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Who am I[edit]

I'm a native English speaker with some knowledge of Japanese. While I'm not good enough with written Japanese to be a translator, I am familiar with the grammar, syntax, and many common usage forms.

In English, I have done professional proofreading. I have written professionally. Currently, I work in IT. I am overall a good English proofreader. I could probably do it for a living, but computers pay much better.

And yes, I'm an avid fan of the Haruhi novels, am happy that they're being translated here, and have referred a number of people to this site to read the translations. I'm old enough to be Kyon's or Haruhi's father. I chose the nickname for use on anime and manga bulletin boards because it reflected both my age and manga reading preferences.

If you want more detail on who I am and how I write, my blog is here [1].

I created this account so that I wouldn't be an anonymous editor...