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So yeah Im Poke2201. Im currently a project translator for...

Seitokai no Ichizon

A project admin for:

Shakugan no Shana

NOTE: I did work on a very small part of SnS before the abandonment. Due to that fiasco with Google Translate, I decided to learn Japanese. Its working... so far.

A little bit about me. Im a student in a crazy school with lots of people that are very much like Anime Cliche characters. Im still in High School and plan to go to a college in California. I won't tell you who I am, or where I live. If you must know, Im pretty much the jack of all trades right now. I write fan fiction (No mushy crap, just fun stories), programmer, engineer, tutor, translator, leader of many groups, student, and things I probably forgot.

You should just PM me in the forums if you wanna talk to me. If its urgent, PM me to email you with your email. Im usually checking my email 9000+ times a day, and my pms at least 200 times.

Now stop reading this!