • Railgun PSP - In progress
  • Vandread volume 1 - On hold
  • Vandread Extra Stage - In progress

Going forward, I am committed to continued work on the new Slashdog novel series and to completing both Railgun PSP and Vandread Extra Stage. Beyond that my plans are still under consideration.