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Lazy fool! Detestable idiot! Gamaniac! All placed into one!! WHAT CAN BE WORSE THAN HIM??

Okay, don't answer the question, I would feel worse if anyone did...

Jokes aside, This is me... A Chinese, who grew to like reading novels thanks to Suzumiya Haruhi series, and thus becoming a Chinese=>English translator Currently living in Singapore, Has a little collection of novels that is accumulating faster than I am reading them...

School is starting, not sure what effects there will be, so... pray hard i can cope and manage?

Loves watching anime and reading manga, if you want to talk about it, just email/chat with me somewhere LOLz! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me too A deep thinker, and rather happy(at the moment, had times before when i was totally depressed too)

Email:[email protected]

MSN email:[email protected]

Current Projects:

Kaze no Stigma(Confirmed),

Shakugan no Shana(Confirmed but will be on hold until exams are over...?),

Dokuro-chan(Stalled until further notice)

Projects under consideration:

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu,


Novel collection[edit]

Updated 31 July 08

Shakugan no Shana book 0-12, S

Mushi Uta book 1-8 and 1st-4th (RECOMMENDATION:For people who don't mind sad stories. Emotional type)

Tora Dora book 1-10+Spinoff

Inukami book 1-14(END) (RECOMMENDATION:For people who wants to have a laugh, but a bit perverse)

Haruhi book 1-9

Dokuro-chan book 1-10 (End)

TRICKSTER book 1 and 2(L)

.Hack//AI Buster 1 and 2 .Hack//CELL Book 1 and 2(End) .Hack//G.U Vol. 1 and 2 .Hack//Another Birth vol. 1 to 4 (End)

Valkyrie Profile book 1 and 2, Silmera book 1 and 2

Hayate the Combat Butler Novel book 1-3

Airantou Novel book 1-2

A.R.I.A the novel(2 of them)

Jigoku Shoujo novel

The last love song of this little planet(Saikano) novel (NOT recommended)

Inuyasha novel(sux, its like manga book1? maybe a bit on 2?) (NOT recommended)

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 1-2, 5-6, (currently seeking 3,4)

Kaze no Stigma book 1-7, Ignition 1-2

God's notebook book 1-3 (RECOMMENDED:For thinkers, or so I feel. Quite emotional)

Gosick book 1-4 GosickS 1 (Dropped: not that bad, but I don't like it)

Zero Tsukaima book 1-8

We do not have enough vegetables book 1-3 (ends at 4)

Moon rabbit princess book 1-5(end) (RECOMMENDED: Heart-warming, simple story)

Shounen Onmyoji book 1-3

Wolf and spice book 1-10 (RECOMMENDED: Unique trading story, good and interesting. Lovely)

A brave heart of red rose book 0-2

Devil Alliance book 1-7

Literature girl book 1-8, and some extras (RECOMMENDED: Very good and touching, deep. Classic)

Legend of Hero of Legend(not sure exact english name) book 1-9 (RECOMMENDED: Comedy, with seriousness and touching scenes within. Classic)

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu(Secret of Haruka) book 1-9

To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) book 1-12 (Personally NOT recommended)

Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle book 1-12

Minna No Aqua(Same Author as Vegetable above) Book 1

Baccano! book 1

Under the crescent moon 1-8

My dear master? vol 1 (NOT recommended)

Rental Magica vol 1-11

PuiPui vol 1-7

Game of God vol 1-5

MM vol 1-8

Idiots, tests and summoned beasts vol 1-6(RECOMMENDED: Lotsa of jokes and idiocy. Together with some cool scenes. I consider it classic)

The last dark lord vol 1-8

And will continue to grow... If you want any of these translated, CONFIRM that they are not copyrighted and then ask me nicely, if I have the time, i may help to do so, if it is within my capabilities.