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Ping me here for any raves and rages. AKA "joay_b" At Baka-Tskuki forums. I might add something random here in the future.

Dumping Grounds[edit]

This is where I usually place some of my in-progress random translation works. (Take note of the word random. It means it's fair game for anyone. You have been warned.)

To Joay[edit]

from: Mark1246

I understand, I know what you mean Joay, we all have a life to live, but thanks for translating a lot of "To Aru Majutsu No Index" volume, I even reading volume 13 and waiting for the next chapter coming out. I thank you for your time for doing these and thank if you do more. It’s your life and for doing this.

To Joay[edit]

from: Mark1246 Date: 9/21/2010

After so many months, thanks for almost finishing volume 13 and just in time for the second season to start, hope you watch it and have a good weekend coming soon!

P.S. are you doing volume 14 or are you gong to take a break now?

To Joay[edit]

from: crimsonbreath

if you are going to do another volume, can you do vol. SS1, since that is the next chapter and the prologue is the only thing finished. thanks and thanks for the earlier volumes.

To Joay[edit]

from: crimsonbreath

hey thanks for completing chapter 1 of vol ss1. thanks for hearing out my request.

To Joay[edit]

from: Claire faen

arigato for the mknr update >w<, I think mknr is a beast to translate, and cant wait to see what taurus silver makes next

^omg this update was so fast >W< arigato~~ thank you so much

^^ (0o0) so manyClaire faen (talk) 21:53, 16 February 2015 (CST) arigato for the 3 chapters you just made my day >W<

^^^oh geez the licencing x_x thanks though for managing to finish it before 14 was gone >.< Arigato for the story!!!!!